Bill Gates is disappointed in you!

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Robert W Malone, MD
Hmmm. Dawning self awareness? Not likely. Projection and blaming others? More likely.

Anonymous UK Citizen
Bill Gates: “This was an interesting test of people’s trust in their politicians or their health system. We didn’t do as well as I would have expected.” [November 17th, 2021]

This is good news! The planned to just steamroll everyone into getting jabbed to death, but there was a lot of resistance. I think there will be more resistance from now on.

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36   Patrick   2022 May 11, 11:51am  


Has an excellent comment:

Ironically enough, unlike the vaccine, it turns out that COVID-19 is genuinely safe and effective.
37   Hircus   2022 May 11, 12:02pm  

covid might be an excuse not to show up to the gates foundation meeting.

39   stereotomy   2022 May 16, 4:17pm  

I like the original joke:

To get women, it requires a man to spend (time) and (money)
but as we all know (time) = (money);
(women) = (time)(money)
= (money)(money)
= (money)^2

But, since money is the root of all evil: money = sqrt(evil), this reduces to:

(women) = (money)^2 = {sqrt(evil)} {sqrt(evil)}

Thus (women) =(evil)
45   Patrick   2022 Jun 3, 9:06am  



A Decade of Vaccines: Bill Gates' Strange Meeting With Fauci and His Sadistic Grip on Public Health

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: "He owns stakes, very, very large stakes, [in] almost all the big pharmaceutical companies. Then he gives essentially about a billion dollars to WHO every year, but through Rotary International, through GAVI, through CEPI, and through the Gates Foundation, but the cumulative [funding] is even larger than U.S., which is the second biggest [contributor to WHO]. That gives him control over WHO's policies, so the analysis of WHO [is that] there's nothing that goes through WHO that is not vetted first by the Gates Foundation."
47   Patrick   2022 Jun 15, 7:53am  

Times of London: Bill Gates met in secret with other oligarchs to talk about how to reduce the world’s population

54   seesaw   2022 Jul 16, 6:47pm  

FBG. It's amazing how much of a ZuckHead he is... the richer you are, the less you have to worry about anything... except Death...
55   pudil   2022 Jul 16, 6:53pm  

He’s not even a coder. His mommy got him an in at IBM and he bought dos off another dude and licensed it to them. 40 years of shitty software later he’s still a moron.
58   Ceffer   2022 Sep 2, 10:02am  

Gates and Melinda are dead. Like ZuckFuck, it never was his fortune, he just got to play with it. The name stealers have replaced him with some squeaky teleprompter blob, and Melinda is now a tranny to make Baphomet smile.
The blob gets to act as one of their executive store fronts, now, deflecting blame from the sources but executing their agenda. Notice Warren Buffet backed off? Did it take him that long to recognize the avatar?
59   Booger   2022 Oct 10, 4:19pm  


Gates Foundation Pledges $200 Million to United Nations to Establish Global Digital ID System

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be giving $1.27 billion to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, $200 million of which will be used to establish a global digital ID system that can enforce vaccine mandates.
60   Onvacation   2022 Oct 25, 8:47pm  

"We need to find non Russian hydrocarbon sources"
62   clambo   2022 Oct 26, 7:25am  

I'm so sick of the wannabe copycat loser Gates being touted as a fucking "genius".
He is incapable of an original thought; he's hoping you consider him a great thinker.
The reason he's spending his money now is simple; he either spends it now on pet projects or he sends it to the US Treasury from the grave.
63   FortWayneAsNancyPelosiHaircut   2022 Oct 26, 10:16am  

Whenever billionnaires invest into something, media and corporations as well as government (basically everyone) start generating the need. It's an insane system we live in.
68   richwicks   2022 Dec 12, 2:10am  

Patrick says

I've said this before, viruses on machines are TRIVIAL to eliminate.

I worked on the XBox360 project. The hardware was sold BELOW COST initially, piracy was a great concern, and the way MS made up from the loss of selling the system was to charge a hefty fee to publishers to produce games for the system. The way they did this was on the initial bootup, software had to be signed with a digital certificate, and this was handled in hardware. Non authorized, unsigned software, simply would not run. The binary was checked to see it was signed properly, and if it wasn't, the hardware wouldn't execute the software.

EVERYTHING can be run this way on a standard computer. With the XBox, it was done only on the bootup sequence, but it could have been done for all parts of the binary. There was only a single certificate on the XBox (as far as I know) but there's no reason there couldn't be, say, 1000 certificates or a million. This could easily be applied to standard machine, where you create your own certificate to test your own software, to allow many publishers to be able to run on your machine.

The reason virsuses exist is not because we're befuddled on how to prevent them, it's intentional.

Have you ever considered why email is not encrypted? We have had PGP encryption since the 1990's. This has been around for more than 20 years, yet, what emailers support PGP encryption, and WHY don't they support encryption? Somebody or some organization is purposely preventing this. Secure communication is available, but some organization (cough government) is preventing it.

It's not a limit of technology, it's a limit of ethics.

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