Italian Police Raid Homes of Telegram Users in Protest Groups

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2021 Sep 10, 3:04am   603 views  7 comments

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ROME — Anti-terror police on Thursday raided the homes of anti-vaccine activists across Italy who were allegedly planning to use homemade explosives to carry out violent attacks.

The group used the Telegram messaging service to plot attacks at demonstrations in Rome against the coronavirus vaccine pass.

A statement from police said officers had carried out raids “on properties belonging to members of the ‘No-Vax’ world, who in a Telegram chat showed intent to carry out violence during public demonstrations … The accused were active members of a group called ‘The Warriors’ which planned violent acts including using arms and homemade explosives at ‘no green pass’ demonstrations across the country, especially in the capital on 11 and 12 September.” The raids took place in Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Reggio Emilia, Venice and Padua.


I imagine the real narrative is more along the lines of:
-Peaceful protests planned
-Agent provocateurs make violent threats
-Entire group gets arrested because you have to give Telegram your number

I hate saying it, but we warned you about Telegram.

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1   Patrick   2021 Sep 10, 1:51pm  

Never give anyone your phone number.

Maybe don't even own a phone.
2   RWSGFY   2021 Sep 10, 3:14pm  

Telegram is a known FSB asset. Italian government is in friendly relationships with Russia. Add 2 and 2 and you get 4.
3   richwicks   2021 Sep 11, 1:09am  

At the end of this, there will be a protocol that is impossible to crack except mathematically.

If ECC is what it's claimed to be (that's a non symmetric encryption algorithm similar to RSA), there's already a protocol in place. Tox is this protocol, it's implemented AWFULLY, but it will be fixed in time.
4   Patrick   2021 Sep 23, 5:36pm  


September 23, 2021
Italy tells employers to withhold pay for those with no vaccine passport
No vax pass = no income.

That is absolutely justification for a shooting war.
5   Patrick   2021 Dec 15, 9:59pm  


December 14, 2021
Germany demands Telegram creates a system to accept court-ordered censorship demands
For "misinformation" and "hate."
6   Patrick   2021 Dec 15, 10:49pm  


PSA: Be Careful on Telegram
Assume that most large chat groups are infiltrated by security services and that everything you say there is being surveilled by the police.

23 hr ago
For a few weeks, regime-friendly press outlets in Germany, like the Süddeutsche Zeitung, have been ringing the alarm about Telegram as a “lawless space” that poses a “danger to society.” Apparently it is a den of hate speech and incitement. This coordinated hyperventilation comes with demands that the new German government regulate Telegram as a social media application, which would require its administrators to report illegal content to authorities. Right now German law regards Telegram as a messenger app and thus exempts it from some of these rules.

In perfect tandem with this false press hysteria, police have raided the apartments of a Telegram chat group in Dresden. Allegedly, members of the chat, in the context of discussions about vaccine mandates, contemplated assassinating Michael Kretschmer, the CDU minister president of Saxony. Whenever police actions and press messaging campaigns align this perfectly, you should presume it is the work of agents provocateurs. In all likelihood, German security services are infiltrating Telegram chat groups, and putting about violent rhetoric in the interests of creating arrests and headlines to reinforce the press narrative.

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