The best way to fight wokeness: Take your children out of government schools

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The most frequent question people pose to me is: What can I/we do to fight back against the nihilistic anti-American destruction of virtually all the country’s major institutions?

There is an answer.

The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America—against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions, its sports, its news and entertainment media, its medical establishment, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department, and the military—is to take their children out of America’s schools.

Other than in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the vast majority of America’s elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities teach your child or grandchild almost nothing important; prematurely sexualize them, thereby robbing them of their innocence; and harm them intellectually and morally. They rarely teach them, for example, art or music because they are too busy teaching them race-centered hatred of whites, of America, and of America’s values.

Sending your children to most American schools is playing Russian roulette with their values—but unlike the gun in Russian roulette, which has a bullet in only one of its six chambers, the schools’ guns hold four or five bullets.

In many elementary schools, your child is taught that gender is chosen and that there is no difference between boys and girls (in a growing number of schools, the teachers are told not to call their students “boys and girls”); they are taught about masturbation; and many children from first grade on attend “Drag Queen Story Hour,” wherein an obvious man wearing women’s clothing, garish makeup, and a wig entertains them.

Given that all this is well-known, why do any non-left—meaning, liberal or conservative—parents send their children to American schools?

One reason is they are in denial. Many parents don’t want to know what their children are being taught and the consequent damage done to them. They don’t really believe schools will ruin their children, let alone their children’s relationship with them.

These parents should speak to any of the millions—yes, millions—of Americans whose children have contempt for America, for free speech, and for their parents as a result of attending an American college or even high school. I meet such people at every speech I give, and I speak to them regularly on my radio show. Ask these parents, if they could redo their lives, whether they would keep their child in school.

A second reason is they feel they have no choice. If they remove their child from the local public or private school (most private schools are just as committed to anti-American indoctrination over education as public schools), what will they do with their child? They often can’t find a local school that doesn’t harm their child. They can’t necessarily even rely on Christian or Jewish schools. Most of them are as “woke” as most secular schools. And if they do find a school that teaches rather than poisons, they may not be able to afford the tuition.

The only other option, then, is to homeschool one’s child. The problem is that many parents assume this is essentially impossible. For one thing, they assume that one of the parents would have to leave his or her work, which would mean a serious reduction in the family’s income. In addition, homeschooling strikes most people as simply too daunting a task, even if they could afford to take it on.

Neither fear is entirely justified. It’s true that, at least at the outset, a working parent may have to cut back from full-time work, and it’s true that no matter what the family’s financial condition, there are challenges to taking one’s children out of school and homeschooling them.

But given the low intellectual state of most American schools, the damage they do to young children’s innocence, and the anti-American, anti-white, anti-Western indoctrination in most schools, if you are a parent of school-age children, what is your choice?

Other than a) finding a good school that b) you can afford, you have no other choice. You are fooling yourself if you think the odds are that after attending American schools from kindergarten through college (not to mention through graduate school), your child will turn out well-educated, intellectually alive, rational, kind, happy, well-adjusted, grateful to be American, and respectful of you and your values.

While there are some wonderful young Americans who recently attended American schools, and there are some lost souls who were homeschooled, American schools are largely producing the following:

Poorly educated students. Ask your college son or daughter to diagram a sentence; identify Joseph Stalin, “The Gulag Archipelago,” or the Soviet Union; name the branches of the American government; identify—or just spell—Beethoven; date the Civil War; identify the Holocaust; and name which sentence is correct—“He gave the book to my friend and me” or “He gave the book to my friend and I.”

Angry young people. Why wouldn’t they be? First, they graduate college with a huge load of debt, having received almost nothing useful for their money. Second, if they are anything other than a white heterosexual Christian male, they have been taught to regard themselves as victims of oppression. Third, their future is so bleak they may not even have one: They are threatened with extinction by climate change.

The single best thing Americans can do to fight the left-wing destruction of the country is to withdraw from the “educational” system that is actively and deliberately miseducating them by the tens of millions. If millions of American parents did so, the country would turn around as fast as you could say “teachers unions.” If they don’t, their children will continue being used as guinea pigs in the left’s sick and dystopian experiment.

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476   HeadSet   2022 Dec 15, 3:44pm  

Patrick says


When Geraghty went to Carter and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Monica Myers and informed them about her religious beliefs, they allegedly told the teacher that "she would be required to put her beliefs aside as a public servant."

This is not a religious issue. Making it a religious issue allows not calling kids by an assumed gender to be dismissed as something resisted by religious fanatics. No one should have to align their speech with obvious falsehoods, whether religious or not.
477   Patrick   2022 Dec 18, 7:39pm  


Oh look, Biden's cross-dressing, women's-luggage-stealing nuclear waste official also helped craft an LGBT school policy adopted by districts around the country

"Sam Brinton … played a key role in developing a model school policy adopted in multiple states that instructs school districts to keep 'unaffirming' parents in the dark about a potentially suicidal child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.
481   RC2006   2023 Jan 4, 5:00pm  

My oldest got this in the mail today. That ad tells avoid like the plague.

483   Patrick   2023 Jan 19, 8:25pm  


BREAKING: @TeachingLabHQ Director @DrQuintinBostic Admits Violating State Law; Sells Critical Race Theory Curriculum to Schools

'If you don't say the word "critical race theory," you can teach it...I'm an evil salesman...They[State] have no clue...He's [ @GovKemp ] such an idiot'
484   Patrick   2023 Jan 27, 2:44pm  

This is a good idea!
488   gabbar   2023 Feb 11, 4:46am  

Patrick says

Schools and universities are now conditioning Skinner experiments.
489   Patrick   2023 Feb 11, 4:09pm  


Idaho public school districts are being told to adopt policies preventing employees from disclosing a student's name and gender transitions to parents unless first obtaining the student's consent, Fox News Digital has learned.

School districts throughout Idaho have been adopting policies to keep parents in the dark about their children's gender identity and sexual orientation at the instruction of the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA), according to school district policies and email correspondence obtained through FOIA requests by Parents Defending Education, which were shared with Fox News Digital.
493   Patrick   2023 Feb 18, 9:10pm  

Who is the guy with the whip playing the part of Jesus scourging the moneychangers?
494   Patrick   2023 Feb 25, 7:59pm  


11-year-old confronts school board by reading aloud from 'smut' he found at his middle school library
496   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 1, 11:39pm  

Everybody's favorite, Randi Weingarten.

She's the midget lesbian Goebells of the Education Industry.

Somewhere some dude feeling grateful for nothing he can put his finger on. That's the vibes from the alternate dimension where Weingarten isn't a lesbian
499   Patrick   2023 Mar 5, 5:56pm  


This mom in Rhode Island is being sued by the National Educator's Association, the biggest and most politically powerful teacher's union in the country, after she asked her child's school whether or not they were teaching radical gender theory.
501   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 8, 9:27am  

Take a look at porninschools.com for the explicit, graphic, and very, very woke propaganda used to groom kids - and it's in most red states as well.

Found in TX Public Schools, a graphic depiction of a rape and murder of a 14-year old girl by a neighbor, available to 5th Graders.
502   Patrick   2023 Mar 11, 7:29pm  


A “Teacher of the Year” has been arrested at a San Diego County school on multiple charges of child sex abuse and child pornography, according to reports.

Jacqueline Ma, a 34-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Lincoln Acres Elementary School in National City, was arrested Thursday.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said Ma faces 14 charges relating to possession of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child, and “preventing or dissuading a witness or victim,” according to KNSD.

On Tuesday, Ma had been arrested on three counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 and three counts of oral copulation with a child under 14, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.
503   Patrick   2023 Mar 11, 8:03pm  


Nearly 6,000 schools across America REQUIRE teachers and faculty to hide children's gender identity and transitions from parents
505   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 11, 11:06pm  

Patrick says

Jacqueline Ma, a 34-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Lincoln Acres Elementary School in National City, was arrested Thursday.

Wow, that's a HARD 34, especially for an Asian woman.

But it'll be a shock if she gets any incarceration at all. If she does, it'll be minimal.

The Jezebel spirit is dangerous to all in the society it infects. There was a REASON multiple sources from the Ancient Greeks to Ancient Hebrews to Ancient Chinese all warned about Gynocentrism and eliminating checks on female behavior.
507   Patrick   2023 Mar 12, 1:44pm  


Guys, this is real.

This is a real person — a genderqueer shapeshifting witch — who was hired by a school district in Colorado to train staff.

And look, I don't even have to explain to you who this person is that the Thompson School District hired to train staff on transgender issues. The human themself explains on they/them's website:

Silen Charlie Wellington (they/them)* is a sculptor of sound, artist of people, witch, genderqueer shapeshifter, mercurial story collector, and lover, among other things. Avidly interdisciplinary, they like to combine music with other art mediums, be that spoken word, visual art, ritual performance, loud and fiery eye contact, otherworldly and melting trysts, or something else entirely.
508   Patrick   2023 Mar 13, 12:19pm  


Island Brüce (Pu/to)
This is the best video you’ll see all night!

509   HeadSet   2023 Mar 13, 5:23pm  

The above video is old. From what I heard, none of the school board members resigned, and that man is no longer Mayor.
510   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 14, 7:12pm  

Whenever a Shitlib tells you "Desantis/Republicans are BANNING books from Public Schools":

2018: Harper Lee and Twain banned from Minnesota Public Schools
513   Patrick   2023 Mar 16, 1:19pm  

I think there should also be courses in medicine and law every year of high school.

Those cartels are determined to prevent widespread public knowledge of both fields.
514   Patrick   2023 Mar 18, 12:32am  


Hellenic is a K-8 charter school serving 750 students at two campuses, one in Brooklyn and the other on Staten Island. The local Greek community founded the school in 2005 to offer a classical curriculum. “We created the school to spread Hellenism, highlight the importance of the classics including the study of the Greek and Latin languages, and to educate children about Greek culture and ideas: democracy, science, the arts,” said school board chair Charles Capetanakis. Almost 60 percent of the school’s diverse student body is low-income.

Seems like a good idea to me.

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