Thread for Healthcare Workers Just Quitting

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Looking at the stats over 500000 healthcare workers quit their jobs in November. Unsure how many got jobs at other healthcare facilities.


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2   WookieMan   2022 Jan 6, 1:45am  

Probably because they're finding out the lie. Better to quit than get fired in most cases for the resume. You can blame your former employer then.

This tells me after this holiday season, front line workers finally had their ahah moment. The vaccine doesn't work. Many likely got sick themselves and they're injecting this shit into people as someone that should have the patient's health first. What are you putting in them if it doesn't even work?

I've underestimated the covid fear porn resiliency to stick around. I think greener pastures are coming though. I've been wrong, but if we get through this spring break with fewer deaths, fuck cases, I think summer opens up. I knew about 30-40 people in the beginning that got covid '20 to late '21. Mundane for everyone. The last 40 days have probably been triple that in new cases of people I personally know. Upwards of 100. A few reinfected and most vaccinated.

I think herd immunity is here and we've got an endemic virus. People will still freak and test positive and just show up at the hospital and then probably have some panic attack or something. Spanish flu followed a similar timeline. We have better therapeutics 100 years later, so this wasn't really that bad. Also our demographics are dramatically different from 1918 with regards to lifespan. Yes dead babies lowered it, but people simply didn't live as long then.

Biden needs to pull a Bush moment and declare victory, although he or Trump did dick against an airborne virus. No one could have. Fauci sure couldn't as he made up shit every step of the way. Let's call it a day, keep an eye on seniors if you, yourself are sick and move on. Spend time outdoors. Get healthy.

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