Thread for vax deaths, maimings, and severe side effects

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by Patrick   $0.61 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Jul 28, 8:33pm  

Let's start with this one:


‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Collapses on Set After Receiving Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine
Jul 28, 2021

‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk had to be rushed to the hospital after collapsing on set while filming his hit television show on Tuesday.

The 58-year-old actor had been a shill for the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, boasting publicly that he had received the jab and urging others to do so.

He even did a public-service announcement on behalf of Big Pharma urging fans of ‘Better Call Saul’ to line up and get the vaccine.

“Our number came up…and here we are, happy to get our first vaccine, Pfizer, so far it doesn’t hurt at all, but maybe a little,” Odenkirk said back in March.

“So we’re really happy and proud to get the vaccine today and we hope anybody today who sees this would come down here or sign up if they haven’t,” he added.

That video can be seen here: ...

Big League Politics has reported on how Pfizer is one of the pharmaceutical giants receiving immunity from liability for their COVID-19 shots:

“The US government has granted Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to provide liability immunity for “certain medical countermeasures,” such as vaccines, except in cases of “willful misconduct.”

According to CNBC, someone who develops severe side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine can neither sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, nor one’s employer for mandating it.

And although it is theoretically possible to receive money from the government to cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses following “irreparable harm” from a vaccine, only 29 claims—6 percent of all claims—have received compensation over the past decade.

In short, don’t count on compensation for a COVID-19 vaccine gone wrong. And don’t count on seeing any of those “you may be entitled to financial compensation” commercials for it either.“

Odenkirk is still hospitalized as of Wednesday morning. His COVID-19 vaccine shilling may not be as effective now that he has suffered these complications.

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1507   mell   2022 Mar 28, 12:30pm  

Patrick says

Belgian cyclist Cédric Baekeland dies aged 28 following a heart attack in Mallorca
By Matthew Roscoe • 27 March 2022 ...

Sadly, the news of Baekeland’s death comes after cycling lost another young rider.

On March 9, it was reported that Scotland’s Commonwealth Games cyclist John Paul died suddenly aged 28. His sudden death was mourned across the sport.

Then on Monday, March 21, the 101st edition of the famous Volta a Catalunya cycling race, which started in the comarca of Sant Feliu de Guixols in Girona, Catalonia, suffered a near-death incident, after Italian cyclist Sonny Colbrelli collapsed crossing the finishing line. Initial reports suggested that he suffered a cardiac arrest.

This is now such an epidemic that even the comments are almost 100% anti-jab now, nobody is fooled anymore. It's crazy that this hasn't caused broader outrage yet and that there is a parallel society of mostly leftoid npc's who keep digging their heels into this genocide and refuse to wake up.
1510   richwicks   2022 Mar 29, 12:56pm  

WineHorror1 says
richwicks says
EVERYBODY in the tour is doping, is on drugs, has steroids, uses crack,

Really? Crack?


No, not really - I'm just saying, that from history that I know from the 1970s, cycling racers are fucking crazy.

I never competitively biked, but I biked a lot. I used to do a century every weekend when I was in college. I could do that in about 5 hours, meaning I averaged around 20 miles an hour. I was biking from Buffalo, to Niagara Falls, and back to Buffalo on the Canadian side. I was reasonably fast, but to get to a competitive level, I'd have to be able to do that in 4 hours, and not in a group where we're drafting against one another periodically - even then, I would be a shitty cyclist in comparison. Now I did that once a week, and when I was done, I was crusty with dried sweat (it's like grit on your skin, like dirt) that was just salt at that point, I would sleep like the dead. People that do the Tour do that EVERY DAY.

Everybody that bikes a lot knows they HAVE to be on something, and everything. If crack helped, they would be on it. There's a maximum amount of testosterone that is considered "naturally possible" - ALL of them are at this level, including Armstrong after he had a testicle removed.

It's just not possible to compete at that level without help, and to get the professional help you need, you have to be an INCREDIBLE athlete to begin with. The idea that Armstrong was unique or even unusual - I don't believe it, I don't know anybody that does that's been a "crazy biker".

It doesn't diminish Armstrong either. That man is a fucking oddity of nature. I don't think he won just because he had the best doctor(s) either.

Anyhow, I used to follow biking a bit, it's quite the crazy sport really (imagine doing 70 MPH down a hill!) and I've never heard of a pro dying of a heart attack, or having one. I bet it HAS happened - their hearts have to be HUGE and enlarged, but the only athlete I know of that died of a heart attack during their career was an Olympic figure skater and that was I think in the late 1980s. Dropped dead on the ice.

Supposedly a bunch of pro athletes were asked "if you can take this drug that guarantees you're #1 - it will be undetectable - but you die at 50 - would you take it?" - supposedly over 90% said they would. They are all crazy.
1511   Ceffer   2022 Mar 29, 7:55pm  

Covid fraud psyops is still a thing, in case you thought they had given it up.
1514   ElYorsh   2022 Mar 30, 11:53am  

Some of the video clips in there of fainting people, have existed since before the pandemic. Using fake facts like that makes the whole thing just look like some crazy conspiracy to most people.
1515   mell   2022 Mar 30, 12:01pm  

ElYorsh says
Some of the video clips in there of fainting people, have existed since before the pandemic. Using fake facts like that makes the whole thing just look like some crazy conspiracy to most people.

I share some of those concerns. Also statements like Dr Tenpennys are highly problematic. It's already likely that too many will have heart issues, immune system weakness and potentially develop cancer, and while it's very difficult to quantify the percentage of affected people it's already most likely far below the amount she is talking about. A lot of the outcomes depend on random events occurring once the mrna is inserted, and where and how much s protein is produced, and at what times. Stating mass casualties in the millions or tens of millions gives only ammunition for the evil side. This was likely never designed to kill too many people as it's easy to spot large outliers. It's clear that compared to traditional jabs this mrna shit has been killing and maiming large multiples of the usually very few amounts of vaccine injured, but there's no need to go nuts with numbers on such an unknown.
1516   charlie303   2022 Mar 30, 1:14pm  

Copied from the Daily Stormer

Some people claimed that the vaccine was going to kill everyone on a short timeframe.
I never claimed that.
I claimed from the beginning that they intended for the vax to cause all kinds of different diseases that would kill people over a period of years. I even went so far as to say the massive number of deaths that happened just after people took the vaccine were a legitimate accident.
What we are seeing is that people who took this vax are already developing all kinds of different diseases, as well as having heart attacks and so on.
It will, in the end, kill everyone.
Which is one of many reasons why this virus hoax isn’t over. They are going to come back with it. They are going to come back with more variants, vaccines, and QR codes.
I can promise you that.
1518   richwicks   2022 Mar 30, 2:24pm  

zzyzzx says

Bruce Willis Has Aphasia and Is 'Stepping Away' from Acting, Family Reveals

Possible Vax injury.

Possibly, but I'm doubtful - he's been phoning it in for years now. He's an elderly man and look at how jacked he got? He was also on steroids at some point. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger - he's not all there either, and he did massive steroids in the 1970s. His outburst on "fuck your freedoms" isn't from a sound mind. That guy is no dummy, and I have no doubt on his willingness to prostitute himself - however if his mind was working and he was of sound intellect, he would have seen how that would harm him.

I think Willis is just old, he's 67 and being 50 that doesn't seem terribly old, but I have to be realistic. It's waiting for us all.
1519   Patrick   2022 Mar 30, 11:07pm  

Hard to know if it's true though.
1520   richwicks   2022 Mar 30, 11:14pm  

Patrick says
Hard to know if it's true though.

We'll see in time, no rush to find out. It's not as if you can do anything about it - what is done is done.

I don't think anybody is signing up for a booster at this point, and I think "covid" is off the map for most people. People put up the good fight trying to warn people, explain reasoning and their logic - but it's over. Now it's just finding out how criminal our superiors were and that should be done slowly and objectively.

If these vaccines have long term effects, we're going to see it. If it caused spontaneous abortions (i.e. miscarriages) we will see that in schools in 5 years. If these are as deadly as they have been rumored to be, you know what I think has to be done. If they are really that deadly a genocide was carried out, and we cannot allow those people, or their children to take over the planet.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I don't think it will. I think these vaccines are somewhat dangerous, but I don't think they were designed to kill. I'll know if I'm right or wrong in a few years though.
1522   porkchopexpress   2022 Mar 31, 8:42am  

richwicks says
I think Willis is just old, he's 67 and being 50 that doesn't seem terribly old, but I have to be realistic. It's waiting for us all.
Jesus. So much for a having a happy day. lol
1530   mell   2022 Apr 2, 9:46am  

charlie303 says



This study alone should pull the plug on any mrna vaccinations for kids. Fucking unbelievable. Many of those kids were not allowed to exercise for many months due to heightened risk of heart attack, and possibly longer for those whose elevated inflammation levels did not improve. Compare those to actual covid cases, you are sick for a few weeks max and start exercising at week 6 at the latest safely again. Most kids have the sniffles and are back and running around within 2 weeks. Fucking pfister, mrna jabs kill far more people than covid alone does when counting jabbed deaths plus vaxx deaths vs unjabbed deaths, and they cripple many many more.
1532   charlie303   2022 Apr 2, 11:04am  

mell says

This study alone should pull the plug on any mrna vaccinations for kids. Fucking unbelievable.

Doctors and nurses know about this. The Govn knows about this. Big pharma, media, etc know about this. We’re over 2 years in now and still we are censored if we talk about patient zero or Ivermectin.

Why are healthcare professionals quiet? Because of a pay check? Is that more important than the health of all these children?

Let’s be honest there is no such thing as mild myocarditis especially if the vaccines spike proteins are still in the body. Many of these kids will be dead in a few years. A global depop / control agenda makes sense of this situation to me, more so than just corporate greed and incompetence.

I think this is only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. Time will tell.

1534   Patrick   2022 Apr 2, 12:37pm  


'What's going on': Tennis world stunned after Miami Open carnage ...

In total, there has been 15 withdrawals/retirements during the Miami Open.

At least there is some mention of the devastation done to atheletes, but sadly still suppression of its obvious cause: the dangerous and ineffective vaxx.
1536   charlie303   2022 Apr 2, 12:39pm  

Do you really trust these two with your life? Really?
Just over 2 years old now and watching it from the beginning is fascinating viewing.

The link I've posted starts around 25:40 mark and has some telling comments about vaccinations.
How concerned does Fauci look when he says it made the children worse? To me it looks like he considers them on the same level as lab rats.
No trial for pregnant women as the vaxx was released to the public in under 9 months.


Interesting points made about HCQ and ventilators and the like. See how Science changes quicker than the wind!

1538   Ceffer   2022 Apr 2, 11:55pm  

That means it's working.
1540   Ceffer   2022 Apr 3, 3:26pm  

1542   GNL   2022 Apr 3, 4:49pm  

Evidently, all 15 players had injuries. Injuries like muscle and ligament type injuries.
1543   porkchopexpress   2022 Apr 3, 7:12pm  

WineHorror1 says
Evidently, all 15 players had injuries. Injuries like muscle and ligament type injuries.
What is the probability of that happening?
1545   Patrick   2022 Apr 4, 1:42am  

Deion Sanders is only 54 years old.
1546   Patrick   2022 Apr 4, 8:06pm  


Louisville health department leader who oversaw COVID-19 vaccine distribution has died...

Dr. Sarah Moyer, the city's chief health strategist, called her death "sudden and unexpected."

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