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Delete your comments, likes, and groups on big social media before you leave

By ThatGuy follow ThatGuy   2021 Sep 1, 9:55pm 208 views  4 comments           share      

These companies thrive on what you have given them.

They can and will use anything you say against you.

Delete your facebook likes and comments

I just deleted my reddit comments for the censorship of /r/nonewnormal

Make your profile worthless to them. Delete all its content

Go live a life outside of this shit
1   Patrick   2021 Sep 1, 10:08pm  

Reddit has been turning to shit for several years now.

I'm glad that are alternatives like https://patriots.win/
2   Patrick   2021 Sep 7, 10:30am  


September 6, 2021
Big Tech’s censorship of Ivermectin stories depend on who’s sharing it
An anti-ivermectin story has been debunked but hasn't been censored online.
3   Eric Holder   2021 Sep 7, 10:32am  

Nothing ever gets deleted on the Internet. Everything you post or send is preserved forever. You might make it harder for a casual person to access your history, but it's still there and accessible to zukfucks of this world.
4   Patrick   2021 Sep 7, 1:41pm  

ThatGuy says
Make your profile worthless to them. Delete all its content

I think the point is to stop helping them to make money.

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