CCP at 100 Years: A Century of Killing and Deceit

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Founded in July 1921, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has wreaked death and destruction on the Chinese populace for a century.

Armed with the Marxist ideology of “struggle” as its guiding principle, the CCP has launched scores of movements targeting a long list of enemy groups: spies, landlords, intellectuals, disloyal officials, pro-democracy students, religious believers, and ethnic minorities.

With each campaign, the Party’s purported goal has been to create a “communist heaven on earth.” But time and again, the results have been the same: mass suffering and death. Meanwhile, a few elite CCP officials and their families have accumulated incredible power and wealth.

More than 70 years of Party rule have resulted in the killing of tens of millions of Chinese people and the dismantling of a 5,000-year-old civilization.

While China has advanced economically in recent decades, the CCP retains its nature as a Marxist-Leninist regime bent on solidifying its grip on China and the world. Millions of religious believers, ethnic minorities, and dissidents are still violently repressed today. ...

Less than a decade after the Party’s founding, Mao Zedong, then the head of a communist-controlled territory in southeast China’s Jiangxi Province, launched a political purge of his rivals known as the Anti-Bolshevik League Incident. Mao accused his rivals of working for the Anti-Bolshevik League, the intelligence agency of the Kuomintang, which was China’s ruling party at the time.

The result was that thousands of Red Army personnel and Party members were killed in the purge. ...

Mao and his loyalists employed the familiar tactic of accusing his rivals of being spies in order to purge senior officials and other Party members.

All told, about 10,000 CCP members were killed.

During the movement, people were tortured and forced to confess to being spies, wrote Wei Junyi in a 1998 book.

“Everyone became a spy in Yan’an, from middle-school students to primary school students,” Wei, who was then editor of state-run news agency Xinhua, wrote. “Twelve-year-olds, 11-year-olds, 10-year-olds, even a 6-year-old spy was discovered!” ...

In October 1949, the CCP took control of China, and Mao became the regime’s first leader. Months later, in the regime’s first movement, named Land Reform, Mao mobilized the nation’s poorest peasants to violently seize the land and other assets of those deemed landlords—many of whom were just more-well-off peasants. Millions died. ...

“Many of the victims were beaten to death and some shot, but in many cases, they were first tortured in order to make them reveal their assets—real or imagined,” according to historian Frank Dikötter, who has painstakingly chronicled Mao’s brutality. ...

Over the next few months, Li’s close relatives and extended family would be tortured to death, one after another.

As a result of the torture, Li—who was 22 years old at the time—lost his manhood. During the CCP’s subsequent movements, Li would be tortured several more times, costing him his eyesight. ...

What ensued was the worst man-made disaster in history: the Great Famine, during which tens of millions died of starvation, from 1959 to 1961.

Starving peasants turned to wild animals, grass, bark, and even kaolinite, a clay mineral, for food. Extreme hunger also drove many to cannibalism.

There are recorded cases of people eating the corpses of strangers, friends, and family members, and parents killing their children for food—and vice-versa.

Jasper Becker, who wrote the Great Leap Forward account “Hungry Ghosts,” said that Chinese people were forced to engage—out of pure desperation—in selling human flesh on the market, and the swapping of children so they wouldn’t eat their own.

Across 13 provinces, there were a total of 3,000 to 5,000 recorded cases of cannibalism. ...

As many as 45 million people died during the Great Leap Forward, according to historian Dikötter, author of “Mao’s Great Famine.” ...

After the catastrophic failure of the Great Leap Forward, Mao, feeling that he was losing his grip on power, launched the Cultural Revolution in 1966 in an attempt to use the Chinese populace to reassert control over the CCP and country. Creating a cult of personality, Mao aimed to “crush those persons in authority who are taking the capitalist road” and strengthen his own ideologies, according to an early directive.

Over 10 years of mandated chaos, millions were killed or driven to suicide in state-sanctioned violence, while zealous young ideologues, the infamous Red Guards, traveled about the country destroying and denigrating China’s traditions and heritage.

Now traveling about the country destroying and denigrating our traditions and heritage sounds very familiar!

It was a whole-of-society endeavor, with the Party encouraging people from all walks of life to snitch on co-workers, neighbors, friends, and even family members who were “counter-revolutionaries”—anyone with politically incorrect thoughts or behaviors.

Also very familiar in America now!

Zhang Zhixin, an elite CCP member who worked in the Liaoning provincial government, was among the victims of the campaign. According to an account reported by Chinese media after the Cultural Revolution, a colleague reported Zhang in 1968 after she commented to that co-worker that she couldn’t understand some of the CCP’s actions. The 38-year-old was then detained at a local Party cadre training center, where more than 30,000 staff members of the provincial government were being held.

While in detention, she refused to admit to doing anything wrong and stood by her political opinions. She was firmly loyal to the Party but disagreed with some of Mao’s policies. She was sent to prison.

There, Zhang suffered horrendously as officials tried to force her to give up her viewpoints. Prison guards would use iron wire to keep her mouth open and then push a dirty mop into it. They handcuffed her hands behind her back and hung a 40-pound block of iron from the chains. Provincial CCP officials even ripped out all of her hair, and guards would often arrange for male prisoners to gang-rape her.

Zhang attempted to commit suicide but failed, which caused prison officials to step up their control. Her husband was also forced to divorce her. By early 1975, Zhang had descended into madness. In April of that year, she was executed by firing squad. Before being shot, the prison guards cut her trachea to silence her. She died at the age of 45.

During Zhang’s detention, her husband and two young children were forced to renounce their relationship with her. Upon learning of her death, they didn’t even dare cry—for fear that they would be heard by neighbors who might report them for bearing resentment toward the Party. ...

Tiananmen Square Massacre

What started as a student gathering to mourn the death of reform-minded former Chinese leader Hu Yaobang in April 1989 morphed into the largest protests the regime had ever seen. University students who congregated at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square asked the CCP to control severe inflation, curb officials’ corruption, take responsibility for past faults, and support a free press and democratic ideas.

Inflation, official corruption, lack of a free press? All very familiar in America now!

Thousands are estimated to have died.

Lily Zhang, who was head nurse at a Beijing hospital a 15-minute walk from the square, recounted to The Epoch Times the bloodshed from that night. She woke up to the sound of gunfire and rushed to the hospital on the morning of June 4 after hearing of the massacre.

She was horrified when she arrived at her hospital to find a “warzone-like” scene. Another nurse, sobbing, told her the pool of blood from injured protesters was “forming a river at the hospital.” ...

“Shooting down unarmed students and commoners—what kind of ruling party is this?” were his final words, Zhang recalled.

Then-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who ordered the bloody clampdown, was quoted in a British government cable as saying that “two hundred dead could bring 20 years of peace to China,” a month before the massacre in May 1989.

To this day, the regime has refused to disclose the number killed in the massacre or their names, and heavily suppresses information about the incident. ...

In 2008, Tibetans protested to express their anger at the regime’s control. The regime, in response, deployed the police. Hundreds of Tibetans were killed.

Since 2009, more than 150 Tibetans have self-immolated, hoping their deaths might stop the regime’s tight control in Tibet.

In Xinjiang, the regime authorities have been accused of committing genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities, including detaining a million people in secretive “political reeducation” camps.

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80   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Jan 16, 7:22pm  

In constantly manufactured crisis sometimes I think our government is no different from Chyna
81   richwicks   2022 Jan 16, 9:00pm  

Fortwaynemobile says
In constantly manufactured crisis sometimes I think our government is no different from Chyna

Well, the Chinese government really tries to keep the population happy because if they don't, they revolt.
84   Misc   2022 Jan 21, 9:46am  

Looks like another prosecutor at the "Justice" Department got a kickback from the CCP.

Also, looks like MIT is on the payroll of the CCP.

Go figure.

85   Patrick   2022 Jan 21, 3:37pm  


Journalists covering the Winter Olympics next month say they'll do their work in Beijing on brand-new cellphones and laptops. When the games are over, they'll simply leave them behind or throw them away.

The reason: Reporters are concerned that any devices they use there could become infected with tracking software, enabling Chinese authorities to spy on their contents. Hence, the use of "burner" phones and computers.
86   Patrick   2022 Jan 22, 12:49pm  


The Chinese regime’s economic coercion of Australia has been a “wake-up call” to other countries, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said.

China had been Australia’s top trading partner. But after Australia called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in April 2020, the Communist regime retaliated by adopting a series of measures against Australian exporters, including arbitrary border testing and inspections, the imposition of tariffs, and unwarranted delays in listing export establishments and issuing import licences.

Truss, on a visit to Australia for talks on defence and security ties, discussed the threat posed by the Chinese regime in a speech at the Lowy Institute in Sydney on Jan. 21.

She said: “The situation with Australia—the economic coercion we saw—was one of the wake-up calls as to exactly what China was doing and the way it was using its economic might to try to exert control over other countries.”
87   richwicks   2022 Jan 22, 4:32pm  

Patrick says
Journalists covering the Winter Olympics next month say they'll do their work in Beijing on brand-new cellphones and laptops. When the games are over, they'll simply leave them behind or throw them away.


What kind of intelligence can a fucking propagandist have anyhow? Even Americans don't give a crap what our propagandists say at this point, why would the Chinese?
90   EBGuy   2022 Jan 27, 8:42pm  

Their is a bit of irony, though, in that Fight Club: China Edition brings to the movie back closer to the book's original ending.
Now, in an interview with TMZ, Chuck Palahniuk—the author of the book that Fight Club is based on—shared his thoughts on the altered ending."The irony is that the way the Chinese have changed it is they've aligned the ending almost exactly with the ending of the book, as opposed to [director David] Fincher's ending, which was the more spectacular visual ending," Palahniuk said. "So in a way, the Chinese brought the movie back to the book a little bit."
The way Palahniuk wrote Fight Club, the bomb malfunctions, while the narrator shoots himself and wakes up in an asylum. Swap out the alter ego, Tyler Durden, for the narrator, and you're pretty damn close to the ending seen on Tencent Video.
In the rest of the interview, Palahniuk added the obvious—that he's used to others banning Fight Club at this point. "What I find really interesting is that my books are heavily banned throughout the U.S.," he said. "The Texas prison system refuses to carry my books in their libraries. A lot of public schools and most private schools refuse to carry my books. But it's only an issue once China changes the end of a movie? I've been putting up with book banning for a long time."
91   Patrick   2022 Jan 28, 5:29pm  


Canadian filmmaker Leon Lee presents a story of two couples of Chinese college students, who risked their lives to reveal the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) appalling persecution of peaceful Falun Gong adherents. With the help of a Chicago journalist, they successfully unearth the CCP’s dehumanizing abuses to the international community.

Falun Gong is a spiritual practice that features three core tenets of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance, along with five slow-moving exercises. After it was made public in 1992, its following in China grew to 70 million to 100 million people by 1999. Then, the CCP, deeming the practice’s popularity a threat, designated the group as illegal and launched a nationwide campaign to eradicate it.

The production is based on actual events in connection with practitioner Wang Weiyu, a gifted graduate of China’s Tsinghua University. Wang experienced torture, including hours of electrocution by electric baton, during eight and half years’ imprisonment in Beijing for refusing to give up his belief in Falun Gong. In 2013, he fled communist China and joined his family in the United States.

92   AmericanKulak   2022 Jan 28, 10:58pm  

It took a lot of Rochesters, Columbuses, and Garys to make Shanghai what it is.
93   Patrick   2022 Mar 15, 8:07pm  


Hong Kong tells British activist group to shut down their website

Hong Kong’s government has ordered the UK-based Hong Kong Watch to shut down its website for “endangering national security.” The move comes after the government blocked the website within the territory.

Hong Kong’s internet is not as heavily censored as China's, meaning residents of the island can still access websites that are critical of China.

However, Beijing imposed a so-called “national security law” in mid-2020 that allows the government to quash dissent and criticism.

Established in 2017 by Benedict Rogers, Hong Kong Watch monitors the human rights situation in Hong Kong.

Rogers said: “By threatening a UK-based NGO with financial penalties and jail for merely reporting on the human rights situation in Hong Kong, this letter exemplifies why Hong Kong’s national security law is so dangerous.

“We will not be silenced by an authoritarian security apparatus which, through a mixture of senseless brutality and ineptitude, has triggered rapid mass migration out of the city and shut down civil society.”

An email from the government, posted on Hong Kong’s Watch website, states that the group has been accused of “colluding with foreign forces to endanger national security,” an offense that carries a maximum penalty of a life sentence.

The email said that after investigations, Hong Kong Watch was found to be involved in “lobbying foreign countries to impose sanctions or blockade” against Hong Kong and China.

On the same day the security bureau sent the email, March 10, Hong Kong’s police chief sent the group a notice demanding the removal of its website.
95   Patrick   2022 Mar 18, 10:35am  


China: Thousands of residents of more than 100 buildings in Shenzhen are taken to COVID isolation camps.
97   Patrick   2022 Apr 8, 5:53pm  


Meanwhile in Shanghai...

You want to see a graphic example of what “THEY” want to do to us?


As seen on Weibo: Shanghai residents go to their balconies to sing & protest lack of supplies. A drone appears: “Please comply w covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”
98   HeadSet   2022 Apr 8, 7:38pm  

Patrick says

Now see what happens when the following calculus come along - Vaxx shot - $200, 7.62mm round - 85 cents.
99   Patrick   2022 Apr 9, 5:05pm  


Chinese surgeons removed the hearts and lungs of death row inmates while they were still ALIVE, study claims
Australian National University researchers analysed Chinese medical records
Study found prisoners hearts were removed before they were brain dead
Official cause of death did not align with medical procedures performed
Researchers found 'tells a terrible tale of murder and mutilation in China'
71 suspected heart-removal deaths in 56 hospitals across the country
300 medical workers across China involved in the state-sponsored killings
100   HeadSet   2022 Apr 9, 7:20pm  

Patrick says
Chinese surgeons removed the hearts and lungs of death row inmates while they were still ALIVE

This is from a culture that cooks animals alive because they believe it enhances flavor.
101   ad   2022 Apr 9, 8:25pm  

Patrick says

From Business Insider:

The US Defense Department's annual report on China's military, released in November, again illustrated the breathtaking pace and scale of China's conventional-military modernization.

The report also highlighted several developments that could threaten the US more directly than China's conventional forces — namely China's "large-scale expansion of its nuclear forces."

That expansion is well documented. The Pentagon's 2020 report on China's military noted that Beijing's stockpile of nuclear warheads would at least double by the end of the decade.

But this year's report includes a more urgent message: China "has accelerated its nuclear expansion" and is "exceeding the pace and size the DoD projected in 2020," the Pentagon said.
103   Patrick   2022 May 4, 1:04pm  


‘Doctor Strange 2’ Faces Censorship in China After Epoch Times Newspaper Box Appears in Clip: Hollywood Executive
CHINAFrank Fang and David Zhang May 3, 2022

105   TheSameAD   2022 May 18, 10:35pm  

The Hundred-Year Marathon


107   Patrick   2022 Jun 12, 1:16pm  


There’s a run on Chinese banks and it’s being ignored by the world

By Henry Chia On Jun 12, 2022
108   just_passing_through   2022 Jun 12, 1:20pm  

Patrick says

There’s a run on Chinese banks and it’s being ignored by the world

I decided to try to make a 15K withdrawal yesterday. They didn't have half that much. I know, you're supposed to call ahead.

Anyhow, I mentioned that I know I should have called and that they may not have that much - alarms went off. Manger came over. Guy asked me, "What do you want the money for?!".

I lied and told him I had a very large gun safe with some gaps in it where I like to stack piles of $100 bills then post pictures on facebook.

WTF is it his business what I want it for.
109   richwicks   2022 Jun 12, 4:00pm  

AmericanKulak says

It took a lot of Rochesters, Columbuses, and Garys to make Shanghai what it is.

Something that is never asked is, is this is an improvement?
110   stereotomy   2022 Jun 12, 4:03pm  

I like how the second pic is in relative darkness, but you can't see the horizon for the godawful pollution.
111   Patrick   2022 Jun 15, 6:15pm  


The Chinese government has obstructed a plan by hundreds to protest the freezing of their bank funds by triggering an app on their smartphones.

The would-be protestors have found that the electronic health codes on their smartphones have turned red, making it illegal for them to travel.

Several depositors told Reuters they had planned to travel to the central province of Henan this week to protest a block on access to their bank deposit funds, which has been in effect for almost two months. The funds freeze has prevented not only individuals’ access to savings, but companies’ payment of their workers.

“They are putting digital handcuffs on us,” Mr. Chen, a depositor from Sichuan province, told Reuters. He declined to give his full name for fear of the authorities.

Chinese citizens need a green code on their smartphone health app in order to travel across the country, use public transport, and access public venues, like restaurants and malls.
113   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 11:50am  


Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong. 重光團隊
Jun 15
Three years ago in #HongKong. On June 16th, 2019, 2 million HongKongers took to the streets.

Time-lapse of 2 million marchers in a city with a population of 7 million. This means 2/7 of the entire Hong Kong population came out that day to protest.
115   Patrick   2022 Jun 19, 7:54pm  


New government textbooks in Hong Kong will claim the city was never a British colony 🇨🇳

After an overhaul of school subjects that authorities have blamed for driving the pro-democracy protests, schools in Hong Kong will now have new textbooks that teach students that the city was never a British colony.

The textbooks are being vetted by the Education Bureau and are part of the revamped liberal studies subject for secondary schools which claim the Chinese government did not recognize the unequal treaties that ceded the city to Britain.

116   Patrick   2022 Jun 28, 11:00pm  


China’s Killer Doctors
How the PRC’s lucrative transplant industry kills donors by removing their organs
117   Patrick   2022 Aug 4, 2:43pm  


The Global Tuidang Center, an organization that helps Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), held a rally on Aug. 3 to celebrate a new milestone. Over 400 million people have quit the CCP, according to the organization.

Dunno if it's true, but would be promising if so.
118   Patrick   2022 Aug 8, 8:53am  


An officer of the US Department of Homeland Security was indicted in an alleged scheme to silence critics of the Chinese government, along with a former DHS worker and three others.

The other three, who were initially charged in March, conspired to act as agents of China, including by stalking, spying on and discrediting pro-democracy dissidents in the US, according to the indictment, returned on Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

The two new defendants, arrested in June, are 15-year DHS employee Craig Miller, currently posted to Minneapolis, and retired agent Derrick Taylor, who now works as a private investigator in Irvine, California, according to federal prosecutors. They are charged with obstructing justice, including by destroying evidence, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked them about their distribution of restricted information from a law enforcement database.

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