How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems?

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2021 Nov 11, 9:31pm   219 views  5 comments

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A local Children's Hospital reports that all three NICUs are full of infant patients with cardiac problems. How will the CDC and the White House whitewash infants with cardiac issues?

Nov 5

The CDC told pregnant women to get vaccinated based on a statement in a paper in NEJM that has since been retracted. But the CDC didn’t retract their advice when the paper was corrected (see the tiny little 1 at the top of the page).

I just received this email from a very trusted source. It sounds very credible to me, but I haven’t had time to confirm.

My fiancé knows a nurse at the local Children's Hospital who quietly confided in her yesterday that another nurse there said that the hospital's three NICUs (neonatal ICU) are full of infant patients presenting with cardiac issues. The NICU nurse allegedly said she is not allowed to ask about the vaccination status of the mothers, but that the information is present in all of their charts, and that all of the mothers are fully-vaccinated.

Because this is a third- or fourth-hand rumor, I would ordinarily try to confirm it before sharing with anyone. But my initial Internet searches came up empty, and I worry that this is the sort of thing that might be effectively suppressed for quite a while by those in control of our largest hospitals--especially the ones currently busy firing doctors and nurses who refuse vaccination. And if it's just starting to happen at one hospital, I assume it would be starting to happen in hospitals nationwide, or even worldwide -- perhaps just starting now because it's been just about 9 months since the vaccination craze started, or maybe more pregnant women have recently been succumbing to vaccine mandate pressure.

I was wondering whether it might be worth sharing with some of the Unity Project's scientific/medical advisor doctors who may have contacts "on the inside" of large hospitals with NICUs, so long as they could be trusted to discretely investigate without risking their or our credibility by outing the story prior to confirmation. If this rumor could be confirmed and revealed, it could potentially, by itself, turn the tide of this war.

I leave it to you to decide next steps.

As always, please let me know how I can help.

Anyone doctor willing to risk their career by confirming this in the comments below? If you are a parent of an injured child and come forward, they can’t fire you.

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1   AmericanKulak   2021 Nov 11, 10:04pm  

How many people in the Turd World - the real Turd World, not Developing like Ecuador or Turkey - have had a double dose?

Shit like this =

2   Ceffer   2021 Nov 11, 10:09pm  

Gates and Klaus Barbie Schwab: "We wanted the babies dead. However, they will be highly profitable for Pharma and the Medico-Industrial complex as long as they live, so there is that silver lining."
3   RWSGFY   2021 Nov 12, 7:33am  

You're a racist Nazi, that's how.
4   AmericanKulak   2021 Nov 12, 8:53am  

You don't have to explain it, if you don't cover it, and call claims it exists "Conspiracy Theory"

My favorite scene in casino is when the Mafia guy is explaining to DeNiro how the State application process works. "Why would they want to find out."

And they didn't, until DeNiro started making trouble with the Good Ol' Boys running the show.

They simply won't count and/or put it filters to reduce/eliminate the cases in the reporting.
5   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2021 Nov 13, 6:26am  

Clinical characteristics and long-term outcome of acute myocarditis in children

The clinical course of acute myocarditis (AM) in children varies from being asymptomatic to causing sudden cardiac death. The aim of this study was to clarify the clinical characteristics and the long-term outcome of AM in children. We enrolled 24 children (aged from 0.1 to 14.6 years, median 8.4 years), who were diagnosed as AM between 1978 and 2010. The maximum follow-up period was 31 years (median 7 years). We retrospectively investigated their clinical course of AM. We also analyzed survival rate, persistence of decreased left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) by two-dimensional echocardiogram (2DE), and persistence of complete atrioventricular block (CAVB) by the Kaplan-Meier method. Furthermore, using univariate analysis we analyzed the factors that influenced the outcome.

The survival rate was 86 % (95 % confidence interval (CI), 65-96) at 30 years. The persistence rate of LVEF less than 60 % at 1 month, 1 years, and 3 years was 44 % (95 % CI, 22-68), 36 % (95 % CI, 17-62) and 18 % (95 % CI, 3-59), respectively (n = 16), and the persistence of CAVB at 10 days was 36 % (95 % CI, 14-66, n = 11). In six patients with persistence of wide QRS (>100 ms), there were one acute death, two late deaths, and one orthotopic heart transplantation. The 30-year survival rate for six patients with wide QRS and 17 patients without wide QRS in the late phase was 50 % (95 % CI, 17-83) and 100 % (P = 0.0078), respectively. The factors in the acute phase influenced on the outcome were log creatine phosphokinase (CPK) 4.60 (95 % CI, 1.64-29.26, P = 0.001), appearance of ventricular tachycardia 19.71 (95 % CI, 2.50-399.9, P = 0.005), and LVEF 0.91 (95 % CI, 0.81-0.98, P = 0.015), respectively.

The predictors of poor outcome in children with AM were high serum CPK, appearance of ventricular tachycardia and low LVEF in the acute phase, and persistence of wide QRS in the late phase. The long-term survival rate of children without these factors was fair.


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