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Personal reply about Novovax death jab, from Dr. Charles Hoffe

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Jul 20, 11:12am 87 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

From a reader who got a reply when asking Dr. Charles Hoffe about the Novovax version of the death jab:

The Novovax vaccine also generates spike proteins, albeit in a different way. Therefore it will also be harmful. It is the spike proteins that cause clotting, in both covid infections and in vaccinated people.

The average age of people who have died from Covid in Canada is 83 years old. For the great majority of people, covid is minimal risk and the vaccines are completely unnecessary. But for those who are afraid of covid, there are very much safer ways of dealing with it the than the vaccines. Like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, Zinc etc

Kind regards,
Charles Hoffe

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It's speculated that the spike proteins cause rare diseases.

If we would be open and public about what covid-19 is and how to treat it there never would have been so many deaths.

Apparently China and the some unelected American bureaucrats collaborated to make a viral weapon. The weapon was leaked, or more likely released, and has caused global turmoil. Many of the worlds countries have implemented fascism in the name of "safety".

The coverup of the dangers of these experimental biologic agent make it seem like the governments of the world want to kill us, or at least control us.

Anyone that takes the vax so that the government will give them their rights back is a fool.
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I think it was a profit-making scam by the mob (don't discount the fact that Fauci is Italian from Brooklyn).

But then governments around the world realized that "public health" was the perfect excuse to negate all citizens' rights and assume dictatorial control.

So the mob and the government are getting along fine.

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