lion awake

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by Patrick   $0.52 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Oct 12, 5:06pm  


let’s start here:

seem familiar? after the endless fear driven propaganda bombardment of the last 18 months, we’re past the point of rational. we can dig and argue and provide evidence until we’re all blue in the the face. it does not move the needle. mostly, we’re talking to one another and preaching to ever more rarified choirs.

it keeps us from feeling alone, it keeps the gaslighting from spreading, but it cannot roll it back.

and it does NOTHING to address this:

going along to get along IS the problem. you cannot comply your way out of tyranny and anyone still waiting for this “temporary” emergency to end is engaging is self-delusion. it will never end.

grant politicians unlimited emergency power, and you get unlimited emergencies, every time.

until there is a price for them to pay, until there is clear revolt and they fear the world crashing down around them if they persist, there is NOTHING that’s going to stop them. this will be the one way ratchet to serfdom.

and this means only one thing:

it’s time to rise. it’s time to end this. it will not end of its own volition. it must be ended. and that’s our job. not the state’s, not someone else’s. ours.

if you will not shoulder the burden and experience discomfort and pain to keep your freedom, then do not come crying to me. clearly, you never valued it.

it’s time for resolution and for commitment. it’s time to stand up and make it known that we do not and will not consent to this.

it’s time make oppressing us very, very expensive.

this takes no violence. it just takes disobedience. stop complying. let it crash. this is the short sharp pain to spare you decades of long, grinding suffering.

that’s the zeitgeist.

and it’s working.
listen to this waffling liar on CNBC.

this is some “both sides of the fence” “i wuz just following orders” tapdancing. it’s as lame as it is morally bereft.

“Kelly told CNBC that he is personally opposed to corporate vaccine mandates, but that the company had complied with President Biden's order that all companies with over 100 workers require those workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

but we all know there IS no mandate like that.

"Talking about the vaccine mandate. Oh, yeah. I mean, there are some that have very strong views on both sides of that issue. And you know, it's not, as I think you probably know, I've never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate. I'm not in favor of that, never have been.”

is that so? then why are you doing it? make them show you the OSHA rule.

"But the executive order from President Biden mandates that all federal employees, and then all federal contractors, which covers all the major airlines, have to have a mandate and a vaccine in place by December the 8th.

so drop the federal contracts. it’s what, 3% of your revenue?

time to choose, big fellah. 97% of your airline can survive. is this the hill you want to go bankrupt on?

time to tell uncle sam that if he wants to fly SWA, he needs to stop being such a tyrant.

"So we're working through that. We're urging all of our employees to get vaccinated. If they can't, we're urging them to seek an accommodation either for medical or religious reasons. And my goal, obviously, is that no one loses their job. The objective here obviously, is to improve health and safety, not for people to lose their jobs. So yes, we have some very strong views on that topic, but that that's not what was the issue with Southwest over the weekend."

this is politico speak for “i want to be a good little eichman, but i hope you find a way to stop me.” it’s a sign of fear, but also of insincerity.

ways are not going to be forthcoming. this is a lie and he knows it. just who will grant these “accommodations”? and why would anyone believe they would be durable? how has “trust us, it’s just for a while and we’ll be reasonable” worked out for literally everyone else lately?

this is now the leading edge of the fight. the #FreedomFlu is catching. become a carrier. become a contagion vector.

these folks are already wobbling. it’s working.

it’s time to up the pressure. bigly.

the only way you bring a fascist leaning corporate sphere back into alignment with we the people is to remind them that we are much, much scarier than the government.

look what tiny groups of noisy wokesters did to them. we are much, much more powerful and influential than that.

they were tiny. we are legion.

but they were committed. are we?

we need burn no cities nor loot any consumer chains.

all we have to do is walk away.

“hey, remember that business you used to have? shame no one goes or works there anymore.”

Robby Starbuck
It has begun. 200+ Northrop Grumman employees called out sick today and protested in front of the entrance to Northrop Grumman. I’m talking to a ton of workers all over the nation who plan to do the same in coming days and weeks. Disobedience is the path to freedom!

October 11th 2021

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remind them of who they truly serve.

consumer and worker sovereignty > governmental sovereignty. period.
ours is the right to say no. to vote with our wallets and with our feet.

vote early. vote often. and vote with intention.

one day, you will look back on this period of time. it will either be the turning point where we took back our lives and liberty or it will be the day that music died.

which world do you want to inhabit? which world do you wish to leave to your children?


the time for doing nothing is past.

doing nothing IS the problem and this can be the start of something beautiful or the end of life as you remember it.

take a HARD look at how much you’ve lost in 18 months and how much control has been taken and agency usurped from you.

look how much freedom you traded. feel any safer?

how has going along to get along been working out for you?

what if we had risen in march of 2020 when it was easy? how much needless, senseless, agenda driven damage could have been avoided?

“we’ve complied this long, it’s just a little longer now” is just a sunk cost fallacy. it’s the slippery slope to serfdom.

you can tell yourself that you’re the victim, but the simple fact is this:

participating in the systems of subjugation makes you an agent of subjugation.

be the other guy instead.

“because i don’t want to” is always a good enough reason. always. anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something other than a free society.

you get to keep the rights you’ll fight for.

this is not negotiable. never was.

so decide.

refuse to comply in your own disenfranchisement and that of those around you.

support those that stand for freedom. theirs, yours, all of ours.

the society you save may be your own.

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1   Ceffer   2021 Oct 12, 5:16pm  

Brainwashing depends on individuals. Like they said, the Phantom Political Plague has become a religion. I think the Russky Research really only works on poorly educated people with limited access to information, who are inclined to trust authority in spite of.

The Soviet Union broke up because nobody believed the Russians any more and parallel social structures had risen up, so apparently they need to do more research.

Even the Nazis admitted that the baleful deception strategies only worked up to the point that segments of the population found out the truth.

Blind deception for deception's sake, as with our MSM, is not a workable long term strategy. It hasn't even been a great short term strategy because backlash.

However, the Satanists who are devolving us appear to be proscribed from using truth except to tell us once that the fickle finger of fuckaciousness has been aimed at us.

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