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Twitter locked out journalist who provided CDC-verified statement about extreme "vaccine" harm

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Aug 6, 6:23pm 142 views  1 comment           share      


A journalist was temporarily suspended by Twitter for posting a link to an article, and citing from it when he tweeted, “Vaccines are not safe for everyone. University refuses to let student attend unless she takes vaccine that could paralyze her.”

The case concerns Brigham Young University Hawaii refusing to grant a medical exemption to the student who suffers from an auto-immune disease caused by her receiving a different vaccine in 2019, making her condition now potentially dangerous for getting the COVID one, according to doctors.

The story Greg Piper was sharing before getting suspended was published by the College Fix, and it would appear that Twitter’s censorship algorithms are written such that they can be triggered by a statement about COVID vaccines not being safe for everyone – despite that being a pretty undisputed fact.

Reports note that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says much the same – there are persons who are unable to get the jab due to an existing medical condition, while all US states provide medical exemptions, and the same rule applies to any type of vaccine. The CDC even has a page on its website dedicated precisely to these scenarios.
1   Karloff   2021 Aug 6, 7:20pm  

Exposing yet another of the lies parroted by the establishment and their puppets: "You need to get the vaxx for people that can't due to health conditions!"

As soon as one of these people who can't get it come forward, they're attacked the same as the non-vaxx crowd. For the provax, there really is nobody in their minds that should ever refuse this, no matter how likely it is to kill them.

The vaxxinatti are a pack of worthless, pathetic toadies.

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