Watch: Capitol Defendant's Attorney Says Detainees Are Being Subject To "Torture!" In Contentious CNN Interview

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1   Ceffer   2021 Jul 21, 5:52pm  

The prisoners are forced to watch CNN on closed circuit 24/24, which is against the Geneva Convention.
2   mell   2021 Jul 21, 6:04pm  

Ceffer says
The prisoners are forced to watch CNN on closed circuit 24/24, which is against the Geneva Convention.

3   mell   2021 Jul 21, 6:06pm  

Esp. That smug cnn asshole w/ the punchable soyboy face
4   richwicks   2021 Jul 21, 6:13pm  

This isn't really a joke.

People are being punished by our government, because they recognize we had a stolen election and protested it. This is a clear case of entrapment, our DOJ is corrupt.

We went through 9 fucking months of BLM fucks burning, looting, and murdering - and they did murder. Our "government", our criminal syndicate, didn't do a fucking thing, because they were funding and supporting these blatant criminals.

There's 500 people in prison for January 6th - and what is their huge crime? Having a bunch of FBI fucks break windows, then lead them into the capital to entrap them? You can identify the FBI thugs by those that are not being indicted. Mr. Buffalo Head? Where is he?

We're going to have to have a revolution to fix this. It's obvious that voting can't fix it.

I'm eager to see the results of the mass vaccinations. Untested technology, if it starts killing people off, those of us alive need to start killing of the mother fuckers that actively worked to kill people off.
5   mell   2021 Jul 21, 6:31pm  

There will be a breaking point somewhere. Maybe protests on pour streets like in Cuba right now recognized by the rest of the world. Doesn't have to be bloody, but persistent. Also I would expect some states to secede first before a major revolution.
6   ZipperTits   2021 Jul 21, 8:10pm  

May a thousand Ruby Ridges bloom!
7   Ceffer   2021 Jul 21, 10:07pm  

How about Waco? The FBI loves the smell of burning women and children in the morning.

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