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All you need to say is "Remember Thalidomide?"

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Sep 13, 5:57pm 69 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

COVID Vaccine Proponents Need to Remember the Thalidomide Tragedy
There just hasn't been enough time to perform investigative experiments on lab animals.
By Shawn Waugh

September 12, 2021
“Get the vaccine” they say. “It’s completely safe” they say. It’s the “most patriotic thing,” Joe Biden said.

What should the underlying fair and logical response be?

How do you know it is really safe?

Where are the studies to prove it?

Of course, they know that we know there are no long-term studies to back the vaccines. It simply is inconceivable based on the expeditious roll out of the vaccines. They cannot guarantee 100 percent safety from the COVID-19 vaccinations, just as they could not guarantee safe removal of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

But they still shout it from the rooftops. Those that sit on high are pushing COVID-19 vaccines on anyone and everyone. If you have the ability to fog up a mirror by breathing on it, you are a candidate for the jab. Technically, only individuals 12 years old and older are candidates for vaccination. Countless liberal elites, however, would support vaccinating individuals of all ages including their cats, dogs, and pet tarantulas if they could.

I knew one of those flipper kids.
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