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Biden broke federal law by mandating unlicensed vaxx to military personnel

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Dec 1, 9:37am 171 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Robert W Malone, MD

Federal Judge Rejects DOD Claim That Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable’
A federal district court judge rejected a claim by the U.S. Department of Defense that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being administered under Emergency Use Authorization is interchangeable...

This is really big news for DoD personnel. This means that what DoD has been doing is illegal. As I have been saying for months now. The Pentagon/POTUS/Exec branch is not allowed to administer unlicensed vaccines to .mil personnel. This is against federal law.
4:46 PM · Dec 1, 2021

Now will Biden be charged for violating federal law?
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Patrick says
Now will Biden be charged for violating federal law?

I think you already know the answer to this question....
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Sorry, but I think they can order experimental vaccines for use by military personnel

From what I understand the military is vaccinated against anthrax by an experimental vaccine.

I don't think any laws were broken.


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