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Vaxx Failure Thread

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Sep 28, 1:25pm 27,552 views  698 comments           share      

A thread for obvious failures of the jab.

First one:


A married Michigan couple who were fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 both died of the virus just one minute apart.

Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.

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657   Onvacation   2022 May 28, 10:23am  

Coincideaths? I think not.
659   richwicks   2022 May 28, 3:51pm  

Patrick says

Hope the asshole dies, but it's not a dangerous disease so it won't die from it. That's unfortunate.
661   Patrick   2022 May 29, 9:29am  


Lol, so he gets Guillain-Barre syndrome and the coof!

Karma at work.
662   Patrick   2022 May 29, 9:30am  



Ivermectin works but is banned; the "vaccines" don't work but are forced.

Dr Shoemaker has done his homework. He is very well informed on the subject of covid and the forced injections. He is clear and easy to understand. I think this short interview can serve to help good people confused about covid and the injections.

He also presents some significant updates for those who are already well studied on the subject. This includes that the first children 10-14 years old in the UK who were injected, developed a death rate 52 times higher than their non-injected peers! That is information that was buried, while the injections continued being pushed on the kids.
663   Patrick   2022 May 29, 6:32pm  


‘Nobody Wants Them’: Moderna Throwing Out 30 Million Vaccine Doses, CEO Says
By Joseph Curl

May 25, 2022
664   Patrick   2022 May 29, 6:34pm  


For around a year, I have suspected that there is literally no benefit (with substantial evidence of harm) in terms of COVID-19 mortality or disease conferred by the experimental quasi-vaccines. I'll call this the Crawford Zero Vaccine Efficacy Hypothesis (CZVE Hypothesis). Here is a basic summary of the evidence:

International data shows COVID-19 cases and death increasing with experimental vaccine rollouts. The correlations that we would expect to be negative if there were any efficacy at all are consistently positive.

Experimental vaccine rollouts are associated with greater levels of COVID-19 mortality across all of Europe, suggesting survivorship bias contaminates a lot of data.

State level correlations data shows almost no consistency that we would expect from any substantial vaccine efficacy (VE).

Hospitalization rates have been gamed, but data is starting to reveal a lack of efficacy (here).

There is a tremendous pile of evidence that fraud occurred at multiple levels during vaccine trials, some of which very directly supports the CZVE hypothesis.
666   Patrick   2022 May 31, 9:49am  


Normalizing Shingles, More Cancer, and Autoimmune Disease: These Shots Are Turning People Into Human ATM Machines

Dr. Paul Thomas: "I'm already seeing ads for 'Oh, did you know one in three people have shingles?' What? I've seen a handful of cases of shingles in my 35 years! Shingles is a rare disease when your immune system is not working."

"You are being turned into human ATM machines for big business who will only profit the sicker we get."

The damage the vaxx does to the human immune system is very profitable!
668   Patrick   2022 Jun 1, 10:10am  


cliff notes:

autopsies reveal that the vaccinated get far higher rates of organ infection by covid than the unvaxxed.

they also generate fewer N antibodies (antigenic fixation)

the latter is strongly associated with and seems to cause the former.

there are also worrying cancer and immune suppression possibilities
669   Karloff   2022 Jun 4, 7:15am  

Actor Brad Johnson, dies of "coronavirus complications" at 62. Died back in February, but only recently announced. Looked like he was in pretty good shape.


No info in the articles on this as to whether RNA alteration was involved, but that alone is usually the give-away that he took the shots. For, if he didn't, the corporate news whores would have latched onto this immediately, screaming about how death is the inevitable result of not taking the experimental gene therapy.
670   Patrick   2022 Jun 6, 9:39am  


the regulatory capture of "unexplained" deaths
turning up the gaslights so that no one can see

neither the media nor the health agencies and officials are staying silent. they are actively gaslighting and flat out making up syndromes to explain away an inconvenient fact pattern: they just pushed the most dangerous and ineffective vaccines in human history upon a credulous public and the effects are starting to get really, really bad and the big truth of it is becoming to vast for the big lie to eclipse. ...

pfizer has not yet released comirnaty, the approved version of their vaccine.

and they probably never will.

this is almost certainly because an EUA drug (emergency use authorization) carries a liability exemption. you’re free from responsibility for bad outcomes. but start selling the FDA approved version and nope, now you’re on the hook. and they do not want that.

what they do want is an evergreen product with no future requirements for trials. and they are likely to get it. ...

and the already vaxxed are too antigenically fixated by prior doses for their immune systems to generate new adaptive response to covid variants. which is why simply having had covid and having recovered from it (natural immunity) is outperforming being vaccinated and having had covid.

and why the triple dosed are getting covid at rates far above their unvaxxed friends, even when we control for age groups.

and the risk ratio on this has been rising rapidly.

alas, this incredibly useful data series was discontinued by the UK and so we cannot update it and see how it’s going now especially in light of BA5 which is causing such ill effect upon the boosted in portugal where it pervades. i have a niggling suspicion they did not eliminate it because the trend looked good for vaccines.

the data on the collapse and outright inversion of these product’s efficacy has become widespread and compelling and it’s moving past cases and into hospitalization and deaths.

so these biosimilar variant booster guesses have little hope of efficacy or safety even at stationary targets, much less targets now evolving far more rapidly than before due to a homogeneous pool whose immune fixation is around non-sterilizing response. and every new round of boosts will likely accelerate this trend by generating period of immune suppression in a fixated herd.
671   stereotomy   2022 Jun 6, 10:36am  

Patrick says


the regulatory capture of "unexplained" deaths
turning up the gaslights so that no one can see

neither the media nor the health agencies and officials are staying silent. they are actively gaslighting and flat out making up syndromes to explain away an inconvenient fact pattern: they just pushed the most dangerous and ineffective vaccines in human history upon a credulous public and the effects are starting to get really, really bad and the big truth of it ...

Buried in the comments to that Boriquagato article are links to two articles on the hiddencomplexity substack. These articles describe how some people are susceptible to infection of the enteric mucosal lining in the gut following covid infection, causing extended diarrhea:



I'm definitely convinced I got the coof a few weeks ago (my boy tested positive, but it was a rapid PCR non-test). Since I've been taking the Rin cocktail, I haven't had any severe symptoms, but this last time I was peeing out of my butt on and off for weeks. The first article at the very end talks about what seemed to clear it up - wheat bran, antioxidants (especially NAC) and probiotics. I guess I need to up my NAC, R-Lipoic acid, and chow down on yogurt. Not a fan of anything with gluten, so I'll skip the wheat bran.
672   Patrick   2022 Jun 7, 4:20pm  


Boosted Americans Show Higher COVID-19 Infections Compared to Unboosted, CDC Data Reveals
673   Patrick   2022 Jun 8, 10:09pm  


No evidence of effectiveness against Omicron, definitely causes myocarditis, Sounds great! says the FDA's "expert advisory committee"
Feckless bureaucrats add Novavax to the Final Solution

Toby Rogers
3 hr ago
I. Welcome to the clown show
674   Patrick   2022 Jun 10, 10:07pm  


The NY Times announces that henceforth, clinical trials for Covid-19 shots must be abandoned because real world data makes the cartel look bad

Here’s how the NY Times describes this scheme:

…many experts worry that the virus is evolving so quickly that it is outpacing the ability to modify vaccines, at least as long as the United States relies on human clinical trials for results.

See, it’s not that coronavirus vaccine have failed over and over again (even though they have). It’s that This Wily Virus(TM) is just evolving so quickly that we could not possibly allow human clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines ever again. The only way to beat This Wily Virus(TM) at this point is to abandon science.

Of course it gets worse. The NY Times elaborates:

The problem is that Moderna and Pfizer — the maker of the other main coronavirus vaccine in the United States — do not have enough time now to run more human clinical trials and still manufacture shots before the fall, when the Biden administration is hoping to be able to offer an updated vaccine to counter what public health experts predict will be a winter surge.

See, it’s not that rapacious pharmaceutical companies want to suck all wealth out of the world and put it into their own pockets while setting up a 1,000 year Pharma Reich. No, no, no, silly. It’s just that they “do not have enough time” to do actual science anymore so they are just going to skip all that. Don’t you worry your little head about it.

Furthermore, only a conspiracy theorist would believe that the FDA has abandoned all of its statutory responsibilities to protect public health in order to prostitute themselves to Pharma. The Correct Understanding(TM) is that the FDA is being forced by circumstances outside their control to abandon science. This is not a problem because the cartel is truth, the cartel has always been truth, and since the cartel has decided to abandon science altogether then that’s the new science.

Henceforth, quite literally, the peasants will be forced every six months to inject whatever they are told, with no questions asked, and “they will be [required by law to be] happy about it”.

Instead of human clinical trials the FDA will rely on a few test tube and mouse studies. In the article, Fauci describes this as, “alternative pathways of decision.” That guy just oozes totalitarianism at this point.
676   Rin   2022 Jun 12, 10:55am  

Patrick says

FDA will rely on a few test tube and mouse studies. In the article, Fauci describes this as, “alternative pathways of decision.”

Does anyone remember the great year, 2020, when Fauci said that (concerning HCQ) that only a full double blind study was valid but then, went on touting Remdesivir w/o such a study behind it?

This guy is quite literally the return of Dr Mengele but in sheep's clothing. Ok, make that a Madison Ave suit but the metaphor holds.
677   Ceffer   2022 Jun 12, 11:01am  

Catherine Austin Fitts said that Fauci and Bill Gates met in early 90's, agreeing to a campaign designed to gull the public into mass mandatory vaccinations on demand.

She says that the PTB in the 90's adopted the campaign of population reduction, because democide would be the only way they could stay solvent and balance their books.
678   Onvacation   2022 Jun 12, 9:18pm  

Patrick says

Boosted Americans Show Higher COVID-19 Infections Compared to Unboosted, CDC Data Reveals

But it would have been worse if they hadn't been boosted.
679   Patrick   2022 Jun 13, 10:38pm  


Vaccinated and boosted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tests positive for COVID four days after meeting Biden at the Summit of the Americas

Trudeau is vaccinated and boosted
680   Patrick   2022 Jun 14, 11:56am  


Quadruple-Vaxxed Trudeau Gets Covid AGAIN, Says The Line AGAIN 💀

Canada's dictator-in-chief has just come down with the Wu-Flu again!

This, despite receiving 4 doses of the Covid-jab.

But don't worry guys, he's doing okay all because he got the shots. Getting the virus you're immunized against multiple times is totally normal!

Ah, now he's gotten it twice since getting toxxinated.
681   Patrick   2022 Jun 15, 12:36pm  


Fauci has COVID: Biden's pandemic tsar, 81, is struck down with virus and claims he has had no recent contact with the president
Dr Anthony Fauci, the head of the NIAID who serves as Biden's pandemic tsar, has come down with COVID
The National Institutes of Health announced on Wednesday that Fauci tested positive for the virus on a rapid antigen test
His diagnosis comes after Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra announced he contracted the virus for the second time in a month
682   Shaman   2022 Jun 15, 12:43pm  

My jabbed friend with an adverse reaction is featured on the Frontline Doctors mailer.
684   mell   2022 Jun 15, 3:26pm  

Booger says

This can't be real nobody can be that retarded. Poor kids with such parents. If you are triple jabbed and have to go to the ER caused by the disease the jab is supposed to prevent and you can't figure out that the jab doesn't work but need to blame others you are a stupid cunt. Where is CPS when you need it?
685   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 12:07pm  


This study examines the performance of disease modeling during the covid-19 pandemic, and its associated effects upon the public health measures adopted to mitigate its course. Specific attention is given to the failure of the Imperial College model, which severely overstated mortality in 189 out of 189 countries under both its "do nothing" and "mitigation" models, and 170 out of 189 countries under its extreme "suppression" model. The Covid-19 policy response is analyzed as a failure in central planning, with specific attention to the public health dimensions of the same. Public health is identified both historically and in the present day as being acutely susceptible to knowledge problems, which in turn foster the conditions for a public choice trap that causes proposed policy measures to become ineffectual or even counterproductive in disease mitigation.
686   Onvacation   2022 Jun 16, 12:19pm  

Patrick says

The Covid-19 policy response is analyzed as a failure in central planning,

Does central planning ever succeed? Local planning is best, right on down to the individual level. My body, my choice.
687   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 9:37pm  


While the world’s focus has shifted towards Ukraine, inflation, gun control, and abortion (the most dependable of distractions), one little news gremlin is enjoying its time in the shadows: the inefficiency of COVID-19 vaccines. Let’s look at how badly COVID-19 vaccines are doing around the world, shall we?
688   Patrick   2022 Jun 17, 4:21pm  


A research paper found that people who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine had a lower rate of suffering a severe case of the virus amidst the pandemic.

The article, which has been uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate, relied on data from over 18,500 respondents across 175 countries. Analysis revealed that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 reported fewer instances of hospitalization in comparison to their vaccinated counterparts.

So it looks like the vaxx not only makes you more likely to catch Wuhan Virus, it also makes you more likely to get severely ill from it. Yes, there are confounding factors, but I bet more such papers will come out.
691   Patrick   2022 Jun 20, 6:45pm  


Pfizer Tells the FDA "We Don't Have a Complete Understanding of the Way the Vaccine Works"

Oh great.
693   Patrick   2022 Jun 23, 11:04am  


It's time to stop the mandates, the passports, the inoculation of children, all of it.

In our latest video “Dispelling the Myth of A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” we reveal shocking truths using Ontario’s own public health data. A proper analysis of this data shows that the vaccine mandates have completely failed to control COVID-19 case growth and that the fully vaccinated are contracting COVID-19 at higher rates than the unvaccinated. Even more, it shows that hospital capacity is being stretched by the vaccinated and not the unvaccinated. And to top it all off it provides definitive proof that the pandemic has been over since early March 2021 when the death counts due to COVID-19 became negligible.

This means that the government has been unjustly extending emergency measures and limiting the freedoms of Ontarians for almost a full year!

Not just Ontario, but the US and the state of California as well.
694   stereotomy   2022 Jun 23, 11:15am  

Patrick says

For those who reviewed the Phizer docs, recall that over 80% of accidental pregnancies resulted in spontaneous miscarriages/stillbirths. The death jab is WORSE than Thalidomide as far as fetal health/development is concerned.

696   rocketjoe79   2022 Jun 23, 3:39pm  

Patrick says


It's Official! CDC and UK government data reveal the COVID vaccines do not prevent cases, transmission, severe illness or deaths
So what DO they do, and WHY are we using them?

Meryl Nass

What is the bottom line?

High quality, official data obtained on over 30 million American adults and 48 million residents of England incontrovertibly reveal that:

1. Natural immunity was 3 times better at preventing cases than vaccination alone, even before Omicron.

2. Natural immunity was somewhat better at preventing serious illness, measured as hospitalizations, than vaccination alone, even before Omicron.

3. Boosters (a 3d shot) reduced the death rate in England of the vaccinated from Omicron, but the benefit was starting to drop off by January 2022.

4. Natural immunity provided 3 times more protection against infection (and therefore against transmission) than did double vaccination, during the Delta wave. After Omicron arrived, vaccine efficacy was even worse.

5. Overall, England's unvaccinated population had a lower COVID death rate during the Omicron wave than the COVID death rate in its doubly vaccinated population.

6. The vast majority of COVID deaths occur in those over 70. In this age group, the doubly vaccinated died from COVID at higher rates during Omicron than the unvaccinated.

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