Omicron is not a natural mutation - change my mind

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1   joshuatrio   2021 Dec 20, 1:15pm  

good article

"Omicron is not normal. No immediate progenitors are known; its closest relatives are viruses last seen in early- to mid-2020. The orthodox explanation for this awkward fact, is that it has spent the last 18 months lurking “in a geography with poor genomic surveillance … or … in a chronically infected individual.” The simpler explanation is that it leaked from a laboratory."
2   Ceffer   2021 Dec 20, 1:23pm  

Globalist Psychopaths: "Curses, foiled again. How are we going to foist this mild, vaccinating bug as the recrudescence of an entity worse than ebola, the plague, and the Spanish Flu combined? PUT THE PROPAGANDA MSM ENGINES ON FULL AHEAD!"
3   tanked   2021 Dec 20, 1:26pm  

According to X22 Report, Omicron is going to eradicate this pandemic once and for all.

It is so mild that it causes antibodies to form naturally without downside, allowing fight off of Delta, Alpha, and all of the rest.

That's the perspective of the South African gov.
4   Ceffer   2021 Dec 20, 1:34pm  

Could be a 'loss of function' (vs. 'gain of function') variant from the mysterious White Hats (as mysterious as the Black Hats). It seems to be artificial in spades.

It is normal for even virulent viral pathogens to attenuate naturally with evolutionary mutations. Of course, the Cabal (along with every inappropriate response to Covid) has to convince everybody that the mutations become MORE virulent, against the observed natural history of respiratory viruses. Herd immunity plus attenuation are the customary routes, and human interventions are at best limited and largely ineffective.

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