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The White Rose Horizontal Stickers

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Sep 19, 5:23pm 95 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      


On the one hand, I approve of The White Rose, because the original group was truly anti-fascist in Nazi Germany and paid with their lives. I studied in Munich and know a bit about them. The current "anti-fascist" Antifa are comically and deliberately misnamed. They are hyper fascist, using violence to suppress dissent against corporate rule.

On the other hand, all the stickers encourage you to join Telegram, which demands that you give a phone number which will certainly be shared with the Nazis at the FBI and other leftists/liberals/fascists, who are going to hunt and kill everyone who does not submit to the will of global mega-corporations like Pfizer.

I know that Telegram is run by Russians, but that hardly makes them more trustworthy. They will sell out all their users as soon as it's profitable or convenient for them.

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