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The Testimonies Project: The Vaxx-injured Speak Out About Media Complicity With Pharma Corruption

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Rumble — The Testimonies Project was created to provide a platform for all those who were affected after getting the covid-19 vaccines, and to make sure their voices are heard, since they are not heard in the Israeli media.

We hope this project will encourage more and more people to tell their story. to view all the testimonies:

This is out of Israel, the most-vaxxed nation.

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To contact them and log your own story, you can use this page:
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The Israeli People's Committee is a group that was formed by Israeli citizens, whose goal is to encourage people to share and relate their experience in regard to civil rights violations, any damages or discrimination arising from the current crisis, ethics violations and suspected governmental and institutional criminality.

The team of Doctors, Attorneys, Criminologists, Epidemiologists and Academic Researchers is determined to perform an investigation, inquiry, and exposure for the benefit of the public.

We are commencing our work!

We are an independent a-political group of civilians coming from varied and diverse backgrounds of knowledge, occupation, and personal philosophies.

Among us are Doctors, attorneys, Researchers and Scientists of various disciplines. The chaotic vortex that has engulfed us in the past year under the Corona Crisis has bound us in deep concern about our people`s welfare and the destiny of our Country.

The country`s advanced built-in systems that have been designed to protect us as citizens, have considerably deteriorated during the Corona Crisis, and brought us to the realization that the cure for all the ensuing sickness (health, moral, social, and financial-related) must emerge from the People.

We have come together to form The People Committee, so we can activate this self-healing process, with the hope to attract many more to our effort.

What motivates us to action?

We are living in unprecedented times. Within a short period of about a year our reality has changed beyond recognition and all our ways of life have been turned upside down. For a whole year now, we have been under an institutionalized campaign of intimidation by the state leadership and the heads of the health system, under whose auspices a government dictatorship is being formed and being forged and all the most basic human rights are being robbed and squashed. The fear narrative has been backed wall-to-wall by politicians from across the political spectrum and inflamed by the media, it seems that they have forgotten their role as an important mechanism for supervising and criticizing the government and as a platform for presenting a variety of opinions. With regard to the vaccination campaign, one gets the impression that the media has transgressed against its role and acts to suppress any opinion that does not reconcile with the governmental narrative; and this in ways of silencing and even ridiculing, while becoming in fact the voice of the government and to a large extent, its behavior is reminiscent of propaganda channels of dark totalitarian regimes. Plurality of opinions, free and unregulated discourse are the life of democracy and in their absence the public has been helplessly abandoned to the whims of the government, to rash constantly changing decisions that are illogical and based on political considerations in crucial matters, untenable decrees, and picky enforcement.

The prolonged lockdowns, imposed on the public, have fatally and irreversibly damaged to all life systems. Families have lost their source of income. Businesses have collapsed. Children and adolescents were left for many months without an appropriate educational and social framework. Under the conditions of created uncertainty, many people developed emotional distress and phenomena of mental pathology, such as anxiety, depression, suicide, and domestic violence, have been intensified in the society. All of these have been left unanswered, and the failing leadership not only avoided taking responsibility for its failures but also chose to intensify the atmosphere of despair and distress by repeatedly throwing accusations at citizens and by a constant and incessant trickle of threatening and frightening messages, while presenting horror scenarios. For a whole year no long-term plan of action was presented to the people and the messages conveyed to the public lacked any glimmer of hope.

In view of the governmental conduct saturated with failures and omissions, as well as the hiding of government officials behind thirty years of secrecy over the corona discussions, it is not surprising that large sections of the public have completely lost faith in the establishment.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the country, the irresponsible conduct and restraint of the government has intensified. The state has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Pfizer, a company that suffers from a problematic history of huge lawsuits filed against it, without any public deliberation and with lack of transparency, all the while the agreement that has been reached is presented to the public only partially. The vaccine is given to residents without getting their informed consent, without informing them of the risks, without transparently and openly informing them that they are participating in a major medical study in humans, and without obtaining their approval. Voices that dare to bring forward the potential risks of such a vaccine, a new technology that has not been adequately tested on humans and has only received emergency use approval, are blatantly silenced. Medical and scientific people advise the public and urge them to get vaccinated without giving proper disclosure about their conflicts of interest. The vaccination operation is accompanied by an aggressive campaign, while narrowing the steps of people who do not want to be vaccinated and discriminating them by promoting the nauseating idea of ​​the Green Passport. People who choose not to get vaccinated are labeled in the media-and this is encouraged by the authorities- as science deniers, gullible people fed by conspiracy theories, selfish vaccine refusers, disease spreaders, ticking bombs, and other such derogatory and ridiculing names. The immoral idea that human beings are risk factors for their environment, which underlies the propaganda of wild incitement, has led to unethical and unconstitutional selection of people on the basis of their immune status, persecution and exclusion of the non-vaccinated population, and deepening divisions and incitement among the people. All this with the encouragement of the media and with the tacit support of the authorities. In the public atmosphere that has been created, many people are forced to be vaccinated not by free choice but by coercion which is a consequence of the fear of job loss and social exclusion. After a year of witnessing a storm that is advancing upon us, intensifying day by day with dizzying speed and threatening to bring disaster upon us, we have decided that we can no longer sit idly by and remain silent. We are embarking on a determined struggle for the future of our wonderful people and for the image of the country so dear to our hearts. We hope to sweep many more good people to follow us, who are as anxious as we are about the fate of the people and the state, and thus bring about processes of change that come from within the public and are done for the public.

What are the ways in which we will operate?

We will gather information, ask poignant questions, and conduct processes of inquiry and disclosure for the benefit of the public, focusing on the main civil wrongs caused to the public throughout the Corona crisis. We will fight to amend injustices on all fronts through legal tools and by exerting public pressure, both in a collective form and by providing individual legal assistance to anyone who needs it. We will provide emotional support to anyone who is experiencing distress, with the tools that will be available to us. We will report to the public on our activities and our findings and results to our efforts frequently and regularly.

In the context of the disintegration of all the systems that are supposed to protect us as citizens of a well- managed country, came into being the insight that the cure for all the ailments (health, moral, social, economic) that the corona storm brought with it, must come from the people. We have formed together a civic committee with the aim of initiating this process of self-healing and hoping to sweep many many more who will follow.
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Is the Gaza Strip accepting Israeli vaccine emigrants seeking sanctuary yet?
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How Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of testimonies

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Shared October 10, 2021

On September 30th, Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of comments and testimonies about vac(x)ine adverse effects. This is how it unfolded.
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