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Pretend to be a homeless person or illegal immigrant?
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Quote from an email list I'm on (with the author's permission):

Last Friday, 9/17/21, I went into the JoAnn's Fabric store, at 85 and Almaden. I walked straight to the section I wished to
section I wished to purchase from and began shopping. While comparing the items, a store employee came up to me. She enquired if I had a mask. I politely stated I did not and went back to comparing items. She said she would get one for me. I politely said "no, thank you." She then stated that the sign on the door said that one had to have a mask to enter. I pointed out that there were exemptions - note, however, that I did not volunteer whether I was making use of one. She again said she would get me a mask. I again said "no, thank you." She then walked away in a huff.

I proceeded to finish my shopping, waited in line for a cashier and exited the store.

Today, I went into a Safeway (on Bernardo, in Sunnyvale). I did my shopping (noting one man with a mask earring and another maskless man). At the check-out stand, the cashier asked if I had a mask. I politely said "No, I do not." I offered no other explanation, and the cashier rang my purchases up.

I have decided to go maskless into stores and see what will happen. I am hoping that a manager will soon be called to talk with me. If they wish for me to leave their store, I will, provided that they, in their managerial capacity, give me a written letter asking me to leave. I plan to collect just such letters in the event that a class action, for discrimination, can be brought.
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Two days ago @ Lowes.

Store employee: "Sir, do you have a mask?"
Me: "No, I don't have that"

And we went our separate ways. :)

Lucky's, HD, ACE, Sprouts - nobody even asked.
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I haven't worn a mask anywhere for probably 6 months. Recently I went on a multi state road trip up to see family in Pullman WA. Going through eastern Oregon, people were maskless in cafes, stores, everywhere. I even saw a big sign on the highway that said "Investigate before you Vaccinate". Pretty cool. Washington state is another matter. Off the charts for vaccines, masks, rules, you name it. In a small town outside of Walla Walla, called Dayton, we stopped at a nice cafe late in the day for a light lunch. This is a pretty upscale cafe that we had been to before. No one was inside eating, 2:30 pm. The new owner, a former NY lady who moved from LA recently, probably in her 60s or 70s, came at me at the door, pointing to the mask sign. I ignored her, asked if they were serving lunch. She persisted on the mask thing, I held one up, wiped it across my neck, threw it on the table and said, "so are you still serving lunch?" She got the menus. Funny thing, she talked to us at our table, completely masked up from 10 ft away and let it slide that she was "fully vaccinated". WTF?? I never put on the mask. Then, at a really cool used book store in Pullman that we like to frequent, the sign on the door said Masks Required and "All our employees are proudly double vaccinated". So why do we or they need masks?? I didn't wear one. The young employees all had masks on the entire hour that I browsed. Why? Guess you don't trust those vaccines. I brought my purchases up to the desk, young girl with mask rang them up, never said a word. Most people won't confront. I wait for them to. So far they haven't. The Safeway in Pullman was the worst. Everyone with the face diapers. But not me. Got looks but not one word. I have been in Home Depot, Costco, Bevmo in Turlock. Never wore a mask. Some people do and others don't. I think the more you don't other people will feel comfortable going without as well.

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