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1   NDrLoR   2021 Jul 21, 7:10pm  

It's a shame our society has deteriorated to this state, but like Judge Judy said to the black girl who didn't have any sense "You're dumb as dirt and got what you deserved". Same here.
2   Ceffer   2021 Jul 21, 7:39pm  

"Never interfere in a boy girl fight." William Burroughs
3   latitude38   2021 Jul 21, 9:17pm  

I couldn’t stomach. reading the entire article …… I just finish dinner I wondered if the author probably a graduate of the Geraldo school of journalism , who I assumed was the person doing the narrative actually grew up in NYC ?,what I mean to say was were they sheltered all their life ? Perhaps raised by Leona Helmsley,or maybe just been to preoccupied by playing video games .Come on you mean to tell me a 20 year old college student doesn’t know what to do do when witnessing a domestic quarrel ? Or having to be told to dial 911 “Golly gee why didn’t I think of that “. No wonder t abuser ignored him ‘“ cuse me mister I think the slapping around and push to the ground might be messing up her clothing “ I get the storyline ,but there are tons of ways to handle this scenario .If we all walk on by assuming someone else will intervene ,it’s not my responsibility,etc .That line of thinking is what happened in Nazi germany “ first they came for the “ Well maybe that’s the woke way but it’s not the normal way .He couldn’t even distract the person long enough for the woman to get away ? No wonder why Pace Picante is made in NYC

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