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There will soon be more vaxx-induced deaths in 2021 so far than total 2020 murders by gun

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A staggering 21,570 homicides were reported across the country, up 4,901 from 2019, according to the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR).

About 77 percent of the slayings were committed with a gun, up from around 74 percent in 2019, the report states. Jeff Asher, a data consultant who studies crime rates, told NPR it was the first time the figure surpassed 75 percent.

0.77 * 21570 = 16,609 gun homicides in 2020

Yes, 15,937 people are on record for dying from the Covid vaccine, where nearly half that number at 9,141 have died from all other vaccines combined, again dating back to 1990.
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Vaxx is also clearly more dangerous than driving a car:

Unavoidably unsafe?

Having skimmed the surface of the reported data, it is clear that this new clutch of COVID vaccines are at least as risky as driving around in motor vehicles. If we assume 10% or 1% of cases are under-reported, they will then be 10 times or 100 times more dangerous than driving a car.

It would seem, then, that vaccines, especially the new-generation mRNA-based ones, are unavoidably unsafe, despite this not being recognized by health authorities or even the courts.

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