The Destruction of Trust In The CDC and Public Health Establishment Is Now Complete

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The new mask recommendations are a disgraceful debacle, doomed to fail...again

As soon as politicians, media members and incompetent and terrified “experts” became ideologically committed to ineffective interventions, they could never end.

The CDC has been the most reliable and consistent contributor to destructive and functionally useless mask recommendations. They’ve used unconscionably bad, dangerously incompetent and misleading “studies,” along with hilariously useless “hairdresser” examples to “prove” mask efficacy. Finally though, after throwing out their own pre-pandemic planning documents to promote a policy with no demonstrable benefits, the CDC displayed confidence in the “safe and effective” vaccines and removed their useless mask guidelines just two and a half months ago.

And yet. It’s all happening. The CDC flip flopped again. Masks are back.

Many of us arguing against lockdowns and masks and other related and equally ineffective “mitigations” have been pointing out for months now that the CDC has been unbelievably bad at their literal one job. We’ve been pointing out that the CDC’s credibility has been irreparably damaged based on their demonstrable incompetence and ever changing messaging with unchanging certainty. But no one, and I mean no one, could have foreseen that the death blow to the CDC’s credibility would come from the CDC itself.

I guess it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is that they put the final nail in their own coffin, but somehow their devotion to pseudoscience never ceases to amaze.

Bringing back masks is the end. It has to be. They were unequivocal in their assertions that the available vaccines were remarkably effective at preventing infections and transmission, symptomatic illness, severe cases and ultimately deaths.

Yesterday’s announcement is completely incompatible with their previous statements and should be an inescapable disaster for the country’s trust in “public health” and what the CDC, Fauci and others laughably refer to as “science.”

So let’s go over this unfolding debacle!

April 1
INTELLIGENCER HEADLINE: “CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus”
Got that? No hemming and hawing, no uncertainty, no “don’t spread the virus as much,” it literally says that the vaccinated CAN NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS. CAN NOT. It’s not possible for them to spread it, that’s what the “data” says.

Here’s a direct quote from the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky:

“Vaccinated people do not carry the virus — they don’t get sick,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday. That’s “not just in the clinical trials, but it’s also in real-world data.”

They do not carry the virus and do not get sick. Focus on the “they do not carry the virus” part for a second. If vaccinated people can’t carry it, how can they spread it?

They can’t! That’s what the CDC says:

Walensky was referring to a new CDC study that suggests those fully inoculated with the vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer don’t transmit the virus.

So naturally,

“The authorized vaccines are the key tool that will help bring an end to this devastating pandemic.”

They are the key tool. Masks used to be, of course, but now vaccines will end the pandemic. Let’s keep that in mind. ...

July 27
CNBC Headline: “CDC reverses indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors”
There it is. The destruction of any remaining shreds of credibility the CDC and Fauci had left.

So what was the justification for this dramatic shift? The delta variant! The same variant that Fauci said the vaccines did “very well” against. ...

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103   Patrick   2022 Feb 17, 3:44pm  


CDC Casually Admits Covid Nose Swabs Ended Up in a Lab for Genomic Sequencing Analysis
By Cristina Laila
Published February 16, 2022 at 12:50pm
111   Patrick   2022 Mar 18, 3:32pm  


The Hubris of Modern Medicine Caused Billions to Be Injected With "Hidden Genes" in the mRNA Sequences in COVID-19 Vaccines. It's Time We Tell Them We Know.
Parts of cryptic genetic code lead to proteins that are almost certainly expressed by cells in the vaccinated along with Spike - with unknown effects. No one has any idea what to do about it now.

The past two years have led to a disastrous plummet in the public’s trust of “public health”. According to Dr. Vinay Prasad, the causes include

Flip-flopping on masks within six weeks - and Fauci admitted to lying, for evidently no reason (cloth masks are not used by medical professionals);

Masking two year olds, evicting families from airplanes over a two-year old not handling masking;

Hypocrisy caught in photos on videos on the importance of masking;

Blood clots due to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, downplayed at first, and then merely demoted;

Booster mandates, objected to by Gruber & Kraus who resigned over the fact that booster mandates were needed in site of the science showing no long-term benefits;

Terrible studies on masks and on health outcomes in kids with COVID-19 compared to vaccination;

Financial conflicts of interests throughout public health implicating epidemiologists doing studies to support specific policies. The US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s history of receiving $400,000 from Carnival Cruise before his appointment.

To these recently pointed to by Dr. Vinay Prasad, I will add:

Allowing incorrect and inaccurate calculations of mRNA vaccine efficacy;

Implementation of a woefully flawed application of RT-PCR for COVID-19 testing, while reporting zero false positives;

Implementing unrealistic and futile control policies re: outdoor events and outdoor dining;

Denying instead of addressing the PCR false positive problem;

Unwarranted claims on the tissue fates of the spike protein;

Silence on the findings of insertion of mRNA spike-encoded reverse transcribed DNA in human cells;

Locking down the US and the resulting data showing lockdowns had no effect on the virus;

Promotion of studies that claim to show that vaccine-induced immunity is superior to natural immunity;

Reliance on non-peer-review “preprints”

Reliance on flawed and fraudulent studies allegedly showing no efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

Reliance on late-COVID-19 studies of treatment options that are not highly profitable;

Denial of the science on early treatment with options that are not highly profitable;

Implementation of the remdesivir treatment protocol based on an interim analysis published as a press release;

The implementation of perverse incentives for COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 deaths after starving hospitals of cash via the 3-month lockdown;

Whistleblowers that stepped forward (to Del Bigtree and the Highwire team) reporting willful miscoding of deceased patients with COVID-19;

Interference with public discourse via pressure on social media outlets to allow only discussions that match the official narrative;

Acting as though the deaths and adverse events reported to VAERS and other systems are not caused by the vaccines.

As if those are not reason enough…

Now we have yet another reason to no trust public health. The public health agenda caused billions of people around the planet to be injected with the spike-protein encoding RNAs without first determining whether other parts of the RNA might be read as other proteins.
112   Patrick   2022 Mar 18, 3:34pm  


the CDC analysis on pediatric vaccines is pure garbage
this is not public health, it's public harm

el gato malo
2 min ago

one fact in medical care is unarguable:

medical interventions are everywhere and always a risk/benefit calculation.

this is just bedrock reality. nothing is free. you must always compare that which a treatment will gain you to that which it will cost you. you must weigh risk as well as reward.

anyone pushing just reward is lying to you.

i could douse you in gasoline and light you on fire. it would reduce your chance of being stung by a bee.

seem like a good trade?

and the CDC is, yet again, failing to do this or even acknowledge the concept.

and as a result, they are selling poison as preventative. again.
113   Patrick   2022 Mar 18, 3:38pm  


In 2009, the largest health care fraud settlement in Department of Justice history was settled. This was the largest criminal fine of any kind imposed in the U.S and the largest ever civil fraud settlement against a pharmaceutical company. At the time. Who is this pharmaceutical company that so egregiously disregarded the laws of this country, regarding bribery and fraud? This campaign endangered patients. They advertised dosages of a drug that the FDA considered dangerous. That company that did all this is Pfizer.

So why is it, that when Pfizer executives tell our government now that another booster is needed, when they present an incomplete data set supporting the use of the mRNA vaccines in children - they are not questioned by the main stream media. Maybe because we now know that this media is essentially state sponsored media? The Blaze obtained documents by FOIA documents shows that main stream media has essentially been paid off, when it comes to COVID-19.
114   Patrick   2022 Mar 22, 7:55pm  


The CDC, FDA, and Pfizer/Moderna can produce all the ill-designed studies they want in order to present a case to the public that their vaccines are safe and effective, and if they truly were, there would be no evidence to be found that suggests the contrary.

However, evidence to the contrary DOES exist, even if some of it is still circumstantial. It exists in droves, and it’s growing. The “authorities and experts” are desperately trying to close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears, and hope that if they don’t see it, we won’t either, and it doesn’t exist. Now we find ourselves at this incredibly strange point in time when using our own eyes and ears to make assessments on reality is considered taboo, and in order to break through the censorship wall of acceptance, we must agree with those at the top who have their eyes and ears willfully closed. ...

Millions of parents were coerced into vaccinating their children for a disease based on the warnings of severity by the CDC. Now, after countless children have been vaccinated, and within those, countless have been needlessly injured, the CDC drastically changed some of their key metrics used for measuring the severity and hoped no one would notice.

As for Pfizer, they hold the title for the largest corporate criminal in history, so we’re all very clear where their priorities lie.
116   Patrick   2022 Apr 8, 9:16pm  


If there were any justice in the world—or at least the executive branch—then the headquarters of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be evacuated in an orderly fashion, then razed to the ground with dynamite, then paved over with 9-inch thick cement.

But we don't live in that world. We live in a world where the CDC gets to drop a bunch of taxpayer change hiring outside consultants to try and restore its own shameful visage...
118   Undoctored   2022 Apr 18, 12:02am  

Ever wonder why of all the federal health agencies, the CDC is based in Atlanta? Fun fact: the original mission of the CDC was to spray the South with DDT, including millions of homes!

From their own “museum” page!


On July 1, 1946, the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) was founded by a visionary leader in public health, Dr. Joseph Mountin.

[ … ]

At first, CDC was located on the sixth floor of the Volunteer Building on Peachtree Street, in Atlanta, Georgia, hundreds of miles from Washington, DC and other federal agencies, and deep in the South, once the heart of the malaria zone.

[ … ]

The agency initially focused on fighting malaria by killing mosquitoes. In fact, the pursuit of malaria was the main focus of CDC. [ … ] DDT, available since 1943, was CDC’s primary weapon against malaria, and the agency’s early challenges included obtaining enough trucks, sprayers, and shovels necessary to wage the war on mosquitoes. Over six and a half million homes were sprayed.

Oh wait Reuters says:


According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the regulation of DDT began in the 1950s and 1960s because of “mounting evidence of the pesticide’s declining benefits and environmental and toxicological effects”, here. Reuters was unable to corroborate any role the CDC might have played in DDT’s initial use or its later regulation by the federal government. It is likely that the CDC’s policies would be in line with the EPA’s stance since the 1950s, as a fellow government agency.

Wow, thanks for the clarification, Reuters! I guess they never would have done a thing like promoting the poisoning millions of people in the 1940s with a substance that was clearly regulated in the 1950s and more importantly, they certainly wouldn’t go about promoting poisoning people now! Someone ought to let the CDC know someone probably hacked their history museum page. I mean if it were true Reuters would have found out and let us know, right?
119   Booger   2022 Apr 18, 7:45am  

We really need to bring back DDT.
121   Patrick   2022 Apr 25, 11:05am  


COVID Affects Your Memory

Masks have never worked. Testing has always been problematic. Kids were never high-risk. The past has never been altered. Welcome to the COVID consensus, circa midterms 2022.

When anti-lockdown protests began in the spring of 2020, national media outlets were quick to label the protesters far-right white supremacists whose concerns were the product of “ignorance, privilege, and anti-Black racism.” During this time, playgrounds and beaches were closed, park benches were taped off, and thousands of small businesses permanently shut down. As lockdowns dragged on, drug overdoses rose sharply, schoolchildren were cut off from basic services, and 1 in 4 young people reported suicidal thoughts. Hospital patients died alone, police broke up religious services, and funerals were restricted. Those who believed the costs of lockdowns outweighed any benefits were called “covidiots” and the civil liberties they appealed to were labeled “freedumbs.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, which had previously argued against coercive public health measures, was nowhere to be found. The American left, with which I’d always identified because of its claims to uphold workers’ rights and principles of bodily autonomy, now explicitly advocated for forced quarantines of healthy people and for policies that dramatically increased the wealth of the world’s richest at the expense of the working class.
122   Patrick   2022 Apr 25, 11:58am  


Christian Drosten, Karl Lauterbach try to block the work of a Health Ministry committee set to evaluate the effectiveness of lockdowns, other containment measures
These are the actions of people with total confidence that all the crazy stuff we've been doing is super effective

Germany's Health Ministry is just as bad as the CDC - completely corrupted by politics and money.
124   Patrick   2022 Apr 29, 9:06am  


CDC and FDA 'altered' Covid guidance and even 'suppressed' findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests: Whistle-blower employees say they feared 'retaliation' if they spoke up
Federal investigators interviewed top-level directors and managers at agencies
They also opened a hotline for employees to report 'political interference'
Government Accountability Office uncovered widespread allegations of this
They raised fears that Covid guidance may have been 'altered or suppressed'
GAO warned none of the agencies had systems in place for reporting allegations
Said they had failed to train staff in how to report and spot political interference
Follows allegations White House waged a war on science early in the pandemic
128   Patrick   2022 Jun 2, 6:12pm  


what people forget is there was this big early hope that the masters of woo-woo were going to come and silence these upstarts. some saffron monk from the secret valley whose name may not be spoken would float in and clean house. instead, anyone who tried got eviscerated. and very, very quickly, these disciples found reasons to stay on mountaintops.

the mismatch was far too obvious and nothing dissolves the mystique of the lifetime woo-woo practitioner like getting knocked out in 30 seconds by some 3rd year fighter from a good school.

the true power of woo-woo is making you too afraid to challenge it.

and a lot more of the world works like this than you think.

because woo-woo is absolutely fricking everywhere.
129   Patrick   2022 Jun 12, 10:52am  


Why America Doesn't Trust the CDC

A crack in the corporate wall of censorship and pro-Pfizer propaganda?
130   Patrick   2022 Jun 22, 9:10pm  


how do you miss the most blatant safety signal in vaccine history?
the trick, it would appear, is to ignore your own guidelines and never even look for it ...

the CDC has become a helmet made of cheap, walmart easter bunny grade chocolate.

and it’s getting us all hurt.


131   Patrick   2022 Jun 22, 10:08pm  


The only thing that would appear shocking at this point would be for the FDA and CDC to stop all “vaccines” immediately, open inquiries into all deaths that occurred in healthy people within 60-days of receiving the clot shots, and call on the justice department to investigate these agencies for corruption and malfeasance. This would be the fox telling the farmer that something terrible has happened in the hen house while the farmer asked the fox to guard it.
132   Patrick   2022 Jun 26, 2:32pm  


There's been a 44% increase in death rate in just under a year of reporting according to the CDC.
Why are they not informing the public?

Jessica Rose
Jun 23
135   Patrick   2022 Jun 29, 7:18pm  


Repeated and overwhelming public demonstrations of no confidence against the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH)

In March 2022, a few cases of polio were diagnosed in Israel. The infection was concluded to be a vaccine-derived polio virus.

As a result, the IMOH announced a vaccination campaign using a weakened live vaccine. https://www.ynet.co.il/health/article/bkjhzpxz5

The campaign was an utter failure.
Out of approximately 500,000 children and youth, the target population, only ~25,000 (5%) showed up following a personal invitation.

Two of the reasons that were mentioned in the Israeli media:

“vaccination fatigue and lack of public trust”.

This was a clear no-confidence vote.

The lack of confidence was already reflected during the campaign to vaccinate the 5-11 age group (~200,000 children) in early 2022. Despite coercion and harassment (e.g. loss of green pass, repetitive home isolations), less than 18% of this age group got the first two doses.

In the first week of the first booster campaign for this age group and with no coercion measures and threats, only about 300 (1 in 660 or 0.15%) were brought by their parents to receive the shot.

Not ONLY the kids.

Many Israeli adults chose not to receive the required 3rd dose despite tough coercive measures at the time, losing their “right” to a green pass.
A mere 13.6% of the population older than 18 opted for the 4th dose after it was recommended to them by the IMOH. ...

The IMOH started 18 months ago with a Covid19 fearful population and an impressive 98% routine vaccination rate history, unprecedented propaganda budget and legal powers to revoke basic human right from the vaccine hesitant.

They ended with way over 90% of the population vaccine-hesitant.

Good work IMOH!

Was it your undisputable incompetence or is it the “safe and effective” holy vaccine?
137   Patrick   2022 Jul 3, 6:22pm  


Dr. Coburn noted, “Recently, it was reported that the CDC director told Congress the agency ‘needs’ an additional $1 billion in 2008 to do its job properly. The FFM oversight report shows the director where she might begin looking for those funds internally, before she asks taxpayers to open their wallets even wider. ...

A sample of what is included in this new oversight report:

CDC spent $1.7 million — including funds from a terrorism account — on a Hollywood liaison program, which happens to be run by a former CDC employee (see page 87);

CDC paid to create a statue of a woman made out of vegetables, “who” was featured in its $106 million new communications and visitor center (recently named after the senator in charge of funding CDC) (see page 11);

The Thomas R. Harkin visitor center also includes a giant 70-foot-wide by 25-foot-tall video wall of plasma screen TVs to showcase vignettes about the agency. The plasma TVs are part of the building’s $5.1 million “audio visual integration” expenditures (see page 8);

CDC spent $30,000 on saunas for its new $200,000 fitness center, a center which also includes mood-enhancing lightshows and two $1,750 zero-gravity chairs (see page 15);

CDC syphilis prevention funds were spent to host a “safe-sex” event with a porn star, during a time when rates of the disease among men climbed by 68 percent (see page 44);

CDC HIV/AIDS prevention funds were spent on a transgender beauty pageant (see page 45);

CDC spent $45 million for conferences, including those featuring prostitutes, protests, and beach parties (see pages 50, 52,53, & 55);

CDC sent 110 employees to two international AIDS conferences (20 to Thailand and 90 to Barcelona), when purchasing retroviral drugs with the trip funds likely could have prevented mother-to-child AIDS transmission for more than 115,000 infants around the world (see pages 52 & 54);

CDC is opening a Hawaii office, a development announced by a senator from Hawaii who oversees its funding (see page 18);

CDC has spent $5 billion over seven years on HIV/AIDS prevention funding, and yet the United States still sees 40,000 new cases each year, with no decrease in infection rates for over a decade (see pages 23-31);

The Inspector General finds that of CDC’s $2.6 billion in HIV/AIDS grants, some have no objectives and are “abysmal,” yet are funded anyway (see pages 38-40);

CDC spent $335 million on a kid-targeted media campaign to fight obesity and found that, later, kids who saw the ads did one more activity, which may or may not have been the result of the ads (see pages 69-71);

CDC pays two former employees $250,000 to (temporarily) help build staff morale, and the agency is currently seeking a full-time replacement who will cost taxpayers over $1 million in the next decade (see pages 100-101);

A CDC HIV/AIDS prevention grantee hosted a bar night and printed magazine instructions on how to throw a good party with lots of alcohol, despite the fact that booze is a known risk-factor for spreading the deadly disease (see page 104); and

$128,000 in CDC bioterrorism funds were spent by Los Angeles County (a high-target area) on trinkets such as letter openers, whistles, magnets, mouse pads, flashlights, pens, and travel toothbrushes (see pages 106-108). ...

If NIH and CDC are still having trouble coming up with ways to fund their fight against Ebola, here is a list of 15 wasteful programs totaling $15,135,574,669.00 where they could have saved:

Telling Taxpayers How to Eat ($15 billion) – Yes, that’s billion with a “b” in front. In a massive overstep of government power, Obamacare carved out $15 billion for CDC to convince Americans to make “healthy” choices through “Community Transformation Grants” (CTG). The CTG program “supports efforts to modify behavior through anti-obesity campaigns, as well as anti-smoking and pro-sin tax regulations and legislation” at the state and local levels, according to the bipartisan Citizens Against Government Waste.

Grant Money to China ($90 million) – NIH awarded more than $90 million to Chinese researchers. This included $2 million to develop a vaccine for a parasite disease common in China. The Traditional Values Coalition asked, “As our country heads to fiscal ruin, why are we giving millions in taxpayer dollars to Chinese science — which benefits China and its institutions — when they hold more than $1 trillion in American debt?”

Duplicate Agricultural Programs ($22 million) – CDC spent $22 million on their Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Program. The problem? This project was nearly identical to efforts already underway at the Department of Agriculture. CDC allotted $181,966 for developing a smart phone app for specialized farmers in Tennessee.

“Why Are Lesbians Fat?” ($2.87 million) – That’s one question NIH has decided to research for the last four years, spending more than $2.87 million so far on the project. The ongoing study is meant to explain why “women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic,” operating under the claim that “three-quarters” of lesbians are obese. First funded in 2011, the study is slated to continue into 2016.

Promoting HPV Vaccine for Young Girls ($544,188) – CDC provided $544,188 for a study on how to boost the number of young girls getting Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccinations in Los Angeles County. Although CDC says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk, it counts 772 serious adverse side effects, including 32 deaths, among the millions of doses administered to young girls between June, 2006, and December, 2008. Parents have raised moral objections as to whether young girls should receive the vaccine, which covers four sexually transmitted diseases.

Drunken Monkeys ($3.2 million) – NIH spent $3.2 million getting monkeys drunk just to see what would happen. The agency apparently has quite a fascination with excessive drinking, since it also “doled out money in recent years for research on binge-drinking mice, inebriated gamblers and pilots seeking the sensation of flying drunk,” according to The Washington Times.

Bizarre Sex Studies ($1.5 million) – Congress voted to give NIH $1.5 million to spend on four obscure sex studies: “Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking,” “Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men,” “Study on San Francisco’s Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses,” and “Study on American Indian Transgender Research.” NIH still received the requested funds from Congress, despite efforts by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Penn., in 2004 to defund the projects.

Funds for Homosexual Activists in Public Schools ($1.4 million) – CDC gave The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the homosexual activist group, $1.4 million to create “safe spaces” in public schools starting in 2011. The funding will be distributed during a five year period, as GLSEN works in 20 targeted school districts across the country. GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard claimed in 2011 that safe spaces “are vital to these students’ health, success in school and life prospects."

Centers for ‘Gun Disease’ Prevention ($2.6 million) – CDC spent $2.6 million on studies that also seemed to favor greater gun control before when Congress defunded the research in 1999. Apparently Congress thought CDC had more important issues to study, like how to control actual diseases. For FY 2015, President Obama is asking Congress to grant CDC $22.2 million in new funding to study and prevent gun violence. Obama has made similar requests in previous years, though unsuccessfully.

National Institutes of ‘Gun Control’ ($5 million) – Separately from the CDC, NIH also handed out nearly $5 million for research promoting gun control as of October, 2009, according to an article in The Washington Times. NIH pursued research on “gun related violence,” despite the issue being well outside the organization’s typical domain. Grants included “$642,561 in taxpayer funds to learn how inner-city teenagers whose friends, acquaintances and peers carry firearms and drink alcohol on street corners could show up in emergency rooms with gunshot wounds.”

Cocaine Enhances Japanese Quail’s Sex Drive ($181,406) – No joke, this was a real study sponsored by NIH and slated to run through next year. Why quail? Because “quail provide a convenient and interesting alternative to standard laboratory rats and pigeons.”

Empowering Women to Choose Contraception … in Jail ($279,789) – Liberals have long battled to expand women’s access to contraceptives. So in June 2012, NIH allocated $279,789 “to improve contraceptive use for incarcerated women” as they neared the end of their jail time. The program, which ran from June 1, 2008, through on May 31, 2014, was ultimately intended to reduce unexpected pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among recently incarcerated women.

Bogus AIDS Experiments ($4.9 million) – Results of an HIV/AIDS vaccine study funded by NIH were faked by researcher at Iowa State University (ISU), calling into question $19 million in grants awarded to the same researcher over the years. “Inauthentic” samples throughout a period of four years made the vaccine reportedly appear far more effective than it actually was. Although NIH refused to pay ISU the final installment of the grant money, the university was allowed to keep more than $4.9 million after paying back the researcher’s salary – nearly three-quarters of the original grant.

Sex Workers Spreading STDs ($675,786) – Ever wonder why sex workers spread HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? The answer might seem obvious, but NIH is spending $675,786 to find out exactly how and why in an ongoing study. Researches are continuing the regular testing of 600 female sex workers on the U.S.-Mexico border for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.

Examining ‘Barriers to Correct Condom Use’ ($423,500) – It turns out “young, heterosexual adult men” weren’t using condoms as frequently as NIH would like. A study investigating the apparent problem in 2009 came with $423,500 price tag.
139   Patrick   2022 Aug 1, 10:26am  


The CDC Has Thrown Bioethics Right in the Rubbish Bin by Obstructing Our Rights to Informed Consent

Dr. Robert Malone: "The CDC has spent over 1 billion US dollars promoting these vaccines and suppressing any discussion about their potential risks."

"There is no way that vaccine recipients have received informed consent because the CDC has actively blocked anyone's ability to be able to access the actual information about adverse events and risks."

Full Video: https://tinyurl.com/Malone-CHD
140   Patrick   2022 Aug 12, 10:36am  


The CDC issued a new “Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of Covid-19” on Thursday, shockingly admitting what many Americans have been shunned or even banned online for saying.

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