New islamophobia bill passed in house.

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by indc   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Dec 15, 10:29am  

@Patrick if this bill passes will you have to delete all those threads where islam's truth are presented.

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1   Patrick   2021 Dec 15, 11:22am  

I will not.

The government may make no law abridging freedom of speech.
2   RWSGFY   2021 Dec 15, 11:40am  

They don't have votes in the Senate. It's posturing, nothing more.
3   FarmersWon   2021 Dec 15, 12:24pm  

Only religious people can stop takeover by communists.
Best it to make them fight each other and then shut down free speech.

Hindooo cult, khalistanis, communists and Whabbis of Saudi Arabia and other places all are same ... There purpose is to create enough mess to give justification of censorship by authorities.
4   Patrick   2021 Dec 24, 11:09am  


Rainbow-colored toys seized for being "un-Islamic" in Qatar

How are the many gays in the Democratic Party supposed to protest this when their own party makes a law against free speech?
5   ZipperTits   2021 Dec 24, 11:20am  

FuckCCP89 says
They don't have votes in the Senate. It's posturing, nothing more.

This Woketard droppings the Dems are desperately throwing at their base because they fucked them over with BBB.

There will be more bullshit like this in the House. In each case they will be written so they can scream about those White Supremacists in the Senate and their 'evil' filibuster.

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