The Art of Gaslighting: Confession Through Projection

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"The most dangerous psychological mistake is the projection of the shadow on to others; this is the root of almost all conflicts." -Carl Jung

It feels like we're living through an era of extreme projection by the most nefarious sorts. But the truth is simply that we're stepping out of an era in which mass projection was successful insofar as it was cost effective.

Source: Violation Tracker

These days, one person documenting a contradiction can quickly demonstrate proof that can spread as virally as the lie.

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Christina 🇫🇷
November 9th 2021

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Once you recognize the pattern, you begin to see it often. It's ubiquitous among those whose power depends on control. The psychological profile of the Kunlangeta is stamped on society through the flaws in the organization of our economic incentive structures. Technology's (a)symmetry problem ensures the result, encoded in a mind virus, implanted in the youth.

Maybe pot smoking is the variable that suddenly changed everything just recently? Or temperatures rising? Maybe somebody should check out the heart attack rates closer to the equator. That would be genius!

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Cody Elijah
Just so we're clear on the whole myocarditis thing, I have never personally seen a single case in 13+ years in emergency medicine. Not one. Pericarditis yes. Do they occur? Sure. But not like this. Pediatric strokes? Come on now.
November 16th 2021

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Succinctly Phrased
I'm no expert in Jungian psychology, but my test for psychological concepts is how they grow on me as I meditate on them. Maybe I'm suddenly projecting when I see projection everywhere? Or maybe it really is all getting louder. Louder means the footsteps are getting closer.

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Viva Frei
Confession through projection. And a total lack of self-awareness that would be funny if it weren’t so sad.
Oliver Darcy @oliverdarcy

I do not think most people fully appreciate the disinformation campaign taking place right now in right-wing media to de-legitimize Biden as President-elect. It has totally saturated coverage. It's everywhere.
November 10th 2020


I recently subscribed to VivaFreiBarnes at Locals.com. I find Frei and Barnes to be crisp and educational. Even if by some strange twist I never again find any of their discussions compelling, the succinct phrasing of this concept, which is part of the mass psychosis unraveling, is pure gold. This is another example of what I see as "new media as educators/education", where the masses can reject the mainstream media for a combination of education and reality after coming to grips with various flavors of Gell-Mann amnesia. Viva Frei may have popularized the phrase "confession through projection", though I haven't found out for certain whether he was the first to use it. Either way, it's a t-shirt now.

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25   Patrick   2022 Jul 1, 11:45am  


Rise in Non-Covid-19 Deaths Hits Life Insurers
Companies believe lack of medical treatment during pandemic has contributed to deaths from other causes

Lol, what on earth could have killed all those people?
31   mell   2022 Jul 10, 10:57am  

Biggest bullshit ever they have no shame. Coffee acts as a blood thinner, so it's rather the opposite. There is some preliminary research that caffeine may increase the coagulation factor during heavy workout,but that's it. Asshoes!
32   HeadSet   2022 Jul 10, 3:55pm  

When did England's "favourite drink" change from tea to coffee?
39   Karloff   2022 Aug 22, 12:07pm  

Reading articles about things that are bad for your heart, is bad for your heart.
41   HeadSet   2022 Aug 24, 3:19pm  

I said long ago that when the evidence against the jab became irrefutable, they would start blaming Trump.
47   mell   2022 Sep 25, 7:55am  

Booger says

Fuck these gaslighting asshoes lol what a crock
50   stereotomy   2022 Oct 11, 6:20pm  

Patrick says

Yeah - don't do anything to raise your heart rate above 100 BPM, otherwise:


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