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Google and Youtube to Demonetize Climate Change Skeptic Videos

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by AmericanKulak   $0.14 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Oct 7, 10:55pm  

Google, YouTube To Stop Posting Ads Next To Climate Change Misinformation
Google will prohibit the platforms from helping people make money from content that "contradicts scientific consensus around causes of climate change."

1   Patrick   2021 Oct 7, 10:58pm  

Anything that gets people off of Google and YouTube is a good thing.
2   Ceffer   2021 Oct 7, 11:19pm  

It's always wonderful when the flagrant oxymoron 'scientific consensus' is thrown around as if it is a thing rather than a self contradiction signifying bogusness of position.
3   AmericanKulak   2021 Oct 7, 11:24pm  

The Outer Party apologists are all Liberal Arts majors, who avoided science courses like the plague, and their knowledge of Science comes from some "History of Science" Course and a few episodes of "Cosmos"
5   Patrick   2021 Oct 13, 11:18pm  


In 2020, AirBnB cut $542 million of performance advertising spend and saw no measurable falloff in attributable sales. They continued this ad-slashing practice in 2021, with similarly eye-popping numbers. Could it be that all those ads did nothing? ...

The lesson is simple: advertise to those already primed to buy and you’ll see a phenomenal return on advertising investment without any sales lift. ...

Worse, I think these networks (Facebook, Google, and perhaps even more egregiously, the long tail of ad platforms) know that the degree to which ads impact behavior is small, but the degree to which ads can get credit for conversions is large.

Herein lies the scam. I’m not saying “no one buys because of a retargeting/display/branded search ad.” I’m saying, “somewhere between 60-99%* of the people exposed to those ads would have purchased anyway.“

Looks like businesses should demonetize Google.
6   Automan Empire   2021 Oct 14, 1:13am  

In the mid 2000s I tried a push into ecommerce, and can confirm what is said here about Google and conversion rates. I dumped a ton of money into Adwords, and when I stopped spending when the budget was depleted, I saw NO CHANGE as sales remained flat at zero.

This venture was well outside my areas of core expertise and passion; twas hubris really.
8   Patrick   2021 Dec 15, 9:55am  


Government To Replace Tornado Sirens With Climate Change Alarms

U.S.—In the wake of destruction left by a vicious tornado, the Biden administration is taking steps to protect residents from the real threat, replacing all tornado sirens with climate change alarms.

“Tornadoes never existed before the invention of coal, think about that,” said local climate activist and climate change alarm inventor, Sola Pannelle. “And science has proven that the climate never even changed until the day Henry Ford was born.”

In a demonstration of the climate alarm’s efficacy in saving countless lives, Pannelle pulled a set of keys to a Ford F-350 Supercrew and jingled them in her hand.

“HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!” blared the town’s climate change alarms in the distinct voice of climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Fearful residents were seen turning off their vehicles and scrambling for cover, proving the alarm's effectiveness.

The Biden administration also confirmed that drinking from a plastic straw will cause the alarms to blast a lecture by Al Gore.
10   clambo   2022 May 29, 12:03pm  

The confusion is generally that people assume the sun has a constant energy output, like a giant lightbulb.

But, that’s incorrect.

The sun’s energy output varies, particularly cosmic rays.
In CERN in Switzerland they showed experimentally that cosmic rays can form clouds.

The significance of this is obvious if you have been on a beach and a cloud suddenly blocked the sun.
11   Patrick   2022 Jul 6, 3:08pm  


Canadian news outlet the Western Standard has received a second strike on YouTube, this time for reporting on Covid vaccine injuries. The first strike, received in April, was for violating the platform’s policy on medical misinformation.

In an article published by the outlet on June 19, Parliamentary Bureau Chief Matthew Horwood cited three Canadians that had suffered adverse effects after receiving Covid vaccines. On June 24, Horwood appeared on Western Standard’s online show Triggered with Cory Morgan to discuss the story. The video was posted on YouTube and the channel received a second strike and got suspended for two weeks.
12   Patrick   2022 Jul 27, 2:52pm  


YouTube censors videos for Saudi Arabia
Blocking ads at the behest of the state.

So you can't doubt climate change on YouTube, but if you're a despotic medieval theocracy, you can have whatever you want censored on YouTube.
13   Ceffer   2022 Jul 27, 4:05pm  

Bad Tube has been allowing surprisingly more uncensored content compared to their recent past. They aren't getting the Globalist/Intel bribes and subsidies as much, or they just know to keep from woke extinction they have to allow more stuff to remain in spite of?
14   Bd6r   2022 Jul 27, 4:33pm  

Ceffer says

Bad Tube has been allowing surprisingly more uncensored content compared to their recent past. They aren't getting the Globalist/Intel bribes and subsidies as much, or they just know to keep from woke extinction they have to allow more stuff to remain in spite of?

Afraid that people will move to rumble etc
15   Patrick   2022 Jul 27, 4:36pm  

Free market competition benefits us all!

Conversely, monopolies and oligopolies harm us all.
16   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Jul 27, 5:13pm  

plebs you dare not question overlords!!! suncerely, some faggots at Google

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