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twitter getting its comeuppance in India.

By indc follow indc   2021 Jun 15, 2:22pm 116 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

There is an election in 2022 in the biggest state in India. Twitter started its election manipulation about old muslim man being attacked by hindus. In reality it was muslims who attacked the old man as he sold them some magic talismans.

Now the BJP govt registered a case on twitter for spreading fake news.

"Reportedly UP Police Registers FIR u/s 153, 153a, 295a, 505,120b and 34 against 11 including Twitter , Some Journalists and Fact Checkers in the Loni Viral Video Case"
1   DonewithDebate   ignore (14)   2021 Jun 15, 6:58pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

It is OK to punish someone for spreading fake news, But what about:
1) 5M+ people died of COVID and only reported less than 500k to deny compensation and government help.
2) Cow urine and Yoga medicine treats COVID and cancer.
3) Sikh genocide of 1984 never happened and perpetrators get to keep high government positions.
Billion other lies of government in Hindooo land.

Hindoo is only good at division. They need to find a way to spread religious and other intolerance to serve their masters in west and old masters in middle east.
Whereas the Hindooo traitors are looting money and slipping to their masters in London and their masters owned colonies elsewhere:
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Little bitch Twitter, we get to ban and censor whomever, whenever --- but it's an attack on Free Speech when our service gets banned.

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