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Here's some more informants, this one for the fake Whitmer Abduction plot:

“That’s me,” Robeson tells members during the online meeting. “I’m the individual from Wisconsin.”
Robeson has a history of testifying for the government. In 1985, he testified against a suspect in a murder and arson case involving members of the Ghost Riders motorcycle gang, according to a Wisconsin State Journal article. The article portrays Robeson as a jailhouse snitch who shared a county jail cell with one defendant in the case.
Robeson also has amassed a lengthy criminal record. Wisconsin court records show convictions for having sex with a child age 16 or older, sexual assault, and bail jumping. Due to the convictions, Robeson is not allowed to possess a firearm.


As usual, the pervs on the payroll go out and recruit people with My Little Pony Pistol Holsters (not fucking kidding, read above) and other barely functional individuals to set up as "Dangerous Terrorists"

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