Covid mortality and housing supply

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by Curmy     💰tip   follow   2021 Oct 25, 2:31pm  

With about 3/4 of a million Americans now claimed to have died as a result of complications of infection with SARSCoV2, and all of those victims having lived somewhere before they fell to Covid, what has become of that space the dead no longer occupy? Discounting about half the total, whose death opened up beds in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, the other non institutional deaths were living somewhere, now vacant. They were disproporttionatly old enough for Medicare and likely to be in the homeowner category. How many lived alone in houses, now empty and on the market? Where is this data available? Are death notices for the tragic Covid mortality an indication that a property associated with that victim may soon be available to investors? Are Realtors "mining" these possible listings?
Are these among the single family houses that Black Rock is purported to be buying up to be rentals, even as prices hit record highs in much of the country?
What factor is the influx of a quarter million "migrants" and "refugees" swarming across the border each month on housing supply? Do the Covid dead's empty homes get filled with subsidized renters that include refugee applicants, via Black Rock or other big corporate investors, combined with "Section 8" housing aid?
As the pandemic drags on, with "not too effective or safe " vaccines more available than early treatment, Covid associated deaths will continue. And the death toll following vaccination now reported to VAERS at over 17000 adds growing numbers to those dead after SARS2 infection. They all lived somewhere that they no longer occupy.
Will this Covid vacancy-driver burst the price bubble? Does the open border fill the vacancies and keep the market full, and housing scarce? How many of the migrants dispersing across the land are untested yet unrestricted carriers of the virus? Will they be reliable healthy long term tenants for rental houses?
Covid mortality and the open border, together, are involved in the housing needs of millions of people. Is there an investment opportunity there, or will the effect primarily be to keep housing scarce and costs increasing at a rate greater than the high rate of inflation in other consumer needs? Current prices make home ownership unaffordable for millions of non-essential workers.
1   mell   2021 Oct 25, 2:35pm  

Most of the people who died of covid would have died anyways soon, there is hardly any excess mortality. There will be no impact on housing. Now the jabs kill a lot younger people, so if there is mass die off and continued "vaxxination" then housing may be impacted. Too soon to tell
2   Ceffer   2021 Oct 25, 2:40pm  

It's pretty clear in Santa Cruz that the over 55 mobile home parks inventories have ticked up a lot in the last two years. Even an older friend, who is vaccinated but has survived so far, noticed it and commented on it to me. However, being a LibbyFuck, he doesn't make the connection with vaccines.

Although there have been significant morbidities and mortalities associated with the vaccines (not fake Covid per se), it appears that people so far have been too resilient, there have been too many placebos dispersed, or something because people still aren't dying as fast as Globalists want.

Our home in Tri-Valley now, we are literally surrounded by inheritors and not home buyers. I am not certain that the deaths have been significant enough to reduce actual demand. That could happen. but as soon as something opens up, it gets occupied. The entitlement to live in California, even in the face of rampant fuckaciousness, is awe inspiring.
3   Patrick   2021 Oct 25, 7:13pm  

mell says
Most of the people who died of covid would have died anyways soon, there is hardly any excess mortality.

I think it's true that the government wildly exaggerated the number of deaths from the virus, counting everyone who has a positive test at death even if they died from a gunshot.

But now that the deaths from the vaxx itself keep rising exponentially, we may indeed see some extra inventory come on the market.
4   Misc   2021 Oct 25, 9:42pm  

There's nothing that a few million more illegals can't cure.
5   Ceffer   2021 Oct 25, 10:43pm  

I'm waiting for the Real Estate signs saying, "Vaccine Sale!". Maybe inspectors for spike protein contamination.
6   zzyzzx   2021 Oct 26, 7:09am  

I am also expecting more vaccine induced inventory. However, what's far more likely to happen is decreased household size.

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