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Nice thread of SF Liberal Starting to Question Progressiveism

By ThatGuy follow ThatGuy   2021 Dec 26, 9:20pm 126 views   6 comments         share      


Some of my favorites
"The slums of Mumbai look cleaner than the streets of downtown SF."
"What I see in SF - if this what Progressive stands for - I want the opposite."

It goes on... Just thought I'd share
1   Patrick   2021 Dec 26, 9:24pm  

Here is what confuses me about San Francisco.

We have the most liberal, left-wing government & population in the country.

We have a $13B budget.

And we have 8,000 people sleeping in the rain this week.

Can someone please explain this to me?

Sure, the explanation is that the $13 billion goes to ineffective programs that slurp up salaries for Democrat operatives. Not to benefit the public.
2   ThatGuy   2021 Dec 26, 9:25pm  

Don't miss the rest of her posts, there is a chain of about 50 tweets where she really lays into everything

This seems to be a really good link for investigation into the vaxxed way of thinking. And maybe shine some light into breaking them out of it.
3   Patrick   2021 Dec 26, 9:43pm  

Thanks, I did read more and she is interesting, but naive, imho.

"my goal is to inspire civic engagement"

Well, civic engagement declines directly with diversity:


San Francisco is about the most ethnically diverse city in the US, with the very lowest civic engagement exactly because of that.
4   Patrick   2021 Dec 26, 9:52pm  

Good comment:

🇺🇸 Afterseven ✝️
Replying to @michelletandler
Ask Robert Kennedy Jr or Naomi Wolfe, lifelong liberals, about what happens when you speak the truth... Your 'liberal' establishment will turn on you faster than you can say Donald Trump.
2:45 AM · Dec 27, 2021
5   BayArea   2021 Dec 26, 10:13pm  

Patrick says
Well, civic engagement declines directly with diversity

This is 100% true but society pretends like it’s not.
6   Patrick   2021 Dec 26, 10:39pm  

elizawho (aspiring muck savage)
Replying to @michelletandler
You were probably busy living your life. They’re frauds that took advantage of compassionate people that didn’t pay much attention to politics, and what was actually happening. They painted their enemy with horrific words that would repel anyone that is loving and open minded.

They called the best people I know, horrific names, all while siphoning more and more money from the poor, in the name of good. They counted on people being too busy living, to catch onto their schemes.

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