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Follow The Money

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Nov 25, 10:30am 74 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Ed ☯️ The Obsolete Man...a Free Thinker
Nov 17
All of them bro…the TAM (Total Available Market) is 7 billion humans compelled by governments with semi-annual to quarterly boosters making it a vaccine as a subscription service (VAAS). One would have to be a naive fool to not think bribery is rampant for such a large prize!

Pfizer is making $1000 usd PER SECOND from covid-19 injections. How many politicians around the world could that buy? 🤔

Let’s analyze the opportunity to Pfizer shall we? TAM 7 billion people. Let’s say it is semi annual jabs and they manage to compel 5 billion folks. Let’s also assume they get 50% share of market. That’s 2.5 billion folks at $35 a dose twice a year. That’s $175 billon in annual revenues. They currently have ~$52 billion in annual revs. Assume a corporate rate of 65% gross margin we have an incremental gross profit opportunity with the above assumptions of ~$80 billion. Current gross is ~$33 billion.

So you see bribes today are cheap compared to prize

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Ed ☯️ The Obsolete Man...a Free Thinker
Oct 14
Covid vaccines are a new business model for pharma

First 2 Jabs:
The hook
Lifetime boosters:

The is what we call vaccines as a subscription service VAAS...much like SAAS-software as a subscription service. Don’t need to go down rabbit holes.👇
4:12 AM · Oct 14, 2021

It’s about a fusion of government (mandates) & corporations (pharma)...we call this fascism. It’s huge money. Look no further than greed &’s easy to see. Wall Street assigns higher multiple to these business. Large cap pharma would love the planet to be on a👇

subscription service model with government compulsion and no liability. The total available market (TAM) is 7 billion people. If you don’t think that such a prize would warrant bribery of politicians and watchdog agencies you are certainly naive at best. Largest fraud ever done.

Additionally these vaccines don’t provide immunity and if the jab was one and done that would not be a good business model although it would be the right thing to do.

Goldman Sachs opined on this very topic as well...👇

Goldman essentially says cure are not sustainable cash flows & use Gilead as an example of a stock that was eventually punished for curing Hepatitis C because the cash flows had a terminal ending & defined market.

So you see this isn’t about anyone’s health. It’s greed & power

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