Winsome Sears is great.

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by AmericanKulak   $0.14 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Nov 21, 2:58pm  

Dana Bash tries to gotcha new Lt Gov Sears by claiming the infrastructure bill brings $10B to Virginia.

Sears says SW Virginia is underserved with broadband, and her first elective office 20 years ago was trying to bring broadband. She then points out the massive size of the bill, and says "The problem is what comes with it." And goes on to inform Mitchell that the Broadband assistance for Rural Areas ONLY comes if the immigrant population is large and growing, which is not the case in SW Virginia.


She's on her game, likeable, and firm. Future Federal Leader.

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1   Tenpoundbass   2021 Nov 21, 3:21pm  

Yes agreed, I vote for strong Black candidates any time. I voted for Sheriff Tony here in Broward, even though he was a Democrat.
The MLK day 2020, there wasn't a single instance of wild pistol wavers terrorizing traffic with motor bikes, and three wheelers, cutting wheelies on our busy streets, while Cops just stood back and watched. 2021, was just a normal Federal holiday, no crazy batshit madness. He's a great non nonsense Sheriff.

I wish he would primary Debbie What's her face Slut, I would switch parties just to vote for him in a minute.
I think Trump can stand on his own in a Florida Primary.
2   AmericanKulak   2021 Nov 21, 9:44pm  

Tenpoundbass says
I wish he would primary Debbie What's her face Slut, I would switch parties just to vote for him in a minute.

Her hair is inexcusable based on the high population of gays in her district. Jewish Jhericurls
3   Hircus   2021 Nov 29, 9:31am  

She's good - I think she will keep rising rapidly.

She's clever too - her rhetoric feeds nuggets to both sides. She attacked CRT blatantly, but was careful to say "we should teach the good and the bad history in schools" which leaves a door open to teach some things that might make the CRT crowd happy, or at least string them on.

Seems like a strategy that's able to get votes from across the aisle.

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