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Early treatment with known effective safe drugs would end all this, but would reduce Pfizer profits so FDA blocks it

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Aug 14, 6:12pm 627 views  30 comments           share      


Promising drugs

Existing drugs have the potential to reduce hospitalizations and save lives, when used early to fight COVID-19.

Based on our guiding principles, we’ve identified the following early treatments with the potential to significantly reduce hospitalization and fatality rates and worthy of further testing.

Lessons learned include:

The earlier the drug is given after a COVID infection, the more effective any drug treatment protocol will be, the faster the recovery, and the fewer the long-term side effects.
There is no evidence that waiting for symptoms produces superior outcomes. The earlier the virus is treated the better. The protocols are safe enough that treating even before a PCR test result is returned is beneficial.

Because these drugs are so safe, even treating young children is safe and reduces the risk of long-term disabilities. In short, the cost-benefit ratio even for young children argues for treating immediately after an infection is known. ...

Other Promising Drugs

There are many other approved drugs and supplements with high effect sizes shown in multiple clinical trials. Ivermectin in particular has been shown to be extremely effective against COVID when given in sufficiently high doses as soon as possible after infection. Physicians using both ivermectin and fluvoxamine have reported extremely good results, especially when the drugs are given as early as possible after infection is confirm or first symptoms.

We believe that both fluvoxamine and ivermectin are two of the most effective drugs that can be used against COVID. The evidence has been in plain sight since at least the middle of October 2020, yet the data has been ignored by the NIH and WHO. Had either of these agencies endorsed either either or both of these drugs at that time, it likely could have prevented the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.

Other drugs with large effect sizes are also effective for early treatment. The c19early.com website does an excellent job of highlighting other drugs and supplements that work the best.

But these drugs are not effective at maximizing Big Pharma profits. That is the only issue with them.
1   PeopleUnited   2021 Aug 14, 7:26pm  

Here are a couple of sources on treatment protocols. This is not medical advice just sharing what info is out there.

Scroll down to middle of the page for the treatment charts. https://www.survivalistboards.com/threads/treating-covid-with-ivermectin.956864/page-38#post-20915284

Here is another source.
2   AmericanKulak   2021 Aug 15, 10:26am  

Thank you for this, @PeopleUnited.

I take Zinc, D3 already, have been for years before COVID. Per @Rin, just got the Quercetin and took a dose.

I might get some of "Mister Ed's" Apple Flavored Treats, if you catch my drift.
4   zzyzzx   2021 Aug 20, 8:44am  

Video tutorial on how to use the horse paste:
5   Patrick   2021 Aug 20, 2:18pm  

@zzyzzx Can you find that video on Bitchute, Odysee, or Rumble instead?
6   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 11:53am  


The current epidemiology of rising COVID-19 hospitalizations serves as a strong impetus for an attempt at treatment in the days or weeks before a hospitalization occurs.1 Most patients who arrive to the hospital by emergency medical services with COVID-19 do not initially require forms of advanced medical care.2 Once hospitalized, approximately 25% require mechanical ventilation, advanced circulatory support, or renal replacement therapy. Hence, it is conceivable that some, if not a majority, of hospitalizations could be avoided with a treat-at-home first approach with appropriate telemedicine monitoring and access to oxygen and therapeutics. ...

Zinc Lozenges and Zinc Sulfate
Zinc is a known inhibitor of coronavirus replication. Clinical trials of zinc lozenges in the common cold have demonstrated modest reductions in the duration and or severity of symptoms.18 By extension, this readily available nontoxic therapy could be deployed at the first signs of COVID-19.19 Zinc lozenges can be administered 5 times a day for up to 5 days and extended if needed if symptoms persist. The amount of elemental zinc lozenges is <25% of that in a single 220-mg zinc sulfate daily tablet. This dose of zinc sulfate has been effectively used in combination with antimalarials in early treatment of high-risk outpatients with COVID-19.20
Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an antimalarial/anti-inflammatory drug that impairs endosomal transfer of virions within human cells. HCQ is also a zinc ionophore that conveys zinc intracellularly to block the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which is the core enzyme of the virus replication.

Among other meds.
7   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 11:54am  


Early administration of inhaled budesonide reduced the likelihood of needing urgent medical care and reduced time to recovery after early COVID-19.
8   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 11:55am  


We identified nine reports of early treatment outcomes in COVID-19 nursing home patients. Multi-drug therapy including hydroxychloroquine with one or more anti-infectives, corticosteroids, and antithrombotic anti-blood clotting agents can be extended to seniors in the nursing home setting without hospitalization. Data from nine studies found hydroxychloroquine-based multidrug regimens were associated with a statistically significant > 60% reduction in mortality.
9   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 11:57am  


The Bizarre Refusal to Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to COVID Debates
13   Onvacation   2021 Aug 26, 2:37pm  

Patrick says
Zinc Lozenges and Zinc Sulfate
Zinc is a known inhibitor of coronavirus

I woke up last night with a sore throat and a little upper respiratory congestion. When I got up I had a big glass of water and sucked on a zinc lozenge. I then had a couple of grams of vitamin C with breakfast. Feeling fine, other than a little tired from lack of sleep.

C has always been my go to when ever I felt I was coming down with a cold.

I guess I could have waited until I needed a respirator.
14   Onvacation   2021 Aug 26, 2:38pm  

Anecdotal but anyone else notice the rash of articles the last couple of years about how vitamins were useless?
15   stereotomy   2021 Aug 26, 3:27pm  

Most vitamins are useless in the sense that if your body already has enough of the particular vitamin, you'll end up just pissing it out. For people following the SAD (Standard American Diet), judicious choices of vitamins, etc, (D, C, B1, quercetin phytosome w/zinc picolinate - @Rin) will have a positive effect.

My wife grew up in TX, where the sun smites, not shines, upon mankind. When we moved up north, she complained of headaches, etc. It turns out that these are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Nothing that a 10-20K IU daily dose can't cure in the northern winter.

We have been poisoned/deprived of proper nutrition ever since the traditional agrarian U.S. society was replaced with industrial agricultural practices and false programming by the FDA. The vitamin D we produced through outdoor labor is no longer available depending on the choice of (mostly indoor) occupations. The general population's dependence on processed foods robs them of nutrients that would be available had food been home grown. Just look at the Irish - they subsisted on potatoes, onions, eggs, and the occasional chicken that they grew themselves for hundreds of years under the (racist? no it can't be racist because the english were also white) brutal english occupation, until the famine times.
16   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 3:32pm  

stereotomy says
Just look at the Irish - they subsisted on potatoes, onions, eggs, and the occasional chicken that they grew themselves for hundreds of years under the (racist? no it can't be racist because the english were also white) brutal english occupation, until the famine times.

The English did not consider the Irish to be the same race as them at all.

Even when I worked in England for a summer in about 1993, I had to indicate my "race" on a visa form and the choices were:

- white
- black
- Asian
- Irish

Not kidding. Wish I had kept a copy.
17   stereotomy   2021 Aug 26, 4:55pm  

Patrick says
stereotomy says
Just look at the Irish - they subsisted on potatoes, onions, eggs, and the occasional chicken that they grew themselves for hundreds of years under the (racist? no it can't be racist because the english were also white) brutal english occupation, until the famine times.

The English did not consider the Irish to be the same race as them at all.

Even when I worked in England for a summer in about 1993, I had to indicate my "race" on a visa form and the choices were:

- white
- black
- Asian
- Irish

Not kidding. Wish I had kept a copy.

This isn't just restricted to england (I deliberately don't capatalize). If you're ever in NY City, go to Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan. The old Federal Customs House has a frieze depicting the various races of men; needless to say it's a prime example of 19th century racism (just look at the African face). There's no depiction of Caucasians; instead there are separate depictions of Anglo-Saxons, and the "Celtic" race, which shows a fat, happy Mick face surrounded by grape boughs to indicate inveterate alcoholism.

Probably the reason the Kennedy's were killed was because they were upstart Micks (as opposed to WASPs), and therefore fair game.
18   RWSGFY   2021 Nov 8, 11:22am  

Local urgent care clinic posted this:
19   Eric Holder   2021 Nov 8, 11:44am  

FuckCCP89 says
Local urgent care clinic posted this:

Suddenly it's OK to prescribe old drugs for new off-label use again.
20   Rin   2021 Nov 8, 6:55pm  

Ppl, instead of fighting with dickweeds in Big Pharma about whether or not their old off-patent Fluvoxamine, HCQ, Ivermectin, and probably hundreds of others are of use in an antiviral capacity, how about simply taking a supplement, Quercetin Phytosome, protected by the Dietary & Supplement Act and thus has no FDA oversight, and not get sick at all.

21   Patrick   2021 Nov 23, 6:39pm  


Analysis of 30 COVID-19 early treatments, and database of 231 other potential treatments. 67 countries have approved early treatments. Treatments do not replace vaccines and other measures. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used. Elimination is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all variants. Denying efficacy increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage.

22   Patrick   2021 Dec 4, 10:26pm  


Do you know why there isn't an EUA for fluvoxamine?
The drug works. Amazingly well. Better than anything else against COVID when given early. So why isn't there an EUA? The answer will surprise you. Or maybe not.

12 min ago

The reason is simple. We tried. And after 6 weeks of waiting, we were told that to get an EUA for a repurposed drug, you have to partner with a drug company in the EUA application. Because no drug company will partner with us, even if we pay all the filing costs, there won’t be an EUA. Ever. So most doctors will never prescribe it for COVID, even thought it works better than anything else.
23   Patrick   2021 Dec 14, 7:10pm  



Dr. McCullough Describes ‘Sinister Ways’ Doctors Worldwide Are Restricted From Treating COVID Patients
“It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death.”
24   Patrick   2021 Dec 19, 9:37pm  


December 16, 2021: After the Together trial results were published in the Lancet showing a 12X mortality benefit, the NIH subsequently claimed in their COVID Treatment Guidelines that fluvoxamine doesn’t work and refused to recommend it. I talked with three researchers who were familiar with the drug and they all said that the NIH decision was “disappointing.” I asked them if they would express this on camera and they all said “No.” Clearly, they don’t want to jeopardize future NIH grants. That tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?
25   Patrick   2021 Dec 22, 8:07pm  


NIH is still unsure whether fluvoxamine should be used to treat COVID
More evidence of corruption at the NIH. I couldn't find a scientist that would be willing to defend the NIH's recommendation in a recorded interview. ...

Can you see the difference between fluvoxamine and placebo? The NIH cannot.
Have a look. This is a figure from the Lancet paper (Phase 3 fluvoxamine trial). The NIH basically looked at this and couldn’t figure out whether the drug works at all. To them, the placebo and fluvoxamine are identical. No signal there.

26   Patrick   2022 Jan 7, 8:15pm  


A former ICU nurse laid waste to the Covid narrative at her local county school board meeting this week, exposing how the medical authorities are responsible for coronavirus deaths by not promoting early treatment protocols.

Speaking at a New Hanover County school board meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Tuesday, registered nurse Morgan Wallace – who says she quit her job over vaccine mandates – slammed vaccines for failing to protect people from contracting Covid, and blamed government incompetence for leading to thousands of deaths.
28   Patrick   2022 Jan 27, 6:39pm  


WASHINGTON — The Biden administration quietly took nearly $7 billion from a fund meant to help hospitals and clinics affected by the pandemic and used it to buy Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics, according to a document obtained by STAT.

The move is similar to the Trump administration’s decision to divert $10 billion from the same fund to Operation Warp Speed, which STAT reported exclusively in March.
29   Patrick   2022 Jan 28, 5:40pm  


How a Sarasota Nurse Practitioner Saved Covid Lives Without Vaccines
Vanessa Hamalian and her new Latitude Clinic have treated 1,092 covid patients with ivermectin and the FLCCC protocols—none with vaccines. Of those, 1,091 have recovered.

Matt Walsh
30   Patrick   2022 Jun 22, 10:34am  


It's all about the Benjamins.

The FDA is nothing but a cheap rubber-stamp for Pfizer now, utterly and irredeemably corrupt, openly letting Pfizer kill Americans for profit.

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