This Just In from COP 26

2021 Nov 14, 6:55pm   320 views  4 comments

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The attendees have decided that at next years climate conference there will be 2% less private jets than this year.

This will bring the number to 392 private jets instead of this years 400.

However, there have been talks that they will contemplate reducing the numbers of private jets to sometime in 2035 allowing an increase up until then and then slowly reducing the number from there.

Remember the elites only have your best interests at heart.

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1   cisTits   2021 Nov 14, 7:32pm  

They'll just fly them into some neighboring airport. If they did that for the Glasgow bullshit, they would have flown in to Edinburgh, for example.
2   Misc   2021 Nov 14, 8:24pm  

This year the attendees didn't even have to sit through getting yelled at by a retarded high school drop out.

Wonder what comedy act they booked instead.
3   Ceffer   2021 Nov 15, 12:51am  

By next year, they'll be using Greta for dwarf tossing contests when shit faced.

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