Jan 6th conclusion... mass demonstrating of the capital doesn't work.. So what will work?

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2021 May 31, 7:16am   467 views  3 comments

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After seeing the event in the media, I believe the event was infiltrated. So the control was lost...and the spin given by the media, that this was an "Insurrection", I believe the physical "demonstration" of americans to display their distaste of washington needs a new tactic..
their needs to be a better way.
Start the think tank...
I have thoughts, but they are not ethical.

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 May 31, 7:51am  

Media controls perception. Anything short of blowing up media isn’t going to counter it.

Republicans can only blame themselves as a party, their cheap asses refused to buy media... treated social media like temp fad.. ended up outside.
2   AmericanKulak   2021 May 31, 9:13am  

Taking control from the bottom up. People have stopped participating for generations, and now RINOs control everything from the ground floor.
3   Patrick   2021 May 31, 10:17am  


1. Take back control from the bottom up. We have to get involved in our local party, and especially get involved in election integrity and simplicity.
2. Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. They have to live in fear of lawsuits.
3. Mass online organization and civil disobedience. The GME episode proved that it's possible for a bunch of randos to make the hedge funds tremble.
4. Shop at based companies, to give corporations a real incentive to drop politics, or if they are in it, to be based and not woke. It works!
5. Proselytize online and in person. Get your values clear in your head and explain them to people online and in person. Put up a sign on your lawn. Chalk sidewalks. Project onto buildings, as in https://patrick.net/post/1322462?offset=9600#comment-1757007
6. Run our own media. It's hard when all the ad profit gets sucked up by Facebook and Google, but there are probably ways to do it, like substack.com.
7. A think tank to come up with simple clear principles and arguments to explain to people. Read Thomas Sowell for many great ideas. Here's one potential list:

individual liberty (free speech above all),
strong and cohesive families and communities,
personal responsibility,
free enterprise,
more efficient and less intrusive government,
public safety

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