Defund the FBI

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by Patrick   $0.61 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Aug 3, 1:18pm  

If there was ever an organization desperately in need of defunding, it's the FBI.

They have become a tool of state oppression of citizens, like the old East German Stasi. They actively incite crime to get people to commit it in order to then "catch" them and justify their budget.


But for BLM, they studiously look the other way and never prosecute...

The best way we can defend ourselves is to cut off their funding. We need to make a national movement out of this.

Local police deserve our funding and support, but the FBI deserves defunding and hard prison time for its upper management.


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71   richwicks   2022 Apr 29, 1:21am  

Patrick says


I wonder if the FIB didn't plan false evidence in order to allow him to walk? Surprised they didn't do the same for Ghislaine Maxwell.
72   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 29, 1:58am  

Who is Ray Epps?
73   richwicks   2022 Apr 29, 2:08am  

AmericanKulak says
Who is Ray Epps?

He sure isn't an FBI informant or something!!
74   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 29, 11:13am  

Remember when the Kraken told us there were White Hats at Fed Agencies? No, there aren't:

75   Dissident   2022 Apr 29, 12:08pm  

Patrick says
Local police deserve our funding and support, but the FBI deserves defunding and hard prison time for its upper management.

I think it's a misconception to divide those dirty corrupt agencies and their scumbags into "bad" and "good" groups. That's what they want people to do - to always look for the scapegoats and believe that if they removed, corruption will end.

They are all atrociously corrupt and work in tandem. And they do not allow "good people" to infiltrate their swamp - they carefully profile everyone and avoid honest people, independent thinkers, or anyone who might in any way compromise their criminal dealings.

I personally witnessed outrageous corruption in "local" police, dep. of "justice," and that the feds have been assisting them. They all belong to the same cabal, all are dirty criminals, and should be equally despised, without dividing them into groups as there are no "good" ones among them.
76   stereotomy   2022 Apr 29, 12:36pm  

richwicks says
stereotomy says
I think @Richwicks posted a video link to the confessions of a former FBI informant,

Here's the video I think you're talking about, but I don't think it covered funding.

original link

The reason I post this, is to show that they haven't changed, and to show just how evil the FIB always has been. If you ever meet somebody that works for intelligence, you've talking to somebody that doesn't have any ethics. There is nothing good or honorable about the intelligence agencies at this point.

Yes, this is the one. It's really great (thanks @richwicks).

The major points - those working for the spooks are being blackmailed, so they do not behave like normal humans. They are amoral robots who do the bidding of their handlers. I highly recommend that everyone watches this video. This is the continuing MO of the deep state. That informant was forced to kill and destroy everything he admired on the whims of the FBI, and when he went public in the post-Watergate congressional hearings, he was sidelined, even though he had recordings of his handlers asking him to burn, or kill, whatever, to undermine legitimate civil rights groups.

I'm with richwicks on this one - the government is completely evil, and it would be a better thing that the whole system be destroyed than this already satanic level of evil to further grow. We have stage 5 metastatic moral cancer - there is no choice but to put the patient out of his misery.
77   Misc   2022 Apr 29, 12:43pm  

So, the CIA was discovered spying on pretty much all Americans. The agents involved and the management that ordered/knew about this violated many laws designed to prevent this.

I'm certain that the FBI will investigate this and bring charges against those responsible. ------- Giggles to self
78   richwicks   2022 Apr 29, 12:58pm  

stereotomy says
I'm with richwicks on this one - the government is completely evil, and it would be a better thing that the whole system be destroyed than this already satanic level of evil to further grow. We have stage 5 metastatic moral cancer - there is no choice but to put the patient out of his misery.

If you think of the government as a mafia, it all makes sense.

I think the principle problem is that people want to believe their government is a good decent organization but refuse to see it for what it really is. It's just a group of criminals. Nothing has changed in 1/2 century, in fact, I think it's gotten quite a bit worse.
81   Patrick   2022 May 1, 1:25pm  


FBI Conducted Potentially Millions of Searches of Americans’ Data Last Year, Report Says
Searches in national-security investigations came without warrants, could stoke privacy concerns in Congress
82   richwicks   2022 May 2, 3:48am  

Patrick says
could stoke privacy concerns in Congress

Pfft! That's a funny one.
91   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 May 9, 7:53pm  

Everyone at FBI is Gay.,. change my mind
92   Misc   2022 May 9, 8:22pm  

I'm absolutely certain the FBI will investigate the threats left at Catholic Churches as "Hate Crimes".

... or does that only apply to pull ropes for garage doors for NASCAR drivers?

93   Patrick   2022 May 11, 10:39pm  


Here’s the writeup by PV from the Rumble video:

• Document reveals the FBI labeled Project Veritas as “news media,” and categorized the probe as a “Sensitive Investigative Matter” due to Veritas being journalists. This is a direct contradiction of the U.S. government’s in-court position that Project Veritas are not journalists.

• The whistleblower, who has several years of experience as an FBI Special Agent and is still on payroll with the Bureau, came to Project Veritas with the document after seeing what he calls “a number of troubling things that are happening in the FBI.”

• The document also shows the federal investigation was launched into Project Veritas the same day Ashley Biden’s Attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said, “This is insane. We should send to SDNY” in response to a request for comment on the contents of Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary.

• Additionally, the FBI categorized the investigation into an abandoned diary under Threat Band I, which is usually reserved for “threat issues that are likely to cause the greatest damage to national interests or public safety in the coming year.”

• The Whistleblower also revealed how the document shows surveillance of Project Veritas included use of CAST tools, an analysis which includes cellular geolocation tracking of phone devices.

• FBI Whistleblower: “Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their pension…to maintain your paycheck and pension that gives you the Holocaust”
96   Patrick   2022 May 20, 9:27am  


House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them (VIDEO)
98   Patrick   2022 May 24, 1:31pm  


The Sussmann Trial: fingers pointed at FBI leadership
99   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2022 May 24, 1:42pm  

Yes, this traitorous asswipe is now at Twitter.

“Not My Investigation”: Former FBI General Counsel Shrugs Off Delay in Turning Over Key Text Message.

Former FBI General Counsel (and now Twitter lawyer) James Baker has long been a lightning rod for critics over the role of the FBI in pushing false Russian collusion claims. Baker did not help himself with those critics yesterday when he took the stand in the trial of Michael Sussmann, former Clinton campaign counsel. After declaring Sussmann a friend, Baker seemed to shrug off the fact that he previously failed to turn over a critical piece of evidence to Special Counsel John Durham because “this is not my investigation. This is your investigation.”

Sussmann faces a single charge under 18 U.S.C. 1001 for lying to the FBI in a meeting with Baker.

In the indictment, Sussmann is accused of “mak[ing] a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement or representation” in conversations with Baker. Durham argued that “the defendant provided the FBI General Counsel with purported data and ‘white papers’ that allegedly demonstrated a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russia-based bank.”

Sussmann’s choice of Baker was little surprise to critics who have long viewed the former General Counsel as one of those officials who facilitated Russian collusion claims.

On May 4, 2018, Baker resigned from the FBI and joined the Brookings Institution as a fellow. Brookings also featured prominently in developing false collusion claims. He later joined Twitter as a high-ranking attorney and has been criticized for playing a role in that company’s robust censorship program targeting conservatives and others.

On the stand, Baker explained that he continues to be a friend of Michael Sussmann, who he met during their time together at the Justice Department.

The most striking statement in the testimony arose after Baker was asked about his belated turning over of a key piece of evidence. A text message from Sussmann before their meeting clearly showed Sussmann denying that he was contacting Baker on behalf of any client. He was representing the Clinton campaign and charged the time to the campaign:

“Jim — it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss. Do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own — not on behalf of a client or company — want to help the Bureau. Thanks.”
DOJ released exhibits showing Sussmann's texts to FBI Baker
As I previously discussed, the text was a bombshell for the case in directly contradicting Sussmann’s claim that Baker merely misremembered their conversation.

Baker was asked why he never informed Special Counsel John Durham of the text despite the long investigation of Sussmann. Indeed, he did not turn over the text after Sussmann was indicted on September 16th.

Baker’s response was telling: “It’s frankly — I’m not out to get Michael and this is not my investigation. This is your investigation.”

That came off a lot like “why should I help you?” Even being used as a conduit for a baseless, false allegation by a campaign did not seem to motivate Baker to actively seek to turn over any evidence in his possession. The phone that Baker used in the DOJ was reportedly turned over the Inspector General but Baker admitted that the information was on the cloud and he was able to later locate it. However, the question is how this communication on a key issue under investigation could have skipped the mind or attention of Baker given prior interviews and testimony.

Baker said that he found the message in March and turned it over to his lawyer. That seems like a rather belated discovery. Alfa bank was under investigation for years, including extensive investigations by Congress, the Mueller investigation and the Durham investigation. Yet, Baker did not previously review his own interactions with Clinton counsel or involvement on either the Steele dossier or Alfa Bank allegations?

Baker specifically testified in 2018 on Russian collusion claims involving the Trump organization and campaign. This included extensive questions about his interaction with Sussmann. In the hearing, Baker told Congress that he “did not recall” if Sussmann said he was representing anyone in the meeting, even though he had a text expressly stating that he was not representing the campaign or anyone else in the meeting. Indeed, Baker testified “I don’t remember knowing why Michael Sussman, for example, was coming into the office.”

Even if Baker continues to maintain that he did not know that Sussmann was working for Clinton at the time of their meeting, it was clear early in the investigation that Sussmann and his partner at Perkins Coie, Marc Elias, were involved in the allegations of a false campaign-driven Russian collusion allegations.

Baker, however, reportedly shrugged off the question and testified “I’m not out to get Michael and this is not my investigation. This is your investigation. If you ask me a question, I answer it.”

In truth, it is the investigation of the United States Department of Justice, where Baker held a top position.

The testimony left the impression that Baker was going to cooperate but could hardly be expected to seek to help the Justice Department in proving a possible crime by Clinton campaign counsel. He indicated that he had to be specifically asked for such information and could not be expected to volunteer it or to seek to confirm evidence in his possession: “Nobody had asked me to go look for this material before that.”

When he came into possession of information from Sussmann, Baker told Congress, “I wanted to get it out of my hands into the hands of agents as quickly as possible.” That did not appear the standard that he applied to evidence in his possession that was material to Durham investigation of the Clinton campaign.

It is just not Baker’s job. After all, this is not his investigation.

100   Patrick   2022 May 26, 8:49am  


It seems to me, the elite want us to act up, so they can come down on us, like on January 6, 2021. Rest assured, that is the template they will use if anyone acts up. How long have they gone, so far, without bail or a speedy trial… for trespassing? Thousands of hours of video footage hidden from the public and denied the accused. Exculpatory evidence is also denied the accused in Jan 6 “insurrection.” Any conservative that even protests will be open to the FBI infiltrators acting up to discredit and provide reason for criminal charges. Now that sounds like something out of a dystopian sci fi movie eh? Sadly, it is what we should expect from the elite today, given their history of lying, false flags and wrap up smears. Only a fool, child or the brainwashed, expect a scorpion to act the butterfly.

The provocations are multitude. From the Russian collusion hoax to the Covid coverup, the elite have gone to great lengths to rile us up. The other day the Biden administration, (the administrative state under Biden) admitted they held up a bunch of legitimate oil and gas leases, at the peak of the energy prices, so far, because of a math error. Seriously? A math error, I bet the dog ate a lot of their homework when they were kids as well. Then there is the war the elite are salivating to get us into with Russia of all nations. Like dogs ogling fresh vomit. Who can forget the “disinformation” whatever. Can you imagine, the government is creating an agency to oversee speech with an eye to stopping… “disinformation?” Could the obvious Orwellian references get any oilier?

I suspect the short term timeline is November this year… long term, the elections of 2024. I see obviously Nazi and antisemitic posts on Gab and Mewe now and then, when I do I almost always call them out as being FBI bait. You know what… they almost never deny it. Which makes me wonder why the FBI would be ginning up racial animosity and gathering people with fascist sentiments? Unless it is to make good on Biden’s claim that white supremacy is the greatest threat to the world there has ever been… after global warming. The searing light of public attention exposed the FBI and its true nature in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping, releasing the catch on their trap just before an election, clearly to effect the outcome. Then there is the Russian collusion hoax the FBI gleefully engaged in.

Any action that can be misconstrued as violent by the lying media will be and we will be off to the races. They will use January 6 as their template as has the tyrant Trudeau, in Canada. No bail, no trial, just hard prison. Political prisoners always have it the toughest since they offended against the state, while rapists, child murderers and home invaders only offended against the hoi polloi. As with the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping FBI false flag, the Russian collusion hoax the FBI abetted and the Jan 6 “Insurrection,” that video showed was led by FBI infiltrators, we can expect the FBI to coordinate, fund and otherwise set up more false flags to effect the mid term elections. Expect the lying media to go along, like they did the Biden laptop lie, and push the propaganda.

Everything is spinning out of control, and since the elite only care about their own hides, they are playing their last card, civil insurrection as a rational for suspending elections, you know, like Twitter suspended Trump for the FBI led “Insurrection.” If the FBI can gin up enough stupid people to participate, let’s just call them The Marks, the media can take a small manufactured riot and turn it into Pearl Harbor, 911 and the Afghanistan debacle all in one. Then the elite can “justly” claim, there is too much violence to have an election, else use the problem they created to enact some Hegelian solution. It all hinges on us acting in their play. If we refuse to act, their production cannot go on as billed, and they fail. If we act, their production goes on as planned, and were trapped, are we foxes… or muskrats?
105   Patrick   2022 Jun 1, 5:28pm  


WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – House Republicans are seeking answers from FBI director Christopher Wray as to why the federal law enforcement agency spied on more than 3.3 million Americans without a warrant from December 2020 through November 2021.
106   Patrick   2022 Jun 8, 2:38pm  


Rep. Jim Jordan
🚨 LATE BREAKING: New whistleblowers allege the FBI is “purging” conservatives at the Bureau.

One agent? A decorated war veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait.

The FBI had the audacity to question the whistleblower’s loyalty to the country!
107   Patrick   2022 Jun 9, 10:34am  

The FBI is getting to be exactly like the old East German Stasi.

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