The Vaxx Is A State-Sponsored Religion

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Even Stevie Wonder could see it: When you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer; superstition ain’t the way.

Covid has become a religion. American Vaxxers, more accurately labeled “injectors,” believe in something they don’t understand. Injectors don’t understand that the injections don’t resemble conventional, prior vaxxes. They can’t explain the mRNA mechanism by which the injections are said to work. They’re also unaware that the number of near-term post-injection deaths after 9 months of Covid injections exceeds the death tolls from all vaccinations combined over the past 30 years. They know nothing about the long term safety of the injections, nor of data revealing breakthrough deaths in the US and abroad. Nor do they know, after 19 months of media fearmongering, that the vast majority of people are at functionally zero risk from Covid. They watch too much TV.

Nonetheless, most Americans believe in the injections because the injections have been marketed with the halo-effected label, “vaccines.” Many Americans see the injection as a modern, magical talisman, a technological sacrament that enables them to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Never mind that they would have been fine without the ritualistic injections.

Using the vaxx label is misleading, and required the CDC to recently change its catechistic definition of “vaccine.” After the Covid-19 vaccines were introduced, and it was discovered they did not necessarily "prevent disease" or "provide immunity," the CDC quietly tweaked the definition of vaccines to require that they merely "produce protection." Calling the Covid injections “vaccines” is like comparing Britney Spears to Miles Davis by calling them both “musicians.”

Americans’ faith in medicine now exceeds their faith in a Supreme Being. Americans have been brainwashed by decades of TV shows with actors portraying heroic, brilliant, compassionate MDs. More recently, Americans have been shown endless hospital and Pharma ads of smiling people strolling in slow motion through golden light across flowery meadows, accompanied by a loved one and soft, ruminative background piano. Adeptly propagandized, all things medical have become subliminally associated with healing, health and earthly Eden. This illusion persists despite many Americans’ frequently expressed real-life dissatisfaction with medical personnel, procedures, hospitals and results obtained, including long lists of dreadful drug side effects, read rapidly at the ads’ ends: cognitive dissonance.

Injectors haven’t reviewed, and would not understand, the injections’ clinical trial data. They recite, like a creed, that the injections are 95% effective, though they can’t explain what that means. The Injection Taliban supports mandatory injections because some nominal doctors on TV ads and interviews assert that the injections are “safe and effective.” They’re unaware that many other doctors, whom the media suppresses, instead explain on the Internet, backed by data and logic, why the injections are unsafe and unhelpful. This latter group of physicians resemble latter day Martin Luthers, who are not invited by corporate TV stations to post their Theses. And when these injection blasphemers post on the Net, the latter day Vatican, i.e., Big Tech, censors them.

The core, suppressed truth of the past 19 months is this: even without treatment, over 99.98% of uninjected, normal weight people under 70 survive Coronavirus infections; with basic, inexpensive outpatient treatment, even more do.

Yet, for months, Covid-fearing, fire and brimstone preachers have convinced their flocks (of sheep) that Covid guarantees universal, physical damnation and that the injection is the only way to salvation.

Indoctrinated injection choir members have repeatedly, fervently asserted that the injected “don’t get or spread the virus.” As breakthrough cases multiply, this is disproven daily. Adapting to such failure, the injectors’ fallback has been that “Yeah, but vaxxed people don’t get hospitalized or die.”

This is false. In the UK and Israel, which vaxxed earliest, many of the injected are being hospitalized and dying. While US and state governments are declining to systematically collect, and are suppressing, similar information revealing injection failure, the same effect is now emerging in such American jurisdictions as Vermont and Massachusetts. For now, US government and media are gaming the stats to promote the injection fanatics’ false tenet that there’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” One trick is that those who die within 14 days of injecting are categorized as “unvaccinated.” However, because the injection temporarily attenuates immunity, the injected become especially vulnerable to infection during that 14 day window. Further, the testing standards for the injected are much more relaxed than they are for the uninjected. The complicit media will decline to ask serious questions about such recordkeeping and thus, allow the truth to continue to be hidden. Ignore that man behind the curtain! Get your booster!

The Vaxx Church has its clergy. Even though he’s been repeatedly wrong or equivocal, many still believe deeply that Fauci is wise and infallible; to the injection zealots, he’s the Pope, the Ayatollah and Jim Jones rolled into one. The Vaxx Church has various subsidiary clergy in state governors’ mansions. They have Covid-televangelist TV networks like CNN, CBS, CSNBC and PBS. And the Vaxx Church has global reach, with missionaries in places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The injectors brook no dissent or questions from heretics. In making everyone inject, the government doesn’t care if you’re young and healthy and at no risk. Neither does the government care if you’ve had the virus already and, therefore, have developed natural immunity that’s 27 times more robust than injected immunity. Nor does it care to which of the various brands of injections you submit. They also don’t care if the injections are effective against a variety of continually evolving virus variants. The government only wants you to inject something. The Injection Crusade is clearly about control, submission and deception, not public health. It feels like a fraternity hazing ritual, only riskier and more lucrative.

None of this would be so bad if the injectors just injected and went about their lives: faith should be its own reward. Instead, the injectors insist on foisting their deeply mistaken dogma on others. These New Age, physically invasive, injection proselytizers won’t be satisfied until they convert everyone. They demand that you bend the knee to the government and the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex; the line between the two is blurry.

The injection end game is this: if everyone injects, there will be no control group, and Biden and Fauci will claim that the injections saved humanity. Thus, the shots are a deceitful backdoor effort to falsely justify the purported—but utterly failed— Covid Commandments: lockdowns, arbitrary social distancing, mass testing, contact tracing and mask mandates, and to obscure the inexorable protection bestowed by natural herd immunity.

But Big Pharma can’t make tens of billions from natural immunity. Nor can politicians claim credit for it. So the Covid Inquisition continues.

Injectors, this is the United States of America. It’s your right to believe in things you don’t understand. It’s also your right to ignore data and science and to not know what a PCR test is and how it’s been used to wreck a society. It’s even OK to have child-like faith in the Medical Industrial Complex. While you may regret the short or long term effects of the injections, that choice is yours. You have free will. Drink the Kool-Aid if you want.

But America doesn’t—or at least didn’t use to—take away people’s basic civil rights and livelihoods because they don’t share the beliefs of an official state religion. Rather, Americans recoil at the notion of theocracy; it’s fundamentally anathema, characteristic of Iran or Saudi Arabia. The Orthodox injection crusaders must not be allowed to foist their mistaken beliefs on the infidels who have studied and know the injections are, at best, a scam, and who wish to apply their knowledge in the exercise of their natural law sovereignty over their own bodies.

The lockdowns, mask mandates, school closings and absurd social distancing rules have already done far too much deep, irreversible harm. The injection jihad must end.

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2   NuttBoxer   2021 Oct 26, 7:31am  

Blind belief in an injection is not enough to define something as a religion. But to define it as a cult, definitely accurate.
3   PerfectlyFlawed   2021 Oct 26, 8:54am  

The mask of the beast is a religious garment (perhaps the 'r' was mistaken for an 's' in translating Revelations), the invasive swab testing and tracking/tracing is a form of confession, the injection a Lucifarian Sacrament complete with particles of sacrificed children, and it is all preached to us by white labcoat wearing clergy. All of this to 'protect' us from Covid, the Devil. No doubt - it definitely resembles a religion if not a cult!
4   Patrick   2022 Feb 15, 10:40am  


In addition to their confessional tone, it’s their gray-faced literalmindedness that gives them away. Even the most devout Christian doesn’t hammer his entire litany into his front lawn; that takes a special kind of zealot.

So what does THIS HOUSE believe? First, that “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” and major points for creativity there. “WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS,” though we’re still awaiting comment on unborn rights. “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL” — that’ll stick it to all those human-banning politicians in Washington. “SCIENCE IS REAL.” One imagines flabbergasted neighbors spewing half-chewed barbecue across the lawn: “I thought everyone in this development believed science was fake!!” “LOVE IS LOVE.” A = A. “KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING.” Now when will the police mow down those Canadian truckers?

So while progressivism might be religion, it’s stupid, hypocritical bad religion.
5   Patrick   2022 Feb 15, 10:45am  


One of the interesting developments over the last several years is the extent to which totalitarian ideas that, until quite recently, would have been expressed only in veiled, euphemistic form are now out in the open. If you don’t wear a mask, refuse to be vaccinated, express unpopular ideas, dissent from this week’s reigning narrative, you should be locked up and terrorized. And of course, it is not just totalitarian ideas that are out in the open, spreading their wings. It is also totalitarian behavior, as we see on city streets wherever people congregate, peacefully, to demand their rights and the police apparatus of the state, egged on by disgusting media megaphones like the CBC, are out there in force in their fancy black SWAT gear to put those peons in their place.

Do I need to point out that this is unlikely to end well?
7   Patrick   2022 Dec 10, 9:48pm  



This is a sentence from a NY Times article about Indonesia:

The new penal code expands the country’s blasphemy law from one to six provisions, stating for the first time that apostasy — anyone who “persuades someone to be a nonbeliever” — can be charged as a criminal offense.

It is also a perfect description of AB 2098 in CA and the mindset of the Cult of Vaccine.

Vaccines are a State Religion. Scientific debate is not allowed because it is not a science. To speak critically of this terrible product is apostasy — “persuading someone to be a nonbeliever” — a criminal offense.

Richard Pan is not a man of science, he’s a cleric in the Cult of Vaccine.

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