The Destruction of Trust In The CDC and Public Health Establishment Is Now Complete

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The new mask recommendations are a disgraceful debacle, doomed to fail...again

As soon as politicians, media members and incompetent and terrified “experts” became ideologically committed to ineffective interventions, they could never end.

The CDC has been the most reliable and consistent contributor to destructive and functionally useless mask recommendations. They’ve used unconscionably bad, dangerously incompetent and misleading “studies,” along with hilariously useless “hairdresser” examples to “prove” mask efficacy. Finally though, after throwing out their own pre-pandemic planning documents to promote a policy with no demonstrable benefits, the CDC displayed confidence in the “safe and effective” vaccines and removed their useless mask guidelines just two and a half months ago.

And yet. It’s all happening. The CDC flip flopped again. Masks are back.

Many of us arguing against lockdowns and masks and other related and equally ineffective “mitigations” have been pointing out for months now that the CDC has been unbelievably bad at their literal one job. We’ve been pointing out that the CDC’s credibility has been irreparably damaged based on their demonstrable incompetence and ever changing messaging with unchanging certainty. But no one, and I mean no one, could have foreseen that the death blow to the CDC’s credibility would come from the CDC itself.

I guess it shouldn’t be as surprising as it is that they put the final nail in their own coffin, but somehow their devotion to pseudoscience never ceases to amaze.

Bringing back masks is the end. It has to be. They were unequivocal in their assertions that the available vaccines were remarkably effective at preventing infections and transmission, symptomatic illness, severe cases and ultimately deaths.

Yesterday’s announcement is completely incompatible with their previous statements and should be an inescapable disaster for the country’s trust in “public health” and what the CDC, Fauci and others laughably refer to as “science.”

So let’s go over this unfolding debacle!

April 1
INTELLIGENCER HEADLINE: “CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus”
Got that? No hemming and hawing, no uncertainty, no “don’t spread the virus as much,” it literally says that the vaccinated CAN NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS. CAN NOT. It’s not possible for them to spread it, that’s what the “data” says.

Here’s a direct quote from the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky:

“Vaccinated people do not carry the virus — they don’t get sick,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday. That’s “not just in the clinical trials, but it’s also in real-world data.”

They do not carry the virus and do not get sick. Focus on the “they do not carry the virus” part for a second. If vaccinated people can’t carry it, how can they spread it?

They can’t! That’s what the CDC says:

Walensky was referring to a new CDC study that suggests those fully inoculated with the vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer don’t transmit the virus.

So naturally,

“The authorized vaccines are the key tool that will help bring an end to this devastating pandemic.”

They are the key tool. Masks used to be, of course, but now vaccines will end the pandemic. Let’s keep that in mind. ...

July 27
CNBC Headline: “CDC reverses indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors”
There it is. The destruction of any remaining shreds of credibility the CDC and Fauci had left.

So what was the justification for this dramatic shift? The delta variant! The same variant that Fauci said the vaccines did “very well” against. ...

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241   richwicks   2022 Dec 5, 7:21pm  

Onvacation says

Has this man actually cut his dick off?

He won't say. He claims that's personal, and really, it is.

The criticism of Richard Levine shouldn't be that he transitioned, it's that he pulled his elderly mother out of a nursing home while people who has sars-cov2-19 were placed in nursing homes. The fact that "she" has transitioned, is a distraction.
242   GNL   2022 Dec 6, 3:25am  

richwicks says

The fact that "she" has transitioned, is a distraction.

I don't think so. "It" is mentally sick and has no place being in a position to tell others about health.
243   Patrick   2022 Dec 8, 7:33pm  


CDC Had Direct Access to Big Tech Censorship Tools to Control Covid Narrative

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Census Bureau had direct access to Big Tech companies’ censorship tools, which were set up to allow government officials to control the Covid pandemic narrative online, newly unsealed emails have revealed.

Emails between an employee at the CDC and Twitter reveal that at least one CDC staff member and the US Census Bureau had access to Twitter’s dedicated “Partner Support Portal.”

The portal allows approved government officials and “stakeholders” to gain direct access to Twitter’s systems and flag content for censorship.

According to documents, government operatives were able to flag posts or users’ accounts that allegedly contained COVID-19 “misinformation.”

However, the portal didn’t appear to require submissions to include any supporting evidence to dispute the so-called “misinformation” and posts were removed simply for conflicting with the official narrative.
250   Patrick   2023 Jan 2, 7:42pm  


Do you read anything in the above that suggests that political correctness or correcting wrong-speak is part of the CDC mission? When did the CDC decide that they should take on the progressive left’s cause to reshape American language (oh, I used that “forbidden” word -”America”, which according to Stanford University- that is now verbotten).
251   Rin   2023 Jan 2, 8:58pm  

Patrick says

The difference is that Meth works as expected. No one can say the same for Covid vaxxes.
253   Patrick   2023 Jan 11, 12:03pm  


Did the CDC Doctor Their 2021 Study That (Still) Showed Vaccinated People Were as Infectious as Unvaccinated People?
CDC: 'Centers for Data Concealment'
255   Patrick   2023 Jan 19, 8:13pm  


CDC passes the point where malfeasance can be mistaken for incompetence ...

257   Patrick   2023 Feb 16, 5:56pm  


CDC published data in January 2022 from California and New York affirming that infection-acquired immunity was way more superior than vaccine-induced immunity: why was it covered up still today?

Why has the CDC pretended this data, their own data, does not and did not exist? These results demonstrate that surviving a previous infection protects against a reinfection & related hospitalization

Why did the CDC deny and shove aside their own study showing infection-acquired immunity is optimal and superior to vaccine induced immunity (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7104e1.htm) while promoting this failed and sub-optimal study methodologically flawed study (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7044e1.htm) as so aptly described by Dr. Martin Kulldorff (https://brownstone.org/articles/a-review-and-autopsy-of-two-covid-immunity-studies/)?

Easy question to answer! Because the CDC is nothing but a whore organization which works solely for the profits of the pharma industry.
258   Patrick   2023 Mar 1, 5:24pm  


Clinical Trials in the UK are Down by 44% Primarily Due to Lack of Participants
The public trust in pharma is vanishing. This is good news.

Yes, this is good news. People finally realize that the CDC/pharma crime syndicate does not have your best interests at heart, nor indeed anywhere in their calculations at all.
260   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 2:38pm  


Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis After COVID Shots, New Documents Reveal

Pfizer and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withheld evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations were causing myocarditis, according documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense via a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC, and documents leaked this week to Project Veritas.

Pfizer is the CDC now. They do whatever Pfizer tells them to do, and Pfizer tells them to do whatever makes the most money for Pfizer, no matter how many people die.

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