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Thread for various protest events

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Dec 13, 9:39pm 171 views   9 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

First one:

Tuesday, December 14 – 7pm
Support 9 Year-Old Boy Addressing The School Board
Sylvan Union School District
605 Sylvan Ave, Modesto, CA 95350

For those who can come to support a 9 year-old boy speak at a Modesto school district against wearing a mask in school. This will happen December 14 at 7pm in Sylvan Union school district, 605 Sylvan Ave, Modesto, CA 95350.

Please come and show support if you can.
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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has filed a lawsuit against Santa Clara University over their booster mandate.

Please join the peaceful protest tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9th at 1PM.

Corner of Benson and Alviso Street on the Santa Clara University campus

This rally is for Jackson and Harlow, the brave students that are now plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They will be speaking to the community, media and public about their journey.

Please join us to support their fight.

All Hands-on Deck and please share far and wide!!

Bay Area Freedom Alliance
bayareafreedomalliance@protonmail.com (email)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/362887512290962/?ref=share&source=patrick.net (Facebook)
bayareafreedomalliance.org. (website)
https://t.me/joinchat/ZTgHk_?source=patrick.net (Telegram Channel)
https://signal.group/?source=patrick.net#CjQKIO447DZmN--EetjHpGg1X3vX2Ks_LGdR90gxvAZ1i4USEhApYGBYhdaQ4zsdwzgcE3hU (Signal Channel)
ttps://bayareafreedomalliance.mobilize.io/registrations/groups/53557 (Mobilize Group)
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David Chan is excited to share the ’Atrocities of the CCP' event by Berkeley College Republicans, which will take place on Sunday evening, April 15th, 2022 from 6-8 pm on Berkeley's campus.

They will be featuring Bob Fu, (who will be speaking about his story on religious persecution and genocide in China), Mr. Fang Zheng, (who is a Tiananmen Massacre survivor who lost both of his legs under CCP tanks), Ms. Geng, (who will be speaking about her husband, Gao Zhisheng, a human rights lawyer who went missing under Xi Jinping), and Ms. Li Aijie (who will speak about her husband Zhang Haitao who was sentenced to 19 years in jail as a citizen journalist for freedom of expression).

The majority of the public is unaware of the human rights horrors that take place in China, daily. As a Chinese-Korean American myself, I'm eager to use this panel event to raise awareness of China's ruthless government and would love to invite the Chinese community around the Bay Area to attend our event along with members of the Republican community that believes in taking a stance against the Communist Chinese government. The registration form for this free event is linked below along with the flyer.

David Chan


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Freedom is fundamental right of everyone. Power to people who fight for freedom above politics.

Patrick says
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Please mark your calendars for the NEW DATE & TIME: Thursday, May 19th, 3:00-6:00pm, in Menlo Park for this important event. We hope the later time will be easier for all of you to attend and we can catch the afternoon traffic instead.

This is an organic, grass roots event with some special guests including Reinette Senum and Allan Stevo that you will have the opportunity to be in the trenches with. Afterwards, for those who are interested, we can meet up for dinner and a drink.

Here is how to help:

More sign assembly volunteers are needed and fast! "Assembly Headquarters" will be in San Mateo so it is more centrally located to SF Bay Area volunteers. 5/11-13 & 5/16-18 assembly hours are 11am to 3 pm. On 5/14, hours are 12-9 pm. Please sign up ASAP so it can be determined if a sufficient team is committed to complete this very important task. Here is the link to sign up for time slots.

Anyone here good at group chants? Do you have noise makers you can bring? Extra bullhorns you can spare? For non-sign volunteering tasks, please help by completing this volunteer sign up form.

Humanity Against Censorship is a "We The People" grassroots group of parents and families who support freedom of speech. More details as they become available.

Since I'm in Menlo Park, I'll certainly go to this when the announce the location.

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