Psychology of vaxxers. They are accepting the state into their body, becoming one with the government

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Maybe the battle is between those who unfairly benefit from credentialism, and those who don't.

Liberals defend their credentials which allow them to exploit those who don't have the same credentials. Credentials create monopolies, the ability to set high prices regardless of quality of service. It is a way to defeat free market competition.

The funding of universities depends entirely on the demand for their degrees, which they control. Their biggest horror would be a system where anyone could take tests to prove competence in a subject without paying for the years of classes and subjecting themselves to obedience to professors.

Thatcher and Trump refused to give the automatic respect many academics feel is their due. They gave the impression that they could see right through us, an uncomfortable feeling.
- Thomas Frank

Most of academia is less about learning than about paying for a paper proof of status and conformity. Non-conformists are expelled from schools, or failed out. Most teachers do not like their authority to be questioned. Bosses like the academic proof of conformity when they hire. The most "educated" are the most obedient.

Trump was a threat to their credentials and therefore a threat to their incomes and status.

The academic elite need a reason to hate those threatening themselves, therefore they use imaginary "racism", to which there is no defense. The accusation is the conviction.

Then they don't need to worry about the real class problem, which is independent of race. They would be uncomfortable looking at class, because they'd have to look at themselves and their unearned class privileges.

So their faith in the injection is faith in the "expert class" of which they are members, and they demand that the hoi polloi submit to it as an expression of the elite's power and prestige.

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821   Onvacation   2023 Aug 17, 8:46pm  

Dr. William Shatner introduces the Aries variant and pushes the vax.
822   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 18, 12:02am  

"Dr. William Shatner introduces the Aries variant and pushes the vax."

No thanks. Many more people know right now that we have medications that work against Covid like Ivermectin and HCQ with over 500 medical studies that prove that they work against Covid.


823   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 18, 1:18am  

This is where we are at, right now and It looks like there is no end to this because they are ignoring We The People and the actual science.

839   Patrick   2023 Sep 8, 1:20pm  


Governor DeSantis held a blockbuster press conference yesterday titled “Mandate Freedom,” in which he coined what may be my favorite new expression. He was talking about the possibility of new federal mask mandates, and said:

“We see all this stuff, and we see they are not following the science. They are trying to follow a narrative. They are trying to follow an agenda. Here in Florida, we did not — and we will not — allow the dystopian visions of paranoid, hypochondriacs control our health policies, let alone our state.”


Haha! “Dystopian visions of paranoid hypochondriacs!” That’s money! I can’t wait to use that terrific line someplace.
842   Patrick   2023 Sep 10, 3:36pm  


Optimizing outcomes by thinking the best of people...

The first trap I managed to escape was trying to convince ‘narrativers’ of anything other than the narrative. Stepping away from those pointless ‘arguments’ saved me a lot of heart ache and time. My energies went to analyzing data.

The second trap I managed to escape was falling for the lures of trolls with regard to wasting my time responding to their hit pieces. ...

The third trap I am still learning how to side-step is the one that is really hard to see. I am not even sure how to define it, but I do know how to define the outcome: division. If I do fall into one of these traps, I usually end up with misgivings against someone that perhaps I have never even met. That kind of thing. It reminds me of when I found myself yelling at my screen when I still had facebook back in 2020. I had to stop myself one morning and simply ask the rational question: Why am I wasting all this energy, and ramping up my blood pressure over something I can’t even verify? Is this the purpose of these ‘messages’?

Ultimately with people, my strategy is basically to think the best until I have proof that they are crapola. And by crapola, I mean someone who really is consistently intent on hurting others. I think these people are few and far between, in reality, and that most people want to do good and perhaps even think that they are doing good even if they aren’t. ...

Thinking the best of someone creates and maintains an environment of possibility - a best potential whereby that someone has a chance to live up to this best potential. Thinking badly about someone does the opposite, and creates and maintains an environment of doubt, deprivation and non-productiveness. The former is productive and allows for the possibility of best outcome. The latter is non-productive and encourages worst outcomes and actually, potentially prevents any good from manifesting. ...

Try something new. Optimize our outcome. Even if some people are doing ‘questionable things’ ask yourself: have you walked a mile in their shoes? Will you? Are they really evil, or are they just ego (driven)? To be egotistical is not the same thing as being evil and let’s face it, none of us have any idea what we’re doing so isn’t it best to try to drop ego stuff and help each other along the way. This is hard one for us humans.
844   Ceffer   2023 Sep 10, 5:55pm  

Patrick says

Optimizing outcomes by thinking the best of people...

A problem comes with parsing people who have vested interests, either by faith or politically or economically, or are just short term 'sports team' thinking types, leading them into moral relativity to defend disinformation or lies as 'justified' because winning and losing.

They may not be bad per se, but are a tad louche on the ethics side.
847   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 7:18pm  


Study: 'Neuroticism predicts national vaccination rates across 56 countries'
Which definitely correlates with real world experience, especially on social media

The more neurotic you are, the more likely you were to get vaccinated. So sayeth SCIENCE itself!! (Until this paper gets retracted at least.) ...

While we are only going to discuss a few highlights from this study, it is actually written in fairly comprehensible English that is accessible to laypeople for those interested in reading it in full. This study also drops some ‘truth bombs’ not often seen in academic literature. ...

Translation: The level of neuroticism for a country’s population had a statistically significant correlation to vaccination rate - the more neurotic the population, the higher the vaccination rate.

And it’s not like neurotic excesses were in short supply over the pandemic:

848   Patrick   2023 Sep 18, 10:17am  


All the Very Important Science People have been wrong about everything, which means that none of them can pull the plug on this farce. They’ll continue their doubtful performances, selling slightly updated versions of failed pharmaceutical products and making claims well in excess of the evidence to an ever shrinking audience of virus enthusiasts.
849   Patrick   2023 Sep 18, 10:40am  

This weekend, the Empire State Building bragged about lighting itself up in blue and cyan, in respectful observance of the Branch Covidian holiday season that begins with “New Booster Day.”

The building was mercilessly mocked in the comments, which I will link for your amusement.


Twitter is suppressing the replies when I go to view it. You get a few, and then a string of ads and irrelevant comments.
852   Patrick   2023 Sep 20, 12:59pm  


During the lockdowns I was absolutely gobsmacked by how thoroughly so many of my friends fell for the psyop and succumbed to the mass psychosis.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, most of them are quite convinced that carbon dioxide is a pressing threat to the survival of the human species, one which photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and lithium-ion batteries will save us from; that race is a social construct; that the pay gap between men and women is real; and that a woman is whoever uses she/her pronouns.

Still, in this case, it all just seemed too obvious to me that the entire thing was a put-up job, a hysterical collective nervous breakdown cultivated by an unholy alliance of politicians greedy for power and pharmaceutical behemoths greedy for cash. I mean, we had the Diamond Princess results in March of 2020.

These aren’t stupid people, by any means. I’m talking PhD scientists, computer programmers, engineers. In terms of raw cognitive grunt this is a group with serious horsepower. So despite the fact that they’d largely swallowed every other mandatory absurdity in the prevailing culture, I retained a naive expectation that they’d eventually come to their senses and realize that COVID’s dangers were exaggerated.

No such luck. Most of them still haven’t comes to their senses. Even several months ago masks remained a common sight in professional settings, and of course, the majoity dutifully, even enthusiastically, lined up for their untested gene therapy injections. Which, as so many predicted before the rollout, have done absolutely nothing to protect anyone from the Coof of Doom, and have generally proved to be far more trouble than they’re worth what with all the myocarditis. Many of them got sick from the shots. That didn’t stop them from getting more. ...

“Smart people do this thing, so if you want to be smart you should do it too!” is in practice a highly effective argument for manipulating the behaviour of people who identify as smart. ...

The propaganda in favour of vaccination has been absolutely relentless for a couple of decades, now. The party line has been that any skepticism at all towards not just vaccination as a concept, but even the product safety of any specific vaccine, is a marker for anti-science obscurantism. ...

“Vaccine hesistancy” will get you branded a kook, in other words, and laughed at for being stupid. Smart people don’t like getting laughed at for being stupid. It is extremely important to them that they be thought of as smart people by other smart people, because being smart is central to their identities. ...

Notably, it is precisely the opposite ends of those traits which are strongly selected for in our academic institutions, probably more intensely than they select for intellect: low Openness, high Conscientiousness, high Agreeability, and high Neuroticism are all strongly preferred. That combination of traits tends to produce an intellectual community that values conformity far more than it values truth. When the majority of the world’s intelligent people are acculturated into a system that prioritizes obedience over veracity, looking at what the smart fraction do might not be a great guide to actually smart behaviour. In fact, it may be the precise opposite.

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