Reddit deletes Covid blasphemy sub /r/NoNewNormal

2021 Sep 1, 12:43pm   986 views  22 comments

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Reddit is fully aboard the TNI (Trusted News Initiative) and part of the global coup that's ongoing, so it's no surprise that they have a pathetic fetish to censor those they deem heretics.

Looks like everyone's moved over to:


which redirects to:


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2   Patrick   2021 Sep 1, 5:30pm  

Damn, I can't sign up without Google spying on it.

So many people are so ignorant of Google's recapcha spyware. Sad.
4   Patrick   2021 Sep 1, 10:41pm  

Who is that? I don't get it.
5   AmericanKulak   2021 Sep 2, 4:58am  

Aaron Schwartz, who started Y Combinator/Reddit, and committed suicide after being overcharged by DA Ortiz, an Obama Appointee looking at decades in prison.

His crime? He liberated non-Defense Related Publicly Funded Research from behind a Paywall at MIT. Research that taxpayers largely/wholly funded but was given to a Public-Private Corporation to sell access to for outrageous fees, which may have once made sense when it had to be custom printed and shipped in 1980, but had long since been scanned digitally and delivery costs should have been token or free as a PDF.
6   richwicks   2021 Sep 2, 5:21am  

MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
Aaron Schwartz, who started Y Combinator/Reddit, and committed suicide after being overcharged by DA Ortiz, an Obama Appointee looking at decades in prison.

If it makes any difference to you, he began a revolution. I know, for a fact, that over 30 TB of research papers are available by torrent. People just serve them up as a fuck you to the establishment after this. So he didn't die in vain, and it's quite possible, he didn't commit suicide. They obviously wanted to make an example out of him, but they didn't intimidate others.


There's ONE site.
7   Booger   2021 Dec 2, 4:00pm  

The moderators of r/Coronaviruscirclejerk have set this community as private. Only approved members can view and take part in its discussions.
8   Booger   2021 Dec 20, 6:42am  

Coronaviruscirckejerk is back!

Joining it will get you banned elsewhere.

9   Karloff   2021 Dec 20, 8:11am  

Independent thoughts and views will not be tolerated! YOU MUST CONFORM! There will be punishments until you do.
12   Automan Empire   2021 Dec 26, 9:07am  

Do people not realize you can totally read and almost always participate in subreddits without clicking "join" thus willfully self-flagging that account as associated with the subreddit?
13   zzyzzx   2021 Dec 28, 6:54am  

TIFU = Today I Fucked UP.

19   Automan Empire   2022 Jan 13, 8:34am  

In a Reddit thread about Covid, saying you're an essential worker is heroic and gets you tons of upvotes. Saying you're an essential worker who never closed, never got vaccinated or sick, and invoking the hygiene hypothesis regarding obsessive hand washing and hand/area sanitizing when Covid isn't transmitted by touch contact, gets you called stupid, selfish, and downvoted in the same thread.
21   AmericanKulak   2022 Jan 28, 10:10am  

"You could date a tranny and totally not know it"

That guy looks like a metalhead D&D Dungeon Master. He's about as feminine as Erkel.

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