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58   Patrick   2022 Feb 5, 7:46pm  


All to create the market for a vaccine

In 2005, the CDC published research titled, “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

The U.S. government has stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine on hand in the event of a pandemic.

Then when the pandemic hit, they refused to release it.
59   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Feb 6, 5:09am  

Patrick says
Then when the pandemic hit, they refused to release it.
Trump was going to release it. The MSM wet nuts over it. This murderous bureaucrat, Rick Bright, is proud that he killed thousands.

FDA Bureaucrat Brags He Blocked Physician Prescribing of Hydroxychloroquine in Early COVID-19

How could a cheap, effective drug, FDA-approved and in use worldwide since 1955, suddenly be restricted for outpatient use by American physicians? On March 28, 2020, as physicians worldwide were seeing striking success using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, the FDA erected bureaucratic barriers.

Rick Bright, Ph.D., is an FDA bureaucrat, vaccine researcher, and was appointed by President Obama on November 15, 2016 to head BARDA (Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority, a sub-agency of the FDA). In an unprecedented move, Bright expanded his power and claimed credit for being the person imposing his will on all of us.

In an appalling admission, Bright said: “Specifically, and contrary to misguided directives, I limited the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, promoted by the administration as a panacea, but which clearly lack scientific merit.” Meanwhile, he promoted both remdesivir, a never-approved experimental antiviral in development by Gilead Sciences, and a vaccine for COVID-19. Early effective use of the older, safe, and available hydroxychloroquine, whose patents had expired decades ago, would decrease demand for these new products.

Rick Bright’s dictatorial decree restricts the use of chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from the National Strategic Stockpile in COVID-19 to hospitalized patients only. States are using Bright’s fiat to impose broad restrictions limiting the drugs’ availability for physicians to use for outpatients to help them recover without hospitalization.

In other countries, early use in outpatients is changing the life-and-death equation by reducing severity and spread of illness, greatly reducing the need for hospitalization and ventilators and markedly reducing deaths.

By his own admission, Rick Bright, who is not a physician, knowingly and unilaterally countermanded Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, Admiral Giroir in charge of Public Health Service and the President of the United States, who had directed BARDA to establish a Nationwide Expanded Access Investigational New Drug (“IND”) protocol for chloroquine, which would provide significantly greater outpatient access for the drug than would an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Unlike an EUA, a Nationwide Expanded Access IND protocol would make the drug available for the treatment of COVID-19 outside a hospital setting at physicians’ medical discretion based on patients’ needs.

How does one non-physician bureaucrat have such power with impunity? How can one person brag about blocking physicians’ attempt to reduce hospitalization and deaths during a national emergency?

It is a falsehood to say that the administration promoted HCQ as a “panacea” or that this medicine “clearly lacks scientific merit.” Both statements are contradicted by video recordings of Presidential briefings, by NIH/CDC studies going back 15 years, and by U.S. and worldwide clinical outcomes studies in COVID-19.

It is unprecedented to restrict physicians from prescribing FDA-approved drugs for a newly discovered use—“off-label.” This is contrary to FDA regulations in place since World War II.

Basic science studies published in 2005 from our own CDC and NIH showed clearly that CQ and HCQ work early in SARS-CoV to block viral entry and multiplication, and suggested that they would not work as well in late-stage disease when the viral load had become huge. When SARS-CoV-1 waned and disappeared by late 2003, the drugs were not submitted for FDA-approval for this coronavirus.

In 2019, when Chinese doctors recognized the deadly impact of SARS-CoV-2, they began trying known and available anti-viral medicines, especially CQ and HCQ, based on 15-year-old studies. They shared information with South Korea, India, Turkey, Iran, and several other countries, who also began quickly and successfully using CQ and HCQ, alone or with azithromycin. Later, Brazil, Israel, Costa Rica, Australia, and others followed, with good results .

Based on these initial clinical reports, President Trump said, at an early press briefing, that CQ and HCQ “offered hope.”

More studies have replicated these findings. HCQ given within the first week of symptoms, especially with zinc, can prevent the virus from entering your body’s cells and taking over, much like people use locks and alarms to stop burglaries. Waiting until you are in the ICU is like installing home locks and alarm system after burglars have invaded, vandalized your home, and stolen all your valuables. The drugs cannot reliably undo the damage from the exaggerated immune response, or cytokine storm, triggered by COVID-19.

Examples from the world data on May 18, 2020, which is updated daily, show how Third-World countries are faring far better than the U.S., where entrenched bureaucrats, governors, and medical and pharmacy boards are interfering with physicians’ medical decisions.

Country # of cases # of deaths Deaths/million Use of HCQ
India 101,261 3,164 2.0 Early and prophylactic
Costa Rica 866 10 2.0 Early and prophylactic
Australia 7,068 99 4.0 Early and prophylactic
South Korea 11,078 263 5.0 Early and prophylactic
Argentina 8,371 382 8.0 Early and prophylactic
Turkey 150,593 4171 50.0 Early and prophylactic
Israel 16,643 276 32.0 Early and prophylactic use
Brazil 255,368 16,853 79.0 Early, some prophylactic use
U.S. 1,550,294 91,981 278.0 Late, in hospitalized patients

Instead of orchestrating a war on HCQ, the media should be asking key questions, such as:

How does ONE person, by his own admission, block directives from his superiors to expand availability of HCQ for outpatients and nursing home patients in the U.S.?

What is the cost in lives and economic damage resulting from one person’s decision to restrict physicians’ independent medical decision-making?

How many nursing home deaths could have been prevented if physicians had been allowed early access to HCQ?

Why are U.S. doctors and nurses prevented from using HCQ prophylactically when workers in China, South Korea, India, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Australia, Turkey, France, and other countries can be protected?

Why does the U.S. with its a much more sophisticated medical infrastructure have a much higher mortality rate than poor countries?

Bright’s disastrous bureaucratic decision may well be remembered as one of the worst preventable medical tragedies in our time. Never again should one government employee be allowed unrestrained power without oversight, and allowed to make a sweeping order interfering with the prescribing authority of front-line physicians trying to save lives.

60   Robert Sproul   2022 Feb 6, 6:25am  

An unsubstantiated rumor has it that Florida is working on a plan to enable HQC, IVM, and other early treatments primarily through urgent care clinics. Supposed to roll out in the next week or two. Fantastic response to getting monoclonals snatched away and a genius move in general. If true.

61   clambo   2022 Feb 6, 7:19am  

Topogigio Fauci needs to be waterboarded, fired, no pension, and sent to Guantanamo for life for his part in killing people who could have taken HCQ, zithromax, “horse paste” and zinc and lived.
62   Patrick   2022 Apr 27, 9:57am  


Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Data Shows Fauci Conspired and Lied – New Study Shows HCQ plus AZM Improved Survival of COVID Patients by Nearly 200%
By Jim Hoft
Published June 8, 2021 at 7:15pm
63   Patrick   2022 Jun 17, 4:26pm  


You'll Never Guess What Drug is Recommended by Pfizer for the Treatment of Critical Covid
The end of times is nigh upon us

Yes, Pfizer Recommends Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of late stage covid 😱😱😱


Twitter was promoting a tweet from Pfizer advertising “resources” for covid.

Apparently, resources are only for official medical practitioners (cultists?) though...

So of course, I clicked ‘Continue’ despite not being a “US Healthcare Professional” (although perhaps I qualify by virtue of having dispensed Ivermectin and a few other drugs/treatments to people sick with covid who were abandoned by their doctor).

They have a whole bunch of interesting stuff there to look at, which you can see here and here.

But what really took the cake was slide #13 in the Pfizer document entitled COVID 19: Clinical Presentation.

No, your eyes do not deceive you...

There is actually evidence for some efficacy for HCQ even as a late stage treatment. Here is a great substack that does a very good job going through the morbidly obese evidence base for HCQ...

Yup, that’s a 19% improvement average from all the late treatment studies.

Seems like Pfizer finally got something right about covid.
64   Patrick   2022 Aug 11, 12:44pm  


Harvard Meta-Analysis Shows Statistically Significant Positive PrEP Effect from HCQ
65   NuttBoxer   2022 Aug 11, 12:47pm  

My wife's new doctor prescribed her Ivermectin just like that. And was about half the price of what we paid in Tijuana.
66   Patrick   2022 Aug 12, 11:19pm  


Interesting relation between the harm from malaria and that from the spike protein.

Plasmodium falciparum is the etiological agent of malaria in humans and does its damage by infecting red blood cells thus causing extensive changes in them and can ultimately result in hemolysis.19

Plasmodium falciparum can enter red blood cells via CD147.20 21 (Throat clearing: SARS-nCoV-2 infects cells via CD147 as well - References #31 and #32)

Once inside red blood cells, Plasmodium falciparum feasts on hemoglobin. (Ahem: SARS-nCoV-2 disrupts hemoglobin levels22 (Reference #9 shows inhibition of heme metabolism by SARS-nCoV-2.))

Hemolysis causes a reduction in oxygen supply to all the places in the body that need oxygen - which is literally, all of the places: no oxygen supply = death.

Malaria is curable using (Hydroxy)chloroquine.23 24 25 (Ahem: Yeah. You know.26 27) ...

So you recover faster from SARS-nCoV-2 if you have malaria. It has been shown that the reason why people in malarial endemic regions do better with COVID-19, is due to cross-reactive T cells.39 This is incredibly important and relevant but I am going to focus from here on out on trying to answer questions #1 and #2. I just needed to put that in there because of the obvious connection and the chloroquine thing.
67   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Aug 13, 6:23am  

Patrick says


Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Data Shows Fauci Conspired and Lied – New Study Shows HCQ plus AZM Improved Survival of COVID Patients by Nearly 200%
By Jim Hoft
Published June 8, 2021 at 7:15pm

From the author, in the belly of the beast:

Nearly all the severe COVID-19 patients seen by one health center were diabetic, pre-diabetic, or had a high Body Mass Index (BMI). The doctor heading the center is also labeling a regimen combining an anti-malaria drug with an antibiotic as a game changer.

“The more we see this disease, the more we understand that severe, rapid COVID especially is in diabetics or pre-diabetics,” Dr. Stephen M. Smith told Laura Ingraham on her April 1st program. Dr. Smith is founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health in East Orange, New Jersey.

Among 72 COVID-19 patients treated at the Center, 21 were pre-diabetic (29.2%), 34 were diabetic (47.2%), and the average BMI of severely ill patients was 30.7.

“Above 25 (BMI) you are overweight and above 30 you are obese,” Dr. Smith noted. “I am looking at 19 or 20 patients that are intubated and 18 of the 20 are diabetic and two are pre-diabetic. We don’t have anybody in our group of over 80 that’s been intubated that was not diabetic or pre-diabetic. We have seen younger patients with severe disease that have a very high BMI. We have patients that are over 300 pounds. We are seeing a lot of this.”

Dr. Smith believes that others are noticing the same data. “The Seattle group published their data in the New England Journal of Medicine saying that 58% of their ICU COVID patients was diabetic and their average BMI was 33, which is morbidly obese.

“That fits with our data. But what people haven’t focused on yet is that the pre-diabetics are also at risk, especially if they have a high BMI.”

Younger people have much better outcomes with COVID. “We haven’t had anyone under 70-years-old that didn’t have a very high BMI or was pre-diabetic or diabetic get seriously ill.

“This is amazing stuff and it is unprecedented,” Dr. Smith noted.

His center is also using an anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, in a regimen combined with azithromycin. “No person who has received five days or more of the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin has been intubated,” Dr. Smith noted.

Intubated means respiratory failure and the patient has to be put on a ventilator. “The chances of that occurring by chance, according to my sons, who did stats for me, are point zero zero zero something.”

“It is absolutely a game-changer, which supports the French data. Now you have an intra-cohort comparison saying that this regimen works. I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I am serious.”


"I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
68   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 Aug 13, 6:32am  

The Smith Center for Infectious Diseases & Urban Health
310 Central Avenue, Suite 307
East Orange, NJ 07018

East Orange, NJ demographics:

69   Hircus   2022 Aug 13, 1:57pm  

NuttBoxer says
My wife's new doctor prescribed her Ivermectin just like that. And was about half the price of what we paid in Tijuana.

This was a doctor in the usa?
70   AmericanKulak   2022 Aug 13, 3:09pm  

Patrick says


Coats your lungs and prevents viruses and bacteria from nesting in the smooth muscle inside them.
71   Patrick   2022 Aug 31, 5:27pm  


In March 2020, the whistleblower learned that a few years before Covid hit, the US military had proven that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were highly effective against Corona infections. Simultaneously, multiple doctors in the US and abroad had discovered the same and were seeing success in using these easily accessible and cheap medications as early treatment for Covid. He pointed out that back in 2005, Dr. Fauci’s own NIH published a peer-reviewed scientific study that found HCQ an efficacious therapy for a variety of Coronaviruses.
72   EBGuy   2022 Aug 31, 6:13pm  

When one family member got COVID I brought home some zinc gummies. They took out a bit of my sense of smell and taste which was off putting. That said, the rest of us didn't catch it so maybe they worked.
73   HeadSet   2022 Aug 31, 6:52pm  

AmericanKulak says

Coats your lungs and prevents viruses and bacteria from nesting in the smooth muscle inside them.

Are you sure lungs have smooth muscle, or any muscle inside? Lungs are just bags of miniature air sacs that work from exterior abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles, and diaphragm. I am sure you do not want to coat these internal air sacs with nicotine or anything else.
75   HeadSet   2022 Aug 31, 7:08pm  

Al_Sharpton_for_President says

Yes, there is smooth muscle in the lungs.

You are correct, apparently.
76   Patrick   2022 Aug 31, 7:58pm  

AmericanKulak says

Patrick says


Coats your lungs and prevents viruses and bacteria from nesting in the smooth muscle inside them.

I have read that smokers didn't get Fauci Flu as much, and that smoking probably does protect from some infections. But it's got to be a lousy trade compared to the risk of lung cancer.
77   Patrick   2022 Sep 7, 2:02pm  


The FDA’s mass murder of more than half a million Americans

The Democrat-controlled House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis has accused us of constantly pressuring then-FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and his agency to make the antiviral drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) available to outpatients in early treatment use. We, in turn, accuse Mr. Hahn, his successor Janet Woodcock, Anthony Fauci, and the broader FDA bureaucracy, of the mass murder of more than half of million Americans who needlessly perished from the effects of COVID-19 because they were denied early access to HCQ.
79   Patrick   2022 Dec 12, 6:01pm  


Pfizer STILL Recommends Hydroxychloroquine for the Treatment of Severe Covid Disease
How can we ever trust SCIENCE again after such a blatant heresy by its flesh-and-blood corporate theophany? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

If you just want to see where Pfizer recommends HCQ and skip the article, it is on page 13 here.

I discovered a while back that Pfizer recommends Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of severe late-stage covid disease. ...

The bottom left PDF (boxed in green) looked kind of familiar, and the most likely place to find Pfizer’s treatment recommendations.

And. . . . . . . . .


... Seeing as we were at an impasse, I figured that this was an appropriate question to take to the highest form of intelligence today - the holy oracle, ChatGPT:

Ahhh. Apparently, even hearing such a heresy caused the AI to have a stroke (maybe it had a ‘blood clot’ in its circuitry).
80   Patrick   2022 Dec 12, 6:07pm  

For the memes tonight:

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