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Desantis calls for Fauci to be fired for Weaponizing/Gain of Function Research

By AmericanKulak follow AmericanKulak   2021 Oct 25, 2:43pm 134 views  4 comments           share      

Which is the same shit, just two different ways of putting it for maximum propaganda. Wx and GoF involve the same processes.

Video of DeSantis' announcement:
1   Misc   2021 Oct 25, 9:59pm  

All DeSantis has to do is open an investigation into conspiracy to commit thousands of murders, and the Covid crap goes away.
2   Patrick   2021 Oct 25, 10:50pm  

So why doesn't he?
3   Misc   2021 Oct 25, 11:51pm  

Deep down he is part of the establishment.
4   Patrick   2021 Oct 25, 11:53pm  

I also suspect he's not really what he tries to look like.

For example, why doesn't he mention ivermectin?

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