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We must blame the cowards who failed to fight the fascists Fauci, Collins, and Bourla

By Patrick follow Patrick   2021 Dec 19, 10:04pm 206 views  3 comments           share      


now ask yourself: what happened to all these people who used to know better? (playable)

we knew that lockdowns and masking and school closure do not work. we’ve known it for 100 years.

the data that emerged reinforced this at every turn.

and yet courage failed and all the “experts” stood down when we needed them to stand up. they were cowed into craven silence and refused to join the fight.

this is how we got to now.

this is why we teeter yet again on a precipice of pointless societal harm as nations revert to wet pants hysteria and get strangled by fascists.

so, “experts” now ask yourselves: in that allegory, which one were you?

doing nothing while awful things happen is a choice.

elevating cowardice to purported civic virtue may provide a thin gruel of pretext, but that’s not how it really is.

the reality is that no one gets to not takes sides and avoid culpability and deep down, we all know this.

you feel it.

in the places where your heart should be bright you find a place you cannot look at, the befouled trail of fear and legacy of impotence and looking away from that which you should be taking on.

that is the bitter harvest of the coward, sown in dread and dreadfully grown to malediction.

it’s a rotten, heavy weight and all the performative sanctimony in the world will not lessen it nor help you sleep at night.

but you can put it down. you can stand up. this fight is NOT over.

now ask yourself: in that allegory, how would you rather see the story go?

then go change the ending.

find strength in numbers.

you may be surprised how many feel as you do and have been afraid they were alone.

find strength in yourself or this will never end.

compliance with the unjust and increasingly insane is what got us here.

it cannot get us out.

it’s time to stand.
3   Patrick   2022 Jun 21, 12:14pm  


times of moral cowardice
are dominated less by evil men than enabled by silent ones

el gato malo
5 hr ago
indeed, perhaps these issues raised by balloux mattered, but in the end, they were not dispositive.

the true reason this happened was that many "experts" who damn well knew better sat silent in their cowardice and allowed the lunatics run of the asylum.

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Prof Francois Balloux
At the risk of annoying everyone, extended school closures happened because:
1. Some in society believed it was a price worth paying
2. Some journalists believed this is what their audience wanted to hear
3. Some politicians believed it was popular
4. Some 'experts' pushed for it
June 20th 2022

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it happened because the people upon whose children this was being inflicted, despite seeing this wrong, were cowed, made to feel alone in their outrage, and paid deference to groups not worthy of it.

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