What a "Free" $100 billion dollar program is costing you

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2021 Oct 10, 5:48pm   449 views  3 comments

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Xi Biden increased the Child Tax Credit by about $100 billion per year. This is "free" money given to the most needy members of society --- the children of the poor (Sure a lot goes to illegals too, but who's counting). Well, after counting for inflation, real incomes for those working are estimated to have decreased by 1.1% over the course of the year. I think we see the official results on Tuesday. Workers without children, thanks for playing the game of "Social Paradise".

Xi Biden wants to up the ante with another roughly $110 billion per year for his infrastructure program and then top it off with an extra $350 billion per year for his social programs.

It's "Free". What's not to like?

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1   RWSGFY   2021 Oct 10, 6:33pm  

Let's go Brandon!
2   Blue   2021 Oct 10, 10:08pm  

Trump mentioned only 9% goes to real infrastructure. Rest goes to, I guess AOC budget
3   WookieMan   2021 Oct 12, 1:53pm  

HunterTits says
Costs me more, because I don't have kids.

As a parent (with kids obviously), I think you should be pissed. In a unique situation with caring for my nephew. SIL gets all the tax benefits, food stamps, stimulus, etc. For what? He costs us $500-800 more per month, which we'll gladly do, he's my nephew and I love him. She won't give up guardianship and baby daddy is in prison.

I don't want fucking handouts. It's weak. I've been the breadwinner. I've done stay at home dad months because it made sense. I don't want OPM. Work smarter. Sometimes you have to work harder. This stimulus is corrupting a lot of people. Throw in all the tax incentives to deadbeat mom and dads. It's bull shit. I feel for the single people or couples that can't have kids. You literally are paying for other people's kids.

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