After An Enjoyable Run Of Nazification, Denmark Blinks And Backs Off Covid Fraud And Vaccine Atrocities

2021 Sep 2, 12:59am   278 views  4 comments

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"Denmark abolishes all Corona measures"

"Tyrolean lawyer Dr. Renate Holzeisen, meanwhile strongly recommended that all employers refrain from vaccination pressure or compulsory vaccination, because most of them were “obviously not even aware of the far-reaching legal consequences associated with it”."

Looks like they are anticipating a tsunami of litigation and are quitting while they are ahead.

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1   Ceffer   2021 Sep 2, 1:05am  


2   Patrick   2022 Jan 27, 12:14pm  


Denmark intends to lift all coronavirus restrictions
23:06, 25.01.2022
Region:World News
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The Danish government intends to lift all restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic from January 31, TASS reports with reference to Jyllands-Posten.
4   Patrick   2022 Jan 31, 7:58pm  


As of tomorrow, Denmark admits the failure of all Covid control measures (including vaccines)
All restrictions will be dropped - not because they worked but because they didn't.

Alex Berenson

In less than 12 hours, Denmark turns into Florida.

No masks (except possibly in hospitals and nursing homes).

No vaccine passports. ...

In any case, the vaccine fanatics - so wrong about so much so often - are right on one point. Small, rich, mostly homogenous countries like Denmark, with relatively stable political cultures, have a big edge right now. Their public health advocates and governments will have a far easier time admitting they were wrong than those in the United States.

The reason should be obvious.

Nobody risks getting fired - much less indicted - in Denmark for telling the truth.

The key word there is homogenous. Deliberately divisive diversity is the oligarch's tool for suppressing human rights. When we fight each other, we can't fight them, and they know it. The only solution in America is unity as Americans and the permanent rejection of all virtue-signaling race-baiting division.

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