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How much more obvious could Twitter's hypocrisy possibly get?

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Jun 7, 2:27pm 133 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Twitter deletes a tweet by the president of Nigeria, who then bans Twitter from Nigeria.

Then Twitter claims that is UNFAIR because "access to Twitter is a human right" and at the same time bans Naomi Wolf:


Not to mention banning the president of the United States.

Twitter is ridiculously self-serving and two faced, a propaganda tool that bans even polite speech which disagrees with their own propaganda.
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Facebook is outright banning quotes or screenshots of Fauci's emails:

On both Facebook and Instagram, the giant remains committed to playing the judge, jury, and executioner of content it doesn’t approve of that concerns vaccines, and now reports say that mentioning or posting screenshots of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails has also been declared off limits.

The emails, that surfaced thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests and were published by Buzzfeed and The Washington Post, show Fauci, who is considered America’s top authority on the virus and has been a staunch proponent of mask-wearing, stating at the start of the pandemic he didn’t really think masks provided effective protection.

Despite this being factual information, shedding light on it on Facebook, however, is still a taboo, as a number of Facebook users said on Twitter earlier in the week that they either got posts deleted or accounts suspended for commenting or discussing the emails, or simply posting screenshots of them.


To Facebook's "fact checkers" are banning objectively provable facts like Fauci's emails.
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Facebook “fact checkers” used a letter organized by Wuhan lab backer to “debunk” leak theory and censor allegations, report says
An increasing occurrence.
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I quit FaceTwat last year. I don’t miss it at all.
Fuck Zuck!

Apparently their users are mostly boomers and Gen X, some Millennials. None of the kids from the newer generations like Zoomers are using it.
My daughter says it’s “for old people.”
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It isn't called hypocrisy. It's called situational ethics.
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Twitter and Facebook eat shit.
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Patrick says

Nothing should be banned.

Allow the hypocrisy of this intelligence agency puppets be exposed.

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