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Afghan chaos undercuts Biden's promise of competence

By RWSGFY follow RWSGFY   2021 Aug 18, 2:48pm 6,020 views  392 comments           share      

The shambolic unravelling of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan comes from a yet to be written textbook of "how to lose at everything". Warnings hadn't been heeded, intelligence was clearly totally inadequate, planning was lamentable, execution woeful.

Let's just focus in on one thing - although there are any number that are worthy of examination.
The withdrawal came during the "fighting season" - a phrase I have to say I have always found rather odd. But in Afghanistan there is a fighting season which starts in spring - and then in winter, when the country freezes over, there is a time when the Taliban go home to their tribal homelands. Did no-one think that it might have been better to have ordered the withdrawal for the dead of winter when Taliban forces weren't there, poised to fill the vacuum?

The end result might have been the same - a Taliban takeover - but it would have almost certainly led to a more orderly drawdown. Yet the Biden administration wanted an eye-catching date. They wanted the withdrawal completed by 11 September. Twenty years on from 9/11 - an artificial, self-imposed deadline.


Biden's election campaign could be boiled down to three messages to distinguish himself from Donald Trump. First, he would be more empathetic. He would be more competent. And instead of "America First", it would be replaced by the mantra "America is back".
But in his address yesterday, there wasn't a whole lot of empathy towards the thousands of Afghans who've helped Americans these past 20 years. On competence, even his biggest cheerleaders would struggle to say the withdrawal of American troops has been anything other than shambolic.
And after the bewildering events of the past few days, how exactly is America back?


But on the policy itself, Joe Biden is utterly defiant. He summoned up his inner Harry Truman and made clear in his speech that the buck stops with him. He was, however, happy to distribute blame in much the same way that a muck spreader disperses manure in all directions. The Afghan leadership weren't up to it, the Afghan armed forces had no fight in them; Donald Trump had negotiated a bad deal.


A fascinating nugget from a briefing that's just been given by Joe Biden's National Security Adviser. Since the fall of Kabul, Jake Sullivan revealed, Biden hadn't spoken to another world leader. Wasn't that just a bit surprising, given that there were a lot of other nations - including Britain - who'd committed vast resources to Afghanistan?


When the G7 gathered in Cornwall and the Nato nations met in Brussels the sense of relief was palpable among the prime ministers and presidents that a more outward looking American president was in charge. But given what has unfolded - how America has been humiliated, how Joe Biden embarked on a policy he was cautioned against by these leaders - there is now a good deal more wariness.
And who will feel they have gained most from America's departure - apart from the Taliban, of course? Why, three countries near Afghanistan - Russia, Iran and China. I'm not sure that is what Joe Biden had in mind when he said after his inauguration that "America is back".


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251   Patrick   2022 Mar 8, 10:01am  


FLASHBACK: Trump Says You'll Be Paying $7 or $8 For Gas Under Biden
252   Patrick   2022 Mar 9, 11:11am  

Biden sends "20th hijacker of 9/11" back home: Mohammad Mani Ahmad al-Qahtani, the Saudi national dubbed the "20th hijacker of 9/11," has been released from Guantanamo Bay, where he has been detained for nearly two decades. He has been handed over to Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps this is related to Biden's need to get Saudi Arabia to pump more oil.
253   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 9, 11:14am  

Saudi Arabia and UAE not returning Biden calls.


The US is the only country of note talking about banning Russian Oil and Gas.

Sberbank and other Russian banks NOT cut off from SWIFT, so the Germans, Dutch, etc. can pay for the Gas.

China is extending Credit and taking RMBs for Russian transactions on everything, goods and energy alike.

India and Brazil not participating.
254   Patrick   2022 Mar 10, 9:18am  


On Tuesday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned the sanctions that have been placed on Russia by the Biden Administration, saying that those who would be suffering the most would be middle class Americans, not Putin or Russia.
"You may have noticed that Joe Biden announced today a new front in his ongoing war against America's middle class," said Carlson.

He noted that Biden didn’t frame it in this way, but instead as a "moral victory" over Putin in Russia in the form of banning the import of Russian energy.
Carlson also noted that "every constituency loved it."
"The media agreed that Joe Biden had never seen more presidential. Democratic officials seem deeply relieved, for once they could talk about something other than COVID and the southern border. They'd rather be on offense than defense. Republican leaders, meanwhile, seemed happiest of all they barked like seals, finally a chance to sound tough and decisive without making CNN angry. Thank you, Joe Biden. We can all be John McCain now you rarely see unity like this and the city is divided as Washington," said Carlson.
"The unity was so heavy in fact, so delightful and intoxicating. That no one remember to ask the most basic question. Why exactly are we doing this? What's the point?" Carlson asked.
He said that if the reason was to bankrupt Putin, that wouldn’t work because he has markets for Russia’s oil in other countries. He also noted that Biden didn’t claim that the sanctions would end the war in Ukraine.
"So who exactly are these sanctions aimed at? Think about it. If you want to identify the target of a penalty consider who's going to suffer most from it. And in this case, the answer could not be clear. It’s middle income Americans," said Carlson.
"They're the ones who were crushed for two years under COVID restrictions. They're the ones who are about to be pummeled by shutting down more energy sources. Notice a theme here, the people in charge take the middle class above all, so it's not Vladimir Putin who's getting punished. It's American citizens. It's you," he added.
Carlson noted the rising prices of gasoline, which has in turn raised the prices of food, electricity, and anything that travels by land.
Following a clip of Biden during his Wednesday address announcing the ban of Russian energy imports, Carlson said "It takes something like that to tell a lie like the one you just heard at the end of by the statement, 'it's simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production.'"
"Oh, but it simply is true. It's demonstrably true. And everyone knows it. On his first day in office, Biden single handedly killed the Keystone XL Pipeline," said Carlson. "Then just days before Russia invaded Ukraine. Weirdly, Biden's administration shut down all new energy leases and permits on federal land that happened. Vladimir Putin did not do that. Joe Biden did it."
Carlson then played a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, noting that "Biden's publicist tried to explain that actually preventing domestic energy production which they have done is very different from holding back domestic energy production."
"Let me give you the facts here. Now when they say that, you know the lies are coming and indeed in this case, they arrived promptly. Because oil companies have not used all the permits they've received, Jen Psaki told us, that means this is their fault. They're not trying hard enough to produce energy they could but they don't want to," said Carlson.
"But wait a second, Jen Psaki, what if there's no oil or gas underneath the permanent land? In that case, energy producers would want permits for land where the energy is. Turns out they don't want dry wells, they want wells that flow. But they’re not getting it thanks to the green new deal lobby that completely controls this administration, they can't get those permits. And that's what's happening here," he added.
Carlson pressed those who doubt his statements to ask those who work in the energy business about Psaki’s comments.
"Jen Psaki just lied to you. They are all lying to you. You probably guessed that already, but you can't say it. Because if you wonder what these policies may be doing to your country or to your family, you are selfish and disloyal. In fact, you're unpatriotic, because real patriotism is caring about Ukraine first. And by the way, caring about Ukraine, means prolonging a bloody war in Ukraine until the entire country of Ukraine has been destroyed and millions of Ukrainians are refugees. We know we can do it because we did it in Iraq. We can do it in Ukraine. That's patriotism," Carlson concluded.
255   Patrick   2022 Mar 10, 10:04am  


Biden Admin Denies Former World No. 1 Tennis Champ Novak Djokovic’s Access to Country Due to Vaccine Status — But Opened Border to 2 Million Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens in Last Year
By Julian Conradson
Published March 9, 2022 at 6:38pm
257   Patrick   2022 Mar 10, 2:31pm  


Watch this video, and look at the three congressmen that President Biden is referring to, and tell me this is something that would have been in the news for 4 weeks if Trump said it:


You can also click here to view this tweet on Twitter.
The three congressman you have here, two of them look like they really could and did play ball and the other one looks like he can bomb you.

Umm, did he really just say what I think he said???
258   HeadSet   2022 Mar 10, 3:46pm  

Patrick says
other one looks like he can bomb you.

As in looks like an Arab bomber?
259   richwicks   2022 Mar 10, 5:23pm  

Patrick says

I don't get it.
260   HeadSet   2022 Mar 10, 6:23pm  

richwicks says
I don't get it.

Those two fellows are among those who jumped out of the Twin Towers on 9-11 rather than be burned to death. When those two French guys were filming the immediate aftermath of the planes hitting the towers, you could hear a body plopping into the ground about every minute or so.
261   richwicks   2022 Mar 10, 6:30pm  

HeadSet says
richwicks says
I don't get it.

Those two fellows are among those who jumped out of the Twin Towers on 9-11 rather than be burned to death. When those two French guys were filming the immediate aftermath of the planes hitting the towers, you could hear a body plopping into the ground about every minute or so.

But who is the 20th hijacker?

I got the 9/11 reference. Personally, I think 9/11 was a false flag - at minimum our government allowed it to happen, at maximum, they made it happen. I view 9/11 as the Reichstag fire. If you want to really go down the rabbit hole, I can take you there, but it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody here our government is run by sociopathic killers and murderers. When you get into the details of it, it gets fuzzy and indistinct - you really don't have to go that far, just realize the government is lying about a lot of it, and that's all you need to know. They wouldn't lie if they were innocent.
270   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 2, 1:23pm  

richwicks says
Personally, I think 9/11 was a false flag - at minimum our government allowed it to happen, at maximum, they made it happen

Allowed it to happen. The evidence is the Visa Express program being quietly reinstated in months after 9/11 and the special chartered flight, which was actually the subject of the first Factchecks. The "Factcheckers" glommed onto red herrings like whether it was "Commercial" or "Private" or "Charter" Regardless, Saudis including Bin Laden family members were whisked out on a plane, the only non-Military/non-Emergency Response flight allowed in the few hours after 9/11.
276   Patrick   2022 Apr 15, 9:24am  


President of the United States of Amnesia

After "Biden" finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused..
277   richwicks   2022 Apr 15, 11:19am  

If anybody is interested in just what Joe Biden is, and was KNOWN to be before he was "elected":

original link
280   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 8:44am  


Then, just as quickly as it started, the coverage vanished. While this was somewhat expected following the US departure, the media’s readiness to wash its hands of the whole affair after weeks of emotive appeals to stay the course was particularly jarring.

It's also another example of why foreign countries should never trust the United States, just like Canadians should never trust their banks again:

The salvo began in mid-August, when the White House recoiled in response to the Taliban takeover by freezing $9.4 billion of the Afghan central bank’s international reserves
282   Patrick   2022 Apr 22, 11:35am  

The prison lobby loves prisoners.
289   Patrick   2022 Apr 29, 8:51am  


Is this from the team of Afghanistan experts
Apr 29, 2022 · 3:11 PM UTC

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