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Biden's Proposal to Empower IRS Rattles Banks and Their Customers

By NDrLoR follow NDrLoR   2021 Oct 12, 8:14am 242 views   12 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

1   Automan Empire   2021 Oct 12, 8:25am  

It's not well remembered today how during the descent into the Great Depression, the Federal government closed all banks then went through and helped themselves to the contents of all the safety deposit boxes.
2   NDrLoR   2021 Oct 12, 8:36am  

Automan Empire says
the contents of all the safety deposit boxes
At least they didn't get my father's 1898 $5 gold coin, minted the year he was born, which resides in my safety deposit box today. That amounted to about $100 then, not insignificant, probably more considering the value of gold today.
3   WookieMan   2021 Oct 12, 9:09am  

Safety deposit boxes are not necessary today at a bank. Ultimately this proposal would destroy poor and middle class people that do side gigs for cash and deposit it in the bank. Wealthy people can just pay and not blink an eye or they keep cash in their own personal hidden safes. My uncle has multiple hidden safes in his property with 2 gates (one manned 24/7) to even get to the driveway and he has guns. People have learned from the Depression.

This is an attack on the poor and middle class. Biden is a piece of shit. Took 9 months, but I'm done giving him a chance. This is outright retardation.
4   HunterTits   2021 Oct 12, 9:23am  

It's not Biden's 'proposal'. It's the play being made by the Deep State/Corporate fucks who run the WH via their little cabal committee.
5   NuttBoxer   2021 Oct 12, 9:48am  

I use cash almost exclusively, and I've noticed since the scamdemic started, it's a growing trend. This is also, and possibly primarily, an attempt to push us towards a cashless system.
6   HeadSet   2021 Oct 12, 3:04pm  

the administration wants banks to give the Internal Revenue Service new details on their customers and provide data for accounts with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600.

$600 total annual deposits/withdrawals? That is not "the rich" being targeted. This is targeted at Uber, Doordash, and other side gig money.
7   Onvacation   2021 Oct 12, 3:43pm  

Total? Annual deposits or withdrawals of more than $600?

Who doesn't deposit or withdrawal that much a month? A week?

War on cash. They already traded our precious metal for tokens and paper. Now they want us to give up the tokens and paper for... What?

If they outlaw cash do you think they will outlaw barter as well?
8   Ceffer   2021 Oct 12, 3:44pm  

Every potential weapon of unilateral domination is being evaluated and deployed in force majeure, from rampant debt, to flooding borders, to currency destruction, to deputizing criminals and rioters, backlogging the infrastructure supply chain, attacking food chains, undermining and controlling medicine as weapon of terror and murder, and perverting the organs of governance while persecuting the innocent. It's clear the Globalist psychopaths have put these political vermin vassals on a strict schedule to achieve tyranny.
9   NDrLoR   2021 Oct 12, 6:41pm  

Onvacation says
Who doesn't deposit or withdrawal that much a month? A week?
The billionaires
10   komputodo   2021 Oct 13, 7:43am  

Onvacation says
If they outlaw cash do you think they will outlaw barter as well?

How do you enforce a law against barter?
11   komputodo   2021 Oct 13, 7:47am  

Onvacation says
They already traded our precious metal for tokens and paper.

No...some owners of precious metals have traded them for paper and base metal tokens.
12   HunterTits   2021 Oct 13, 9:11am  

Small donations are the bread & butter of funding for populist candidates of both parties. They want to find out who they are and send scary letters from the FBI to cut down the level of said funding.

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