CNN reporting fed might be wrong on inflation

2021 Jul 28, 10:32pm   646 views  6 comments

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You could almost knock me over with a feather after I read this:


Cnn is saying "hey if the fed is wrong, this is big trouble"

WHAT?!?!? CNN!??!?! Then they start talking about companies locking in price increase at places like GE and 3M!!!!

Is this crazy land!?!? There was somehow a hint of dissent against our crazy inflationary policy!?!?! At CNN!?!? Am I still in the same country as yesterday!?!?!

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1   Shaman   2021 Jul 28, 10:54pm  

Yah that is extremely weird that a captured state propaganda mouthpiece like CNN would deliver a news article that contradicts our Dear Leader Xiden.
2   Misc   2021 Jul 28, 11:25pm  

If inflation is a problem Xi Biden has the cure ---------- Simply Increase Taxes
3   SumatraBosch   2021 Jul 29, 1:16am  

Clearly, CNN admits that it has wrong about everything and Trump has been right about everything and every election that failed to elect him since 1784 has to be reversed.
4   cisTits   2021 Jul 29, 10:09am  

They are simply going to blame it on Trump and harp about Congress raising taxes (which will make the problem worse).
5   Patrick   2021 Jul 29, 12:45pm  

Maybe our oppressors are not unified, and we can help widen the divisions among them, for our own safety and security.
6   NuttBoxer   2021 Jul 29, 6:09pm  

I think everyone here remembers guys like Greenspan, etc, saying the same stuff building up to '08. This time around they won't get the buy-in that the common person is to blame, so I don't think that's their angle. More likely it's setup for CBDC, which will require a dollar collapse for a number of reasons.

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