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Cuban government issues internet blackouts in an attempt to suppress protests

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The government in Cuba has switched off internet access in an attempt to quash protests mounting in the country.

Thousands took to the streets in several cities in Cuba in protest of the authoritarian communist government. ...

Cutting off the internet, as well as mandated social media censorship, has become a go-to technique of authoritarian regimes and is becoming increasingly common.

We already have social media censorship here.

When the death jab bodies start piling up, they will switch off the internet here too.
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Well, apparently there were climate disaster chemicals in the Evergreen ship stuck in the Suez Canal, along with children slaves and weapons. Those chemicals were slated to be released to cause a climate disaster for the Globalists to capitalize on this summer. The team that brought down that Evergreen ship was international.

That was prevented, so the next false flag is hacking and communications blackouts. One wonders if white hats are on that one or not.
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CUBA—Thousands have recently taken to the streets to decry the injustice and suppression of liberty under the Cuban communist regime. That is, of course, not the case anymore as all of communism’s critics have seemingly vanished overnight.

“Well, it must not have been so bad after all,” shrugged President Miguel Díaz-Canel. “They must have all changed their minds, realized how wonderful Cuba is, and gone to tell their families to return to Cuba.”

“How could this have happened though? They had so many passionate protestors condemning the conditions under communism and demanding real change!” asked local journalist Alonzo Amada. “I mean, um, the only logical conclusion is that they all must have realized they were mistaken and that the food prices, housing costs, and healthcare lines are actually perfect.”

“Probably won’t be hearing from them again.” added the President of Cuba. “Once people are shown how great everything is and that there is not a single thing bad, they become so content they never speak out again!”

At publishing time, Alonzo Amada was heading to interview an outspoken critic of Cuba’s current state, but then he remembered suddenly that he had to head home. Alonzo said that he needed to water his goldfish and this has nothing to do with the suspicious van following him.
4   Ceffer   ignore (6)   2021 Jul 14, 7:43pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

The Great Socialist Paradises of Cuba and South Africa have again solved their population crisis and their political crisis with a single final solution! Everybody remaining once again admire and worship their heroic leaders!
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and BTW Cuban refugees from socialism are NOT welcome in Bidet's US of A since they may vote R! Does not matter that they, unlike Hondurans etc are genuinely POLITICAL refugees.
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ATLANTA, GA—During a news report Wednesday, CNN anchors blamed the Cuban protests on "climate change," saying the mass demonstrations against the communist government were likely due to global warming.

The cable news station told its dozens of viewers that global warming drove thousands of Cubans out of their homes, with the heat making them deliriously chant things like "Libertad!" and demand change from their socialist rulers. According to the station's pundits, there's "no way" protesters could be opposed to the love and compassion of a socialist government, leading them to conclude that the culprit here must be a rapidly warming globe caused by humans.

"It's very tragic how climate change caused this terrible protest," said CNN news reporter Ronald Mahogany, wincing at footage of Cubans holding the American flag and marching against their government. "We must demand action on climate from our government immediately if we want to stop further protests from taking place all over the globe. We're just lucky this hasn't happened in North Korea yet."

"This all could have been prevented if we had just listened to Greta."

At publishing time, CNN reporters had suggested an alternate theory, claiming that if it isn't climate change, it must be Trump's fault somehow.
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After coming out against the Cuban protesters who are fighting for their liberties against the oppressive Communist government, BLM has been forced to change its name for clarity's sake. Black Lives Matter will now be known as Black And Brown Lives Matter Unless They Are Being Oppressed By Communists, a "much more accurate, descriptive title," according to the organization. The name is abbreviated as BABLMUTABOBC, pronounced, "Babblemute-a-bobk."

"People were getting the wrong idea from our name all the time," said one of BLM's founders as she sipped on liquid gold in the hot tub outside one of her homes. "They were thinking that we actually cared about oppressed minorities around the globe. That's only partially true: we care about minorities oppressed under capitalism. The ones who are being kidnapped, killed, tortured and starved to death by the communists? Not so much. We are, after all, a Marxist organization through and through, and to admit that communists are way worse than capitalists when it comes to oppressing minorities would mean the jig would be up and we'd stop raising so much money."

"I mean, uh, we'd stop being able to help black people or whatever." She then cut off the interview and pressed a button that caused her hot tub to transform into a hot tub helicopter, which took off and flew to one of her other homes.

Other proposed names included Black Lives Matter As Long As They Help Us Buy More Houses, Black Lives Matter Only After They've Made It Out Of The Womb, and Black Lives Matter Every Four Years When We Need Their Votes.
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Cuba libre: why Cubans have reached breaking point
Television was interrupted to show the Cuban president calling on government supporters to take to the streets
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Biden has offered Cubans an amnesty deal. One adult for every ten unaccompanied minor children to be sold at auction to his pedophile network, plus 10K for Hunter per immigrant.

"You gotta learn from the cartels, guys! You offer nothing. They bring in child sex slaves and drugs, and we get a cut of the action!"
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FCC Commissioner: US Government Can Use High-Altitude Balloons to Provide Internet to Cubans


The U.S. government can utilize high-altitude balloons to provide internet access to Cubans, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner says.

“The advantage of a high-altitude balloon: a proven tech that would not require new infrastructure in Cuba,” Brendan Carr wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, called on President Joe Biden to provide internet to the island after the ruling regime moved to shut it off.

“I write to urge you to assist in providing Internet access to the people of Cuba standing up against communist oppression and demanding a voice after decades of suffering under the yoke of a cruel dictatorship,” DeSantis said in a letter this week to Biden, a Democrat.

Carr said the United States should follow a two-track strategy, with a focus on introducing new internet connections through the balloons and other proven technology while also trying to bolster support for tech like Psiphon, “which can help Cubans use the island’s existing networks by circumventing blocking.”

Psiphon said Friday that it helped nearly 1.4 million Cubans access the internet through its free circumvention tool on Thursday alone. ...

“What we need right now in this moment is the political will, bipartisan, across government—we need the Biden administration to say we are fully behind efforts to bring internet service into the Cuban people. Once we get that done … DoD will provide any authorizations needed, FAA will cover any air rights that [are] needed, the FCC will provide whatever spectrum rights are needed, State Department will deal with the international issues,” Carr said.

“As soon as President Biden says the federal government’s behind these issues, there is not a technological challenge that cannot be overcome. The American free enterprise system developed these technologies, and we can unleash them by giving them the green light at the federal level.”

If the federal government will not fund the effort, money can be raised through other avenues, such as from Cuban-Americans, Rep. Maria Salazar (R-Fla.) suggested.

Marcell Felipe, an attorney and businessman, said he has been in contact with a defense contractor for some time about deploying the high-altitude balloons to Cuba and has alerted the State Department to the proposal, as well as members of Congress representing Florida.

“We started this before the pandemic. They’ve already made a tailored plan for Cuba that provides coverage to almost the entire island and they can implement it relatively quickly because it’s not a super sophisticated technology, it’s something that they have done in the Middle East,” he said.

The regime in Cuba is facing protests across the nation by people upset with the communist government.

Internet connectivity would better enable Cubans to transmit pictures and videos of what’s happening on the ground.
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Patrick says
FCC Commissioner: US Government Can Use High-Altitude Balloons to Provide Internet to Cubans

That would have to use some radio freq and that freq can be jammed. Exactly what device would the Cuban on the ground use to connect to this balloon internet? Can it be tapped by a computer with a WiFi antenna?
24   Ceffer   ignore (6)   2021 Jul 18, 11:01am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

CUBA: “If we remain silent they kill us, if we speak out they kill us, so we’ve decided to speak out so as not to die in silence.”
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Ceffer says
CUBA: “If we remain silent they kill us, if we speak out they kill us, so we’ve decided to speak out so as not to die in silence.”

That's very sad.

Those people desperately need someone to help them be liberated from Communism.
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HeadSet says
Patrick says
FCC Commissioner: US Government Can Use High-Altitude Balloons to Provide Internet to Cubans

That would have to use some radio freq and that freq can be jammed. Exactly what device would the Cuban on the ground use to connect to this balloon internet? Can it be tapped by a computer with a WiFi antenna?

They can do LTE from balloons. They even claim they can do LTE from satellites now. I'd imagine they would need to distribute sim cards tho.
29   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jul 19, 5:03pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

If the balloons are low enough, they could do wifi.

And with a directional antenna, all the power from the wifi hotspot could be pointed downward, so it wouldn't even need to be that low.

But how do you keep a balloon in one place?
30   Hircus   ignore (0)   2021 Jul 19, 5:53pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

They keep launching more balloons so even as they blow over the area, the next balloon comes into view.
31   HeadSet   ignore (3)   2021 Jul 19, 8:08pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Hircus says
They can do LTE from balloons. They even claim they can do LTE from satellites now. I'd imagine they would need to distribute sim cards tho.

How did they overcome the power challenges? Rural LTE cell towers are 100 watts each. You do not need to only talk to in range phones, but transmit all those calls to a backbone somewhere. Maybe a tethered balloon off shore with power and backbone connection going up the tether wire.
32   Hircus   ignore (0)   2021 Jul 20, 1:31am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I know some have solar, like googles project loon. They prob use something even lighter for balloons, but you can buy inexpensive flexible solar panels now that are really thin and light weight.

I haven't seen it, but there might be a clever way to generate wind power given that they tend to fly these things real high where winds are strong.

I have seen balloons that are tethered, and used as an antenna for something out in the desert, so I'd imagine they could do that for the internet backhaul if there's no mountain nearby for them to use as a permanent mounted relay. A ground mounted antenna might even work decent in some areas.

I suppose satellite could be used too, but would be expensive. Satellite might be more reliable, since I'd imagine the balloon is usually above the clouds, giving them a great clear shot for the busy uplink regardless of weather. My understanding is they usually use focused wireless at frequencies from 2.4ghz up to 40ghz when making these wireless backhauls to connect rural towns and stuff, but they're sensitive to weather. They can get 50+ mile range in clear dry air, but humidity, dust, and rain greatly degrades it.

Starlink is probably about to change much of this. Right now they say the area to be covered by each satellite needs a ground link in the area for the backhaul, but they said they plan to allow satellites to beam to each other to improve redundancy, and allow coverage for areas where a ground link isnt realistic. Cubans would need some of the starlink antennas to use it directly, but a balloon could use starlink as an economical backhaul.
33   Hircus   ignore (0)   2021 Jul 20, 1:43am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
If the balloons are low enough, they could do wifi.

And with a directional antenna, all the power from the wifi hotspot could be pointed downward, so it wouldn't even need to be that low.

I know they use directional antennas to get 5-10 mile range for regular wifi frequencies. I think it may require tweaks though, as I recall reading something about increasing a protocol level timeout when trying to use wifi past a certain physical distance. But you probably need both ends to do this.

Often in rural towns, you'll see an antenna on a pole in everyone's back yard, aimed at a nearby hill, providing internet for everyone. I'm not sure how well wifi copes with lots of clients trying to all use it at once, but I know LTE handles it well. If the balloon werent too high up, they could probably use a cluster of highly directional antennas to simulate cells on the ground, isolating the signal so you have less users per antenna.
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Cubans can just figure it out too. Not our problem. We need to focus on our problems here. Cuba is fucked. There will be a big turnover sometime. No reason to waste $$$$$ on balloons and shit unless it's to test new tech. Would be a heck of a lot easier to test it here.

Some are US territories and decently governed, but places like Dominican, PR, USVI, Cayman, Aruba, etc. I've visited them all. Some have their rough edges for sure, but if Cuba would just let go of their BS government they'd do better. Instead of having citizens flee in shitty boats, they'd have Americans coming over in $10M yachts and spending money instead.

And sure our policies aren't friendly either. But the cold war is long done. No one is putting nukes in Cuba anymore. No issue with Cubans either, but they should be in their own country and probably want to be. We should be able to visit and be tourist and they should be able to freely visit here. It benefits both nations, which isn't a bad thing. We need more money flowing in this hemisphere instead of sending it to China. Build American branded hotels there, sell Boeing planes, our meat and food, etc. If we allow reciprocal travel and they did, it would also open their minds to how backward they are or at least their government.

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